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  • How does onAcademic handle access to its data?

    In order to download data or analyze data online, users will need to log in (authenticate) and agree to terms of use.

    Users may log in to onAcademic using their Google account. They may also use an onAcademic MyData account if they prefer not to use third party authentication.

  • MyData

    MyData is a user registration and authentication system for the onAcademic website. The system creates a more secure environment for users and enables them to sign up for services that onAcademic is developing. MyData has the following user-friendly features:

    · Requires a password to authenticate to the website

    · Allows users to create an account and set preferences

    · Allows registered users to reset a forgotten password

    · Enables users to view prior download history

  • What do I do if I'm having trouble logging in with my MyData Account? What about changing my password?

    Just go to the MyData login page. At the page is a link titled Forgot password?You'll be asked to enter a new password . After you get the new password, you can login again.

  • Benefits of Third Party Authentication

    Users will not have to remember a separate login/password to access onAcademic data.

    If users are logged into their  Google account and then go to onAcademic, they will already be logged into onAcademic.

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