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    A method for quickly preparing an aerogel by using a microemulsion as a precursor, comprising: 1. measuring off a specific water-soluble silicon source to prepare a quantitative aqueous solution, adding a specific amount of surfactant and co-surfactant, and fully dissolving; 2. measuring off a specific active organic silicon compound and an auxiliary oil phase, adding into the aqueous solution, and stirring at a high speed for a period to form a semi-transparent, uniform, and stable mixed solution, namely, a microemulsion; and 3. compounding the microemulsion with an inorganic additive and a fiber mat, to form a solidified phase after a period, and carrying out aging and ambient pressure drying or supercritical drying to obtain an aerogel material compounded with fiber mat. The method is novel in preparation process, low in raw material costs, and wide in application range. An ambient pressure drying approach can be used, and a supercritical drying process can also be used. The obtained material has an excellent thermal insulation performance, a high structural strength, and a low shrinkage rate after long-term use.
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  • The use of social media to detect corporate fraud: A case study approach

    Xiong, Feng   Chapple, Larelle   Yin, Haiying  

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  • Dynamic Complexities in a Supply Chain System with Lateral Transshipments

    Wei, Yongchang   Chen, Fangyu   Xiong, Feng  

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  • The adoption of new technology by listed companies: the case of Twitter

    Xiong, Feng   Nelson, Jodie   Bodle, Kerry  

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  • Research on Modeling User’s Preference in the Steel E-Trading Platform

    Wu, Ping   Yu, Tao   Du, J.B.   Qu, G.Q.   Xiong, Feng  

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  • Flood Frequency Analysis Using Halphen Distribution and Maximum Entropy

    Xiong, Feng   Guo, Shenglian   Chen, Lu   Yin, Jiabo   Liu, Pan  

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    A contact card management method and device used for mobile terminal is provided in the present invention, which belongs to mobile terminal field. The method includes the following step: extracting communication events of a specific contact from a communication record of a mobile terminal every preset period of time; counting the number of the communication events of the specific contact according to the types of the communication events; and associating the specific contact with the communication events, so as to display the contact and the number of the communication events of the contact simultaneously. The device includes: an extracting module, a counting module and an association display module. The communication record of the mobile terminal is extracted and analyzed, and contact states between the contacts and a mobile terminal user are gathered, so that the user easily gathers and analyzes the contact states between the user and different contacts, analyzes and maintains an interpersonal relationship, and manages a contact card system; a statistical result is displayed in a phone contact card book, which intuitively displays the latest contact state, and facilitates the user processing and maintaining interpersonal communication, thereby improving and promoting communication and life for people.
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  • Research of Cloud Business Platform in the Steel Industry Chain

    Xiong, Feng   Cao, Qian Qian   Huang, Yun Fei   Xiong, Zong Hui  

    As an important basic industry in Manufacturing, steel industry also is a supporting industry for city industrialization and modernization in China. With the further development of information technology, e-business in the steel industry has accounted for an increasingly large proportion in the overall development of e-business. But currently e-business system is relatively decentralized, lack of integration and service expansion capacity in the downstream industry chain. Therefore, this paper is proposed to build cloud business platform by the combination of cloud computing and e-business, introducing service module functions through the "cloud" and "end", and forming the whole process of shared business services in the steel industry. Finally, the paper does the analysis to the effect of its application in the enterprise to prove the feasibility of the model.
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  • Huge right ventricular outflow echinococcosis presenting as acute coronary syndrome

    Xiong, Feng   Liu, Chunxia   Wang, Shuzhen   Feng, Kun  

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    Provided is a connector assembly (100) for connecting a first circuit board (1) and a second circuit board (2). The connector assembly (100) comprises a board to board connector (10), a snap-fastening pressure board (20) and a press cover part (30), wherein the snap-fastening pressure board and the board to board connector are used for fixing on the second circuit board, and the board to board connector is also used for connecting to the first circuit board; the snap-fastening pressure board and the board to board connector are arranged at intervals; the press cover part comprises a covering portion (31) and a snap-fastening portion (32) extending from a first end (P1) of the covering portion; the snap-fastening portion is used for connecting to the snap-fastening pressure board in a snap-fastening manner; and the covering portion is snap-fastened on the snap-fastening pressure board on the snap-fastening portion and then covers the board to board connector in a pressing manner. Further provided are a power supply assembly and an electronic device. The technical solution enables the connector assembly to have a firm structure, and safety accidents will not easily happen during the process of assembling the connector assembly, thus improving the safety performance.
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    Provided are a fixed structure (1) for a battery connector (2), and a mobile terminal (100). The battery connector (2) comprises a first structural component (11), a second structural member (12) and fixed component (13). The fixed component (13) comprises a first fixed base (131) and a second fixed base (132). The first fixed base (131) and the second fixed base (132) are respectively provided on the first structural component (11) and the second structural member (12). The first fixed base (131) has two first elastic arms (1311). A spacing is provided between the two first elastic arms (1311). The second fixed base (132) has two second elastic arms (1322). The two second elastic arms (1322) are respectively fastened and connected to the two first elastic arms (1311), so as to form a holding space (133) for holding the battery connector (2). By pre-setting the first fixed base (131) and the second fixed base (132) on the first structural component (11) and the second structural member (12), and mounting the battery connector (2) on the second structural member (12), the fixed structure (1) of the battery connector (2) only needs to fasten and connect the second fixed base (132) to the first fixed base (131) to mount of the battery connector (2), thereby facilitating the mounting of the battery connector (2).
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    Provided is a connector assembly. The connector assembly comprises a circuit board (11), a first connector (110) and a clamp (13). The circuit board comprises a device arrangement face (111). A second connector (113) is arranged on the device arrangement face. The first connector is connected to the second connector in a plugging manner in the direction perpendicular to the device arrangement face. The clamp clamps the first connector, the second connector and the circuit board therein. Further provided are a power supply assembly and a terminal apparatus having the power supply assembly. The power supply assembly comprises a battery and the connector assembly. By arranging the first connector and the second connector, connected perpendicular to the device arrangement face in a plugging manner, and using the clamp to clamp the first connector and the second connector on the circuit board, an electric contact between the battery and the circuit board can be prevented from loosening, power failure of the battery is prevented, and the working reliability of the terminal apparatus is enhanced.
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    A rotary hydraulic system and a concrete conveying pump apparatus. The rotary hydraulic system comprises a rotary motor (1) and a throttling device. Two ends of the throttling device are connected to two oil ports of the rotary motor (1). The rotary hydraulic system is provided with the throttling device to split surplus flow formed during the startup, and thus startup impact is eliminated, a rotating table is buffered and stopped, inertia impact swinging of a cantilever crane can be prevented, and high-pressure braking can be achieved when the rotating table is stopped.
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  • Inducing chalcogenide phase change with ultra-narrow carbon nanotube heaters

    Xiong, Feng   Liao, Albert   Pop, Eric  

    Carbon nanotube (CNT) heaters with sub-5 nm diameter induce highly localized phase change in Ge(2)Sb(2)Te(5) (GST) chalcogenide. A significant reduction in resistance of test structures is measured as the GST near the CNT heater crystallizes. Effective GST heating occurs at currents as low as 25 mu A, significantly lower than in conventional phase change memory with metal electrodes (0.1-0.5 mA). Atomic force microscopy reveals nucleation sites associated with phase change in GST around the CNT heater. Finite element simulations confirm electrical characteristics consistent with the experiments, and reveal the current and phase distribution in GST.
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  • A bioinspired and biocompatible ortho-sulfiliminyl phenol synthesis

    Xiong, Feng   Lu, Liang   Sun, Tian-Yu   Wu, Qian   Yan, Dingyuan   Chen, Ying   Zhang, Xinhao   Wei, Wei   Lu, Yi   Sun, Wei-Yin   Li, Jie Jack   Zhao, Jing  

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  • SANTA: Self-aligned nanotrench ablation via Joule heating for probing sub-20 nm devices

    Xiong, Feng   Deshmukh, Sanchit   Hong, Sungduk   Dai, Yuan   Behnam, Ashkan   Lian, Feifei   Pop, Eric  

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