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  • Photoluminescence of Mg2Si films fabricated by magnetron sputtering

    Yang-Fang Liaoa   Quan Xiea   Qing-Quan Xiaoa   Qian Chena   Meng-Hui Fana   Jing Xiea   Jin Huanga   Jin-Min Zhanga   Rui Maa   Shan-Lan Wanga   Hong-Xian Wua   Di Fanga  

    High quality Mg2Si films were grown on Si (111) and glass substrates with magnetron sputtering, respectively. The first observation of Photoluminescence (PL) of Mg2Si films was reported. The Mg2Si PL emission wavelengths are almost independence on temperature in the range of 77–300 K. The strongest PL emissions may be attributed to interstitial Mg donor level to valence band transitions. The activation energy of Mg2Si is determined from the quenching of major luminescence peaks.
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