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  • Managing application, middleware, and virtual mechanism density in a cloud

    A method, system, and/or computer program product configures hierarchical cloud resources. A supervisor server receives a signal indicating a boundary of a set of hierarchical cloud resources. The boundary describes a level of resource sharing among the set of hierarchical cloud resources, which includes a set of software applications, a set of middleware that supports one or more software applications from the set of software applications, and a set of virtual mechanisms that supports one or more middleware from the set of middleware. The supervisor server receives a signal from one or more Isolation/Density (I/D) switches, which are associated with one or more software applications from the set of software applications and one or more middleware from the set of the middleware, and then configures the hierarchical cloud resources, according to the boundary of the set of hierarchical cloud resources, and according to settings of the I/D switches.
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  • Method for acquiring format of random access subframe and receiver

    A method for acquiring a format of a random access subframe and a receiver are provided. The method includes: according to a cell radius supported currently and a cell coverage radius decided by the length of ZC sequence and the size of Ncs, a receiver determining the length of preamble sequence in an extended random access subframe; according to the cell radius supported currently and a cell coverage radius decided by the length of GT, determining the lengths of CP and GT in the extended random access subframe; according to sampling rates of a system where the receiver is located and the lengths of the preamble sequence and CP and GT, respectively calculating the numbers of sampling points of preamble sequence and GT and CP; based on the above numbers of sampling points, calculating the length of extended random access subframe, and determining the format of extended random access subframe.
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  • Synthesis and antitumor activities of sinomenine derivatives on rings A and C

    Can-Jing Wei   Fang Xu   Meng-Jiao Shi   Jia-Wen Hu   Jia-Jia Wang   Bo Zhen   Xue Wang   Teng-Fei Ji   Jin-Hua Wang   Guan-Hua Du  

    A series of new sinomenine derivatives were designed, synthesized, and evaluated in tumor inhibitory activity, such as human triple negative breast cancer cell line (MDA-MB-231), glioma cell line (A172), human lung cancer cell line (A549), human colon cancer cell line (HCT-8). The modifications were carried out on rings A and C of the sinomenine by esterificating on phenolic hydroxyl with good yields. The highlight of this work was that the synthetic procedures were concise and sinomenine derivatives demonstrated promising antitumor activities.
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  • Extracting business rules of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) system

    The present disclosure discloses a method, system, and computer program product for extracting business rules of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) system. Each of the method, system, and computer program product providing functions comprising: obtaining values of a plurality of business objects; obtaining structure units of the SOA system; establishing association relationships between the structure units and the values of the business objects; and generating business rules based on the association relationships. Using one or more embodiments of the present disclosure can break through the limitations of the conventional method of extracting business rules of a SOA system based on code, and can extract business rules of a complex SOA system.
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  • Electropolishing of Ni–5at.%W substrates for YBCO coated conductors

    Xue Wang   Chengshan Li   Zeming Yu   Huiling Zheng   Yongbin Ji   Ping Ji   Zewen Chen   Zhanguo Fan  

    The application of NiW substrates for YBCO coated conductor is hindered due to their roughness of surfaces. It was demonstrated that the smooth NiW substrate surfaces can be obtained through electropolishing in a sulfuric acid electrolyte. In this paper, the parameters in the electropolishing process, such as electrolyte temperature, current density and time, are optimized so as to attain the best surface brightness measured by an atomic force microscopy. The electropolishing mechanism was discussed on the film generated during the electropolishing process. The results suggest that the electropolishing behavior of NiW alloy is under mass-transfer control and H 2WO 4 is the governing factor for the film formation mechanism during anodic dissolution. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Assuring food safety using nano-structure based spectral sensing

    A method for inspecting an edible oil includes obtaining a first Raman spectrum from an edible oil sample, discovering an unhealthy, unsanitary, unsafe, or adulterated content in the edible oil sample in part by the intensity level of the fluorescence background in the first Raman spectrum, introducing the edible oil sample to nano-scale surface structures to allow molecules of the edible oil sample to be adsorbed to the nano-scale surface structures, illuminating the edible oil sample and the nano-scale surface structures by a laser beam, obtaining a second Raman spectrum from light scattered by molecules of the edible oil sample adsorbed to the nano-scale surface structures, and identifying the unhealthy, unsanitary, or unsafe content in the edible oil sample using one or more first spectral signatures in the second Raman spectrum.
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  • The compatibility of two common fast-growing species with Portland cement

    Xue Wang   Youming Yu  

    Two fast-growing species in China, Chinese fir and poplar, were chosen in order to examine whether they can be compatible with Portland cement in processing cement particleboard. Through monitoring hydration parameters and comparing the curves with neat cement, it turns out that Chinese fir is well compatible with cement and can be used as material to produce cement particleboard directly while poplar was found to be inhibitory. After treated with cold-water and hot-water, both of the species’ inhibition on cement hydration decreased. The compatibility index CA of poplar increased from 24.3 % to 63.4 % after being pretreated with cold-water and to 78.3 % after hot-water pretreatment. The influence of wood extractive of the given species on hydration of cement was also determined. Based on these results, we find that either cold-water or hot-water extractive of Chinese fir has little inhibition on cement hydration, while poplar’s deters the hydration; besides, hot-water facilitates the inhibition on cement, especially for inhibitory poplar.
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  • A study of foot and ankle kinematics during stance phase of normal walking

    Xue Wang   Wen Feng Lu   Han Tong Loh   Yoke San Wong   Fook Rhu Ong  

    The study of foot and ankle kinematics is important in clinical cases such as abnormal foot functions and foot deformities. The objective of this study is to investigate kinematics of foot and ankle during stance phase of normal walking. This kinematic study includes joint motions between five rigid foot segments with new reference positions, and four new functional angles for describing physical features of walking. The results show that time–histories of the five joint motions present good agreement with previous literature. The new reference positions perform well for reducing variance among subjects. The results of four functional angles are consistent with gait and can more intuitively describe foot function features with good intra–subject repeatability. This study provides a comprehensive understanding of foot and ankle motions during stance phase of normal walking.
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  • HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections induce autophagy in Jurkat and CD4+ T cells

    Xue Wang   Yamei Gao   Jiying Tan   Krishnakumar Devadas   Viswanath Ragupathy   Kazuyo Takeda   Jiangqin Zhao   Indira Hewlett  

    Autophagy plays important roles during innate and adaptive immune responses to pathogens, including virus infection. Viruses develop ways to subvert the pathway for their own benefit in order to escape restriction by autophagy, leading to increased viral replication and/or control over apoptosis of their host cells. The effects of HIV infection on the autophagic pathway in host cells have been little documented. Using the susceptible Jurkat cell line and CD4(+) T cells, we studied the relationship of HIV-1 and -2 infections with autophagy. We found that HIV infections significantly increase transcription of ULK1, a member of the autophagy-initiated complex. Two ubiquitin-like conjugation systems, the Atg12 conjugation system and the microtubule-associated protein L chain 3 (LC3) conjugation system that control the elongation of the autophore to form the autophagosome, were activated after HIV infection, with upregulation of Atg12-Atg5 complex and increased transcription of LC3, and formed more autophagosome in infected cells detected using an EM assay. We also found that HIV-1 induced more autophagic death in Jurkat cells relative to HIV-2, and the inhibition of autophagy with 3MA and Beclin-1 knockdown decreased HIV-1 replication significantly. The results indicate that HIV is able to induce the autophagic signaling pathway in HIV-infected host cells, which may be required for HIV infection-mediated apoptotic cell death. (c) 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • 2D to 3D image conversion based on image content

    A method for converting a 2D image into a 3D image includes receiving the 2D image; analyzing content of the received 2D image; determining a 2D-to-3D image conversion method based on a result of the content analysis; generating the 3D image by applying the determined method to the received 2D image; and providing the generated 3D image.
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  • Stock Prices and the Location of Trade: Evidence from China-backed ADRs

    Xue Wang   Lee J. Yao  

    This study examines whether the trading location affects equity returns of China-backed American Depository Receipts (ADRs) traded in the US. If international financial markets are integrated, stock prices should be affected only by their fundamentals; otherwise, stock prices may also be affected by their trading locations/investor sentiment. We find that China ADRs' returns are affected more by the US market fluctuations than by Chinese market returns. We interpret the results as suggesting that country-specific investor sentiment affects stock prices.
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  • Potential of water hyacinth for phytoremediation in low temperature environment

    Xue Wang   Lisa Shi   Christopher Q. Lan   Robert Delatolla and Zisheng Zhang  

    Water hyacinth, i.e., Eichhornia crassipes Solms can remove a large variety of different pollutants from water and are considered an excellent candidate for phytoremediation of contaminated waters. Nevertheless, exploitation of water hyacinth for phytoremediation has so far been limited to tropical or subtropical regions. In this study, the influence of temperature on the morphology, growth, and nutrient removal of water hyacinths was studied in a relatively low temperature range, 12–25°C, in the form of three night/day temperature cycles, i.e., 12/15°C, 15/20°C, and 15/25°C. It was shown that water hyacinth is very sensitive to temperature in the tested range and 15/25°C is the most favorable condition among the tested. A biomass productivity of 10.7 tons DW/ha/yr, total nitrogen removal rate of 400 kg N/ha/yr and total phosphorous removal rate of 65 kg P/ha/yr were estimated according to the experimental results on the basis of five operational months per year. No visible morphological changes were observed when the plants were cultivated at 15/20°C or 15/25°C but significant morphological changes were observed when the plants were transferred from a rooftop greenhouse to a growth chamber controlled at 12/15°C with plant size shrinking significantly. Nevertheless, substantial plant growth and nutrient removal were observed at 12/15°C, although with a prolonged adaptation phase of 2 weeks. Results of this research suggest good potential of water hyacinths for water phytoremediation in relatively cold regions such as Canada.
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  • Group III nitride core-shell nano- and microrods for optoelectronic applications

    Martin Mandl   Xue Wang   Tilman Schimpke   Christopher Kölper   Michael Binder   Johannes Ledig   Andreas Waag   Xiang Kong   Achim Trampert   Frank Bertram   Jürgen Christen   Francesca Barbagini   Enrique Calleja and Martin Strassburg  

    In the past few years, tremendous progress has been demonstrated on epitaxial growth and processing of group III nitride nano- and microrods (NAMs). This has also enabled the fabrication of optoelectronic devices based on NAMs as active elements. However, their efficiency is still far behind the performance of conventional GaN-based light emitting diodes (LEDs). This Review presents the most recent activities on the growth and processing of NAMs exhibiting a core–shell geometry, i.e. structures which consist of an active region shell layer wrapped around a three-dimensional (3D) core, which allow for an enormous increase in active area compared to planar technology. The most common growth approaches using metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy are described and evaluated with particular regard to their potential for solid state lighting applications. Examples for the unique properties of 3D NAMs are presented including their excellent crystalline quality. Furthermore, factors limiting the overall performance of 3D core–shell LEDs are revealed and the potential of overcoming these limitations are discussed. (
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  • Molecules from apoptotic pathways modulate HIV-1 replication in Jurkat cells

    Xue Wang   Viswanath Ragupathy   Jiangqin Zhao   Indira Hewlett  

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  • Distributed Energy Optimization for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Xue Wang   Junjie Ma   Sheng Wang   Daowei Bi  

    Energy constraint is an important issue in wireless sensor networks. This paper proposes a distributed energy optimization method for target tracking applications. Sensor nodes are clustered by maximum entropy clustering. Then, the sensing field is divided for parallel sensor deployment optimization. For each cluster, the coverage and energy metrics are calculated by grid exclusion algorithm and Dijkstra's algorithm, respectively. Cluster heads perform parallel particle swarm optimization to maximize the coverage metric and minimize the energy metric. Particle filter is improved by combining the radial basis function network, which constructs the process model. Thus, the target position is predicted by the improved particle filter. Dynamic awakening and optimal sensing scheme are then discussed in dynamic energy management mechanism. A group of sensor nodes which are located in the vicinity of the target will be awakened up and have the opportunity to report their data. The selection of sensor node is optimized considering sensing accuracy and energy consumption. Experimental results verify that energy efficiency of wireless sensor network is enhanced by parallel particle swarm optimization, dynamic awakening approach, and sensor node selection.
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  • Improved optical coding method for orthogonal ASK/DPSK modulation format

    Xue Wang   Zhixue He   Hongxing Liu   Hong Liu   Wei Li   Dexiu Huang   Nan Chi  

    Orthogonal ASK/DPSK labeling, which encodes label information on optical carriers in a modulation format, is regarded as a competing scheme to sub-carrier multiplexed optical labeling. However, the inherent cross-talk limits the extinction ratio (ER) of the payload and label sensitivity. In this paper, two optical coding methods-Manchester coding and 8B10B coding-which can remarkably improve the system quality to obtain acceptable ER are discussed. A novel optical packet encoding method mark-insertion coding-is demonstrated to significantly reduce cross-talk between the amplitude shift keying (ASK) payload and the differential phase shift keying (DPSK) label through spectrum shaping. The performance of mark-insertion coding depends on the number of inserted 'marks'. Finally, the transmission over a 40 km single mode fiber (SMF) is compared with optical label swapping for a 40 Gbit/s ASK payload and 2.5 Gbit/s DPSK label under these coding schemes. The experimental result is consistent with the theoretical analysis.
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