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  • Comments by Yan Zhang, on Chinese Returnees and High-Tech Sector Outward FDI: The Case of Changzhou

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  • Adaptive scheme for incremental step pulse programming of flash memory

    According to an adaptive programming method for flash memories, the cell programming speed is detected by programming a number of cells using a fixed trial program voltage. A starting program voltage Vstart is then adjusted based on the detected cell programming speed. The ISPP is then carried out using the adjusted value for Vstart.
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  • Forming high-dynamic-range (HDR) images using single-channel data

    An image processing method and apparatus are provided. The image processing method includes collecting at least two exposure frames with different brightness in a same scene during different exposure time; combining, for each exposure frame, a raw data unit arranged repeatedly in the exposure frame to obtain first brightness data after the combining; acquiring a correction parameter of all exposure frames according to all first brightness data and performing weighting processing on all the exposure frames by using the correction parameter to obtain a high dynamic range (HDR) image of corrected raw data. The foregoing method can resolve a problem in the prior art that colors, brightness, and contrast of an image obtained from Raw data are severely distorted.
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  • Method for synthesizing cationic bleach activators via a single-bath reaction

    The present invention provides a method for synthesizing cationic bleach activators via a single-bath reaction, comprising steps of: separately dissolving 4-chloromethylbenoyl chloride and lactam in its respective solvent, adding an acid-binding agent to the lactam solution, next adding dropwisely 4-chloromethylbenoyl chloride solution into the lactam/acid binding-agent solution, and finally adding tertiary amine to the solution above to make a reaction solution, which is further treated with mixing and refluxing. The washed and dried final product is TBLC cationic bleach activator. The method of the present invention greatly simplifies the synthesizing process and lowers the stringency of reaction conditions for preparing cationic bleach activators (TBLC). At the same time, the present method produces TBLC cationic bleach activators with high yields, making it a suitable option for industrial production of these bleach activators.
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  • Apparatus and method for on line surface enhancement of a workpiece

    An apparatus to cut and surface process a workpiece includes a cutting tool to cut the workpiece; a peening tool to peen surfaces of the cut workpiece; and a controller to control the cutting tool, the peening tool and the workpiece to move simultaneously.
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  • Process for producing N-methyl or N,N-dimethyl amines

    A process for producing N-methyl or N,N-dimethyl amines, which comprises using amine compound, nitro-containing compound or nitrile compound as a starting material, carbon dioxide as a methylating agent and hydrogen gas as a reducing agent, and allowing them to react in a sealed reactor for 6 to 48 h in a reaction medium at a reaction temperature of 80 to 180 ° C. in the presence of a composite catalyst, so as to provide N-methyl or N,N-dimethyl amines. The process of the present invention is simple and under relative mild reaction conditions. By means of the process of the invention, the target products can be prepared at low cost with a high yield. The catalysts used have a high catalytic activity and can be separated from the reaction system simply and reused. Furthermore, the whole process of the present invention is environmental-friendly and facilitates the cycling use of carbon dioxide.
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  • Mean-Variance Asset Liability Management with State-Dependent Risk Aversion

    Yan Zhang   Yonghong Wu   Shuang Li   Benchawan Wiwatanapataphee  

    This article investigates the asset liability management problem with state-dependent risk aversion under the mean-variance criterion. The investor allocates the wealth among multiple assets including a risk-free asset and multiple risky assets governed by a system of geometric Brownian motion stochastic differential equations, and the investor faces the risk of paying uncontrollable random liabilities. The state-dependent risk aversion is taken into account in our model, linking the risk aversion to the current wealth held by the investor. An extended Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman system is established for the optimization of asset liability management, and by solving the extended Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman system, the analytical closed-form expressions for the time-inconsistent optimal investment strategies and the optimal value function are derived. Finally, numerical examples are presented to illustrate our results.
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  • Host traffic separation scheme for sudden power loss scenario

    A host write is received which includes a write address and write data. It is determined if the write address is already stored in at least one of a plurality of open blocks. If so, a collision open block is determined at least the write data is stored in the collision open block. In the event it is determined that the write address is not already stored in at least one of the plurality of open blocks, a temperature for the host write is determined and at least the write data is stored in an open block associated with the temperature.
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  • Methods and systems for automatic fullness estimation of containers

    A method and apparatus for (a) receiving a three-dimensional (3D) point cloud from a depth sensor that is oriented towards an open end of a shipping container, the point cloud comprising a plurality of points that each have a respective depth value, (b) segmenting the received 3D point cloud among a plurality of grid elements, (c) calculating a respective loaded-container-portion grid-element volume for each grid element, (d) calculating a loaded-container-portion volume of the shipping container by aggregating the calculated respective loaded-container-portion grid-element volumes, (e) calculating an estimated fullness of the shipping container based on the loaded-container-portion volume and a capacity of the shipping container; and (f) outputting the calculated estimated fullness of the shipping container.
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  • Methods and compositions for targeting adipose cells in mammals

    Methods and compositions are presented for use in diagnostic, imaging or targeting of therapeutic agents to treat obesity/adiposity-associated disorders, compositions and methods identify and use peptides to selectively target adipose tissue stromal cells in mammals.
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  • Imitation-tumor targeting based on continuous-wave near-infrared tomography

    Dan Liu   Xin Liu   Yan Zhang   Qisong Wang   Jingyang Lu   Jinwei Sun  

    Continuous-wave Near-Infrared (NIR) optical spectroscopy has shown great diagnostic capability in the early tumor detection with advantages of low-cost, portable, non-invasive, and non-radiative. In this paper, Modified Lambert-Beer Theory is deployed to address the low-resolution issues of the NIR technique and to design the tumor detecting and imaging system. Considering that tumor tissues have features such as high blood flow and hypoxia, the proposed technique can detect the location, size, and other information of the tumor tissues by comparing the absorbance between pathological and normal tissues. Finally, the tumor tissues can be imaged through tomographic method. The simulation experiments prove that the proposed technique and designed system can efficiently detect the tumor tissues, achieving imaging precision within 1 mm. The work of the paper has shown great potential in the diagnosis of tumor close to body surface.
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  • Exhaust gas separating tower and exhaust gas separating and recycling system

    The invention relates to an exhaust gas separating tower, comprising a washing section, a flash-distilling section above the washing section, and a liquid seal means between the flash flash-distilling section and the washing section. The washing section is configured for washing exhaust gas entering the tower with a cooling liquid to at least partially remove solid dust entrained in the exhaust gas, cool the exhaust gas, and condense at least a portion of moisture in the exhaust gas into liquid. The flash-distilling section is configured for flash-distilling the cooling liquid from the washing section to produce a cooled cooling liquid and a cooling liquid vapor. The liquid seal means is configured so that the cooling liquid produced by flash-distillation can enter the washing section through the liquid seal means while the flash-distilling section is in gas-phase isolation from the washing section, wherein a pressure in the flash-distilling section is lower than that in the washing section.
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  • Method and apparatus for measuring interference in a communication system

    Systems, methods, apparatus, and techniques are provided for receiving signals over a communications channel, generating a plurality of successive estimates of instantaneous interference present in the communications channel at a respective plurality of samples based on the received signals, producing an average interference estimate of the interference channel based on the plurality of successive estimates, and producing a decoded codeword based on i) the average interference estimate and ii) the received signals.
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  • Ge4+, Eu3+-codoped Y2SiO5 as a novel red phosphor for white LED applications

    Yan Zhang   Yuanyuan Dong   Jiayue Xu and Bo Wei  

    The phosphors Y2SiO5: Ge4+, Eu3+ were synthesized by solid state reaction method assisted by flux, and have been characterized by X-ray powder diffraction and fluorescence spectrometer. The results showed that the phosphors can be effectively excited by near-UV (394 nm), and the major peak is located at 611 nm ascribed to the electric-dipole 5D0 → 7F2 transition of Eu3+, the critical quenching concentration of Eu3+ in the phosphor is determined to be 15 mol% and the critical transfer distance is calculated as 8.90 Å. Co-doping Y2SiO5: Eu3+ with Ge4+ helps to improve the luminescence intensity and color purity. The red emission of the phosphor under 394 nm excitation shows a good chromaticity index (0.652, 0.347) compared to commercial red phosphors Y2O2S: Eu3+ (0.631, 0.350). The quantum efficiency of the Y2Si0.97O5: 0.03Ge4+, 0.15Eu3+phosphor under 394 nm excitation is estimated to be 45.24%. It can be concluded that efficient red light emitting diodes were fabricated using Ge4+, Eu3+ co-doped phosphor based on near ultraviolet(NUV) excited LED lights.
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  • Enhanced dielectric relaxations in spark plasma sintered CaCu3Ti4O12ceramics

    Lei Ni   Maosen Fu   Xinmiao Ren   Yan Zhang  

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  • The wide-angle perfect absorption based on the optical Tamm states

    Xian-feng Chen 陈宪锋   Shu-juan Li 李淑娟   Yan Zhang  

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