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    A lutetium nitride-based phosphor and a light emitting device comprising the same, wherein the lutetium nitride-based phosphor comprises an inorganic compound, and the composition of the inorganic compound comprises at least an M element, an A element, a D element and an R element, the M element is one or two elements selected from a group consisting of Lu, La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Y, Tb and Gd, and necessarily comprises Lu; the A element is Si and/or Ge; the D element is one or two elements selected from a group consisting of O, N and F, and necessarily comprises N; the R element is Ce and/or Dy, and the atomic molar ratio of of the Lu element in the M element is greater than 50%. Because the ion radius of Lu3+ is smaller than the ion radius of La3+, the light color performance thereof can be flexibly adjusted according to needs. At the same time, because the content of Lu is higher than 50%, the main composition of the inorganic compound is changed to form a single crystal grain with uniform morphology; and the present invention has better thermal stability.
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    Disclosed in the present invention is a method for intercut playing an advertisement during video playing, comprising: during video playing, loading at least one floating window on a video layer, wherein an advertising resource is embedded within each floating window; detecting, in real time, if a user sends an advertisement intercut play command and the advertising resource selected by the user; loading and playing, according to the detected result, the advertising resource selected by the user. Also disclosed in the present invention is a processing device for displaying an advertisement in a video. The present invention can improve acceptance levels of users towards intercut advertisements, thus improving overall user experience.
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  • Forecast of China’s natural gas consumption using mathematical models

    Zhang, Xia   Zhou, Weiguo  

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  • Cosolvent effect on the dynamics of water in aqueous binary mixtures

    Zhang, Xia   Zhang, Lu   Jin, Tan   Zhang, Qiang   Zhuang, Wei  

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    The present application relates to the technical field of wireless communication, and more specifically relates to a method and a router for controlling a status of a port. The invention addresses an issue of complexity for removing a closed status of a detached device. The application provides a method for controlling a status of a port. The method comprises: a first port under a closed status of a first device receiving an instruction packet sent by a second port of a second device, the first port sending the instruction packet to a network processor (NP) of the first device; the NP determining whether the instruction packet is a packet instructing a removal of a closed status of a port; if so, then sending the instruction packet to a CPU of the first device; and the CPU receiving the instruction packet sent from the NP and then instructing a removal of the closed status of the first port. The method controls a status of a port by sending an instruction packet, and can remotely perform an operation to remove a closed status of a device port without requiring an operator to access a machine room housing the device to perform the operation, simplifying the operation and saving labor and time.
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  • A characterization for a complete random normed module to be mean ergodic

    Zhang, Xia   Liu, Ming  

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  • Prognostic Significance of Uric Acid Levels in Ischemic Stroke Patients

    Zhang, Xia   Huang, Zhi-Chao   Lu, Tao-Sheng   You, Shou-Jiang   Cao, Yong-Jun   Liu, Chun-Feng  

    The importance and function of serum uric acid (UA) levels in patients with cardiovascular disease or stroke are unclear. We sought to evaluate the appropriate UA levels for stroke patients and the association between endogenous UA levels and clinical outcomes in acute ischemic stroke (AIS) patients, particularly regarding the possible interaction between gender and UA levels with respect to AIS prognosis. We examined 303 patients who had an onset of ischemic stroke within 48 h. Of those, 101 patients received thrombolytic treatment. Serum UA (μmol/L) levels were measured the second morning after admission. Patient prognosis was evaluated 90 days after clinical onset by modified Rankin Scale. Patients were divided into four groups according to serum UA quartiles. A binary multivariate logistic regression model was used to assess clinical relevance in regard to functional outcome and endogenous UA levels. Analysis of subgroups by gender and normal glomerular filtration rate were also been done. Poor functional outcome was associated with older age, history of atrial fibrillation, or higher baseline National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale scores. After adjustment for potential confounders, patients with higher UA levels (>380 μmol/L) or lower UA levels (≤250 μmol/L) were 2–3 times more likely to have a poor outcome (OR 2.95, 95 % CI 1.14–7.61; OR 2.78, 95 % CI 1.02–7.58, respectively) compared to the baseline group (UA level 316–380 μmol/L). The same results were observed in thrombolyzed patients. Patients with high and low UA levels were 9–18 times more likely to having poor outcomes compared to the baseline group (UA level: 316–380 μmol/L; OR 18.50, 95 % CI: 2.041–167.67; OR 9.66, 95 % CI 1.42–65.88, respectively). In men, patients with high UA levels were 6 times more likely to have poor outcomes compared to the baseline group (UA level: 279–334 μmol/L; OR 6.10, 95 % CI 1.62–22.93). However, female patients with UA level 271–337 μmol/L were seven times more likely to perform badly compared to the baseline group (UA level >337 μmol/L, OR 7.06, 95 % CI 1.00–49.81). Serum UA levels in an appropriate range were associated with better outcome in patients with AIS but may be harmful when too high or too low. The association of UA levels with AIS prognosis differed in male and female patients, which highlights the necessity of stratifying by gender in investigations of cerebrovascular risk factors.
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  • Landslide zoning analysis in Zhouqu under different rainfall warning levels

    Zhang, Xia   Yu, Guoqiang   Li, Peng   Li, Zhan Bin  

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  • Lesion HLA-G5/-G6 isoforms expression in patients with ovarian cancer

    Zhang, Xia   Han, Qiu-Yue   Li, Jing-Bo   Ruan, Yan-Yun   Yan, Wei-Hua   Lin, Aifen  

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  • A probability-based Monte Carlo life-risk analysis model for fire emergencies

    Zhang, Xia   Li, Xiao   Mehaffey, Jim   Hadjisophocleous, George  

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    The present invention is applicable to and belongs to the technical field of communications. Provided are a method for issuing a static route and a UPE. The method comprises: a UPE reading a message; and according to related information carried in the message, issuing a corresponding static route. The present invention avoids the problems that when a large-scale radio bearer network is started, a base station cannot operate normally, and a data communication device is repeatedly positioned and deployed on site due to the fact that there is a difference between previously planned data and actually started data. By way of processing the message, the static route is automatically issued, thereby reducing the input in human power, and preventing human errors from being introduced.
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  • The Effect of Bioprosthetic Heart Valve with Different Suture Densities

    Zhang, Xia   Yuan, Quan   Huang, Xu  

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  • Optical properties and energy transfers of Ce3+ and Mn2+ in Ba9Sc2(SiO4)6

    Zhang, Xia   Liu, Yongfu   Lin, Jian   Hao, Zhendong   Luo, Yongshi   Liu, Qingzhe   Zhang, Jiahua  

    Analysis of XRD patterns indicates that Ce 3+ and Mn 2+ in Ba 9Sc 2(SiO 4) 6 (BSS) presents preferably at the Sc 3+ and the Ba 2+ site, respectively. Ba 9Sc 2(SiO 4) 6:Ce 3+ (BSS:Ce 3+) exhibits an intense emission band peaked at 383 nm. Codoping Mn 2+ into this material can generate a red emission band at 615 nm of Mn 2+ through Ce 3+-Mn 2+ energy transfers (ETs). To achieve the ET mechanisms, critical distance and coefficient, the dynamical processes of the ET are investigated based on Inokuti-Hirayama model. For Ce 3+ concentration of 5 mol%, the corresponding rate constant and the critical distance are evaluated to be 8.4times10 -37 cm 6 s -1 and 0.52 nm, respectively. The ET efficiency can reach 48%. The emission intensity ratio of the Mn 2+ to the Ce 3+ is also studied to understand color-tunable luminescence as the blue Ce 3+ is excited by UV light. These results show the promising application of this phosphor for white LEDs. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Betulinic acid and the pharmacological effects of tumor suppression

    Zhang, Xia   Hu, Jingyu   Chen, Yan  

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  • Finite Element Analysis of Bioprosthetic Heart Valve on Suture Densities

    Zhang, Xia   Yuan, Quan   Huang, Xu   Ma, Hai Bo  

    In order to improve long-term durability of bioprosthetic heart valve, stress distribution of bioprosthetic heart valve leaflets with different shapes and suture density under the same load is analyzed and compared based on finite element method. The finite element analysis results are compared with each valve model, it shows that suture density has a significant effect on the dynamic behavior of the bioprosthetic heart valve, which may lead not only to different stress peak values, but also to different stress distributions and deformation. This work can be very helpful when manufacturing the bioprosthetic heart valve.
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  • Research on the Processing Methods and Equipments for Densified Biomass Fuel

    Zhang, Xia   Cai, Zong Shou   Chen, Li Hong   Chen, Ying  

    Biomass is a kind of clean energy, which is inexhaustible and renewable. Densifying biomass into solid fuel has become one of the most important ways of utilizing biomass as a source of energy, which can overcome the shortcomings of biomass, such as low heat value, small buck density and irregular shape, etc. The main processing methods and equipments for densified biomass fuel were introduced in the paper, including their main components and working principles. The performances comparison between different types of equipment were analyzed. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reference for developing equipments of densified biomass fuel to promote a further development of densified biomass fuel industry in China.
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