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  • Rebuttal of “Existence of attractor and control of a 3D differential system” by Z. Wang

    Antonio Algaba   Fernando Fernández-Sánchez   Manuel Merino   Alejandro J. Rodríguez-Luis  

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  • The Plant Life of China: Diversity and Distributionby G. P. Chapman; Y. Z. Wang

    Review by: C. Y. Jim  

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  • Probability in PSHA: Reply to \"Comment on \"PSHA Validated by Quasi-Observational Means\" by Z. Wang\"

    Musson   R. M. W.  

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  • Experimental study on slag splashing of an 80 t combined blown converter

    Z. Wang   Q. Liu   L. You   S. Wei   L. Cao  

    Physical modelling of slag splashing practice of an 80 t combined blown converter was conducted in this paper. Through measuring the mass flux of splashed slag, the effect of different operating parameters on slag splashing was investigated. By means of variance analysis, the influence significance of different operating parameters on slag splashing was obtained, and the optimal combination of operating parameters were acquired as follows: lance height 600 mm, top gas flowrate 18000 Nm3 h−1, four nozzles lance, bottom nozzle configuration D4, bottom gas flowrate 100 Nm3 h−1, and amount of remained slag 10%. In addition, the relation between the agitation energy of top blow and mass flux of splashed slag was discussed, and the estimation model for mass flux of splashed slag during BOF slag splashing practice was proposed through data analysis.
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  • Organ-on-a-Chip Platforms for Drug Screening and Tissue Engineering

    Z. Wang   R. Samanipour   K. Kim  

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  • Effects of electromagnetic fields on serum lipids in workers of a power plant

    Z. Wang   L. Wang   S. Zheng   Z. Ding   H. Liu   W. Jin   Y. Pan   Z. Chen   Y. Fei   G. Chen   Z. Xu   Y. Yu  

    This study aimed to evaluate the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure on levels of serum lipids in workers of an electric power plant. A cross-sectional study was carried out in an electric power plant in Zhejiang province, China, from August to September 2011. All participants were divided into two groups with high occupational EMF exposure and low occupational EMF exposure. The occupational EMF exposure included radiofrequency EMF and extremely low-frequency EMF. Occupational EMF exposure was associated with an increased level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-c; β = 0.17 mmol/L, P = 0.022). High EMF exposure group with longer employment duration, longer daily EMF exposure duration, and more mobile phone or electric fee per month had significantly higher levels of total cholesterol, LDL-c, or triglyceride than the corresponding reference group. However, significantly decreased level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was only observed in high EMF exposure group with more mobile phone fee per month. Similar results were also found in 544 participants with available data of serum lipids in 2010. The findings showed that chronic EMF exposure was associated with the change of serum lipid levels. EMF exposure might modulate the process of lipid metabolism.
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  • Applications of solar water heating system with phase change material

    Z. Wang   F. Qiu   W. Yang   X. Zhao  

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  • Calculation of Airfoil Anti-icing Heat Load in SLD Conditions

    Z. Wang  

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  • Comparison of on-wafer calibrations for THz InP-based PHEMTs applications

    Z. Wang   H. Huang   Z. Hu   Z. Zhao   X. Wang   X. Luo   J. Liu   S. Yang   X. Lü  

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  • Study of silicon thin film solar cells with different back-reflectors

    H. Zhu   Y. Huang   Y. Mai   Y. Wang   J. Yin   Y. Feng   T. He   J. Gao   Z. Wang   L. Lan   J. Ni   F. Guan   Y. Bai   Y. Ma and M. Wan  

    In this study, hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) single junction and amorphous/microcrystalline silicon tandem (a-Si:H/µc-Si:H) solar cells with different back-reflectors (BRs) are systematically investigated. A novel white polyvinyl butyral (PVB) foil was used as BR. In addition, the specular aluminum (Al) films and rough Al films were deposited on back float glasses as BRs as well, which were integrated onto the front glass covered with solar cells by laminating with a transparent PVB encapsulation foil. It is found that both types of solar cells (a-Si:H and a-Si:H/µc-Si:H) with white PVB foil BRs show a higher short circuit current density (Jsc) compared to the cells with a specular Al BR. It is mainly due to a high light scattering of white PVB foils. Moreover, the cell with a rough Al film BR shows a low Jsc close to that of cell without any BRs. The great light losses inside the solar cell may be mainly caused by the plasmonic absorption on the rough Al film surface. An a-Si:H solar cell of 8.3% and an a-Si:H/µc-Si:H tandem solar cell of 10.1% were obtained, in which the white PVB foils were used as BRs.
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  • An algorithm for finding a sequence of design points in reliability analysis

    Z. Wang   M. Broccardo   A. Der Kiureghian  

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  • A multivariable ANFIS model for sEMG based remote control system

    Z. Wang   D. Qian   B. Wang   X. Wang  

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  • Multi-field Pattern Matching based on Sparse Feature Sampling

    Z. Wang   H. Seidel   T. Weinkauf  

    We present an approach to pattern matching in 3D multi-field scalar data. Existing pattern matching algorithms work on single scalar or vector fields only, yet many numerical simulations output multi-field data where only a joint analysis of multiple fields describes the underlying phenomenon fully. Our method takes this into account by bundling information from multiple fields into the description of a pattern. First, we extract a sparse set of features for each 3D scalar field using the 3D SIFT algorithm (Scale-Invariant Feature Transform). This allows for a memory-saving description of prominent features in the data with invariance to translation, rotation, and scaling. Second, the user defines a pattern as a set of SIFT features in multiple fields by e.g. brushing a region of interest. Third, we locate and rank matching patterns in the entire data set. Experiments show that our algorithm is efficient in terms of required memory and computational efforts.
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  • Studies on the co-pyrolysis characteristics of oil shale and spent oil shale

    Z. Wang   X. Liu   Y. Wang   L. Liu   H. Wang   S. Deng   Y. Sun  

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  • Semiclassical States Associated with Isotropic Submanifolds of Phase Space

    V. Guillemin   A. Uribe   Z. Wang  

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  • A New Recess Method for SA-STI nand Flash Memory

    Z. Wang   Y. Lee   R. Yang   Y. Li   H. Chen   C. J. Lin  

    In this letter, we propose a new shallow trench isolation (STI) recess effect on the self-aligned STI of NAND Flash memory devices. In the current NAND Flash cell design, increasing the recess depth of STI recess yields a higher gate coupling ratio and lower floating-gate (FG) interference to achieve better immunity to process fluctuation. However, the current design is limited by significantly slower Fowler-Nordheim (FN) erase speed and degraded channel characteristics. Slow erase speed is caused by the accumulation of holes around channel edges, while the degraded channel is owing to FN cycling stress-induced interface damage. The proposed STI recess structure maintains a proper distance between the channel edge and the control gate, as well as blocks the FG interference without increasing cell-to-cell spacing.
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