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    Method, system, and programs for determining a keyword from user agent strings are disclosed. In one example, a plurality of user agent strings is received. The plurality of user agent strings is grouped into one or more clusters. The one or more clusters comprise a first cluster that includes two or more user agent strings. The two or more user agent strings in the first cluster are compared. Based on the comparing, a keyword is determined from the first cluster. The keyword represents a type of user agent information.
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  • A Method to Measure the Rate of Glaucomatous Visual Field Change

    Caprioli, Joseph   Mohamed, Lilian   Morales, Esteban   Rabiolo, Alessandro   Sears, Nathaniel   Pradtana, Hirunpatravong   Alizadeh, Reza   Yu, Fei   Afifi, Abdelmonem A.   Coleman, Anne L.   Nouri-Mahdavi, Kouros  

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  • Effect of Ultrasound on Heat Pump Drying Characteristics of Pea Seeds

    Tao, Zhichao   Yang, Zhao   Yu, Fei   Yang, Zongyu  

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  • Particle Size Effects of Cobalt Carbide for Fischer-Tropsch to Olefins

    Dai, Yuanyuan   Zhao, Yonghui   Lin, Tiejun   Li, Shenggang   Yu, Fei   An, Yunlei   Wang, Xinxing   Xiao, Kang   Sun, Fanfei   Jiang, Zheng   Lu, Yongwu   Wang, Hui   Zhong, Liangshu   Sun, Yuhan  

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  • Non-coding RNAs Function as Immune Regulators in Teleost Fish

    Wang, Man   Jiang, Shuai   Wu, Wei   Yu, Fei   Chang, Wenguang   Li, Peifeng   Wang, Kun  

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    Disclosed are a data synchronization method and an out-of-band management device. The method comprises: before data synchronization, checking first information to be checked stored in a main region of a first single board to obtain a first check result, and checking second information to be checked stored in a main region of a second single board to obtain a second check result; according to the first check result and the second check result, determining a main single board and a standby single board from the first single board and the second single board; and synchronizing data in a main region of the main single board to a standby region of the standby single board. The implementation of the embodiments of the present invention can ensure the effectiveness of data synchronization.
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  • Device and Method for Printed Circuit Board with Embedded Cable

    A printed circuit board (PCB) includes a first dielectric layer and a differential cable structure embedded in the dielectric layer. The differential cable structure includes a first inner conductor, a second inner conductor, a dielectric surrounding portions of the first inner conductor and portions of the second inner conductor, and a ground shield surrounding the dielectric.
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    A crest factor reduction apparatus and method for an MSR system transmitter. The apparatus comprises a carrier signal amplitude obtaining module used for obtaining the amplitude of each sampling point signal of a carrier data signal from an MSR signal, a crest factor reduction threshold obtaining module connected with the carrier signal amplitude obtaining module and used for obtaining a crest factor reduction threshold needed by the current MSR system transmitter, and a crest factor reduction processing module connected with the carrier signal amplitude obtaining module and the crest factor reduction threshold obtaining module separately and used for carrying out crest factor reduction processing on the MSR signal according to a signal amplitude input by the carrier signal amplitude obtaining module and a crest factor reduction threshold input by the crest factor reduction threshold obtaining module. By means of embodiments of the present invention, the crest factor reduction threshold can be adjusted adaptively according to multi-standard radio carrier RF bandwidths and the number of each type of standard radio carriers to achieve an optimal peak-to-average ratio of the MSR signal sent out from radio frequency power amplification of a base station, so that the device linearity and efficiency are balanced, and the signal emission quality is improved at the same time.
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  • Evolution of industrial symbiosis in an eco-industrial park in China

    Yu, Fei   Han, Feng   Cui, Zhaojie  

    Industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial park have been developed for decades and have significant economic and environmental effects in China. To research the evolution of industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial park construction, and summary the drivers and characteristics of industrial symbiosis development in China, this study,uses the National Demonstration Eco-Industrial Park, namely, the Rizhao Economic and Technology Development Area (REDA), as a case study to introduce the industrial symbiosis development process and to research the evolution of industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial park construction, and summarizes the drivers and characteristics of industrial symbiosis development in China. Based on in-depth investigation of enterprises and the government in REDA, three stages (1991 2002, 2003-2006, 2007-2011) of industrial symbiosis development are identified, 31 inter-firms symbiosis performances involving cereal oil and food, machinery, pulp and paper, textile and garment, wine refining, and biochemical industries were formed since REDA was founded in 1991. Results show the environmental benefits of industrial symbiosis performances in 2011, and argue that economic benefits, mainly resulted from stricter environmental standards, tax preference, benefits from material substitution, and financial subsidies, is the critical driver for the stakeholders to participate in industrial symbiosis. The action of governments in industrial symbiosis development is to constituting strict environmental standards, resource comprehensive utilization schemes, financial support and circular economy and eco-industrial park planning guidance. This article provides some unique characteristics of industrial symbiosis growth in a developing country from enterprises and government aspects. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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  • FOXD1 Promotes Cell Growth and Metastasis by Activation of Vimentin in NSCLC

    Li, Dan   Fan, Suyun   Yu, Fei   Zhu, Xuchao   Song, Yingchun   Ye, Meng   Fan, Lihong    Lv, Zhongwei  

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  • A synergistic effect of albumin and H2O2 accelerates corrosion of Ti6Al4V

    Yu, Fei   Addison, Owen   Davenport, Alison J.  

    Abstract The synergistic effect of albumin and H2O2 on corrosion of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V in physiological saline was investigated with long-term immersion tests and electrochemical methods. It was found that in the presence of both albumin and H2O2, the rate of metal release in immersion tests was far higher than in the presence of either species alone. Electrochemical polarisation curves and potentiostatic tests showed that H2O2 increased both the rates of the anodic and cathodic reactions, whilst albumin significantly decreased the rate of the cathodic reaction and slightly decreased the rate of the anodic reaction. The synergistic effect of albumin and H2O2 during immersion tests was attributed to the effect of adsorption of albumin in lowering the rate of the cathodic reaction and thus lowering the open circuit potential into the active region of titanium where complexation by H2O2 increased the corrosion rate. The corrosion attack was found to be greater in the β-phase of the alloy. The findings suggest that current standard tests in physiological or phosphate-buffered saline may underestimate the rate of corrosion in the peri-implant environment, in which albumin is the predominant protein, and reactive oxygen species such as H2O2 can occur as a result of inflammatory reactions in response to surgery, infection, or implant corrosion products. Statement of significance Corrosion of many biomedical implant materials occurs in the body leading to adverse biological responses. Several components of the environment into which a metal implant is placed including proteins and products of cellular physiology, been shown to modify corrosion resistance. Previously all studies on such components including the common protein albumin and the inflammatory product H2O2 have considered the effects of these species in isolation. For the first time we report a synergistic interaction between albumin and H2O2 significantly accelerating corrosion of Ti6Al4V at physiological pH and temperature. This is attributed to an increased rate of the anodic reaction caused by H2O2 complexation of Ti, suppression of cathodic reaction by albumin adsorption shifting OCP to the active region of Ti6Al4V. Graphical abstract
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  • Ubiquitination of Rheb governs growth factor-induced mTORC1 activation

    Deng, Lu   Chen, Lei   Zhao, Linlin   Xu, Yan   Peng, Xiaoping   Wang, Xinbo   Ding, Lin   Jin, Jiali   Teng, Hongqi   Wang, Yanming   Pan, Weijuan   Yu, Fei   Liao, Lujian   Li, Li   Ge, Xin   Wang, Ping  

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  • A 2.7?GHz Low-Phase-Noise LC-QVCO Using the Gate-Modulated Coupling Technique

    Yu, Fei   Tang, Qiang   Wang, Weizheng   Wu, Honglin  

    In this paper, a 2.7 GHz LC-tank quadrature voltage-controlled oscillator (QVCO) is proposed for achieving low phase noise. The excellent phase noise performance is accomplished by the integration of the gate-modulated quadrature phase coupling technique into a complementary oscillator topology. Simulation results show a wide tuning range from 2.6 to 4.4 GHz, a phase noise of −125 dBc/Hz at an offset of 1 MHz, and a phase-noise figure-of-merit of −184.5 dBc/Hz, while consuming 5.48 mA for the core QVCO from a 1.5 V supply. The proposed QVCO was designed using a 0.18 μm CMOS process.
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  • Electrical Conductivity of Copper Hexamers Tuned by their Ground-State Valences

    Yu, Fei   Li, Jing   Cao, Zi-Heng   Kurmoo, Mohamedally   Zuo, Jing-Lin  

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  • A Novel Vector Control of Five-phase PMSM Based on Harmonic Current Closed Loop

    Yu, Fei   Zhou, Yongchao   Wang, Yansong  

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  • Effects of selective logging on rodent-mediated seed dispersal

    Yu, Fei   Shi, Xiaoxiao   Zhang, Xue   Yi, Xianfeng   Wang, Dexiang   Ma, Jianmin  

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