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  • Influence of Nd and Y on texture of as-extruded Mg–5Li–3Al–2Zn alloy

    Wu, Liqun   Zhang, Tianlong   Cui, Chongliang   Wu, Ruizhi   Zhang, Milin   Hou, Legan  

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    Provided are a conductive filter membrane, a preparation method and use thereof. The conductive filter membrane is prepared mainly from a conductive material and auxiliary materials, wherein the conductive material accounts for 5-100% of the total mass of the conductive material and the auxiliary materials, and is selected from one or more of carbon nanotubes, carbon fibres with a size of 1-10 ¦Ìm, carbon nanofibres, graphene, copper nanowires, silver nanowires and conductive metal wires, and the auxiliary materials include auxiliary fibres and/or a functional filler; and the conductive filter membrane can be used for purification treatment of water. Provided is a device for purification treatment of water, comprising a power supply (206) and a shell (202). The shell (202) is provided at least one positive pole membrane (203) and at least one negative pole membrane (204) successively along the water flowing direction. Both the positive pole membrane (203) and the negative pole membrane (204) are the conductive filter membrane.
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  • A Novel Fabricating Process of Catalytic Gas Sensor Based on Droplet Generating Technology

    Wu, Liqun   Zhang, Ting   Wang, Hongcheng   Tang, Chengxin   Zhang, Linan  

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  • Magnetic nanoparticle migration in microfluidic two-phase flow

    Wu, Liqun   Zhang, Yong   Palaniapan, Moorthi   Roy, Partha  

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    A type of air filter paper and a preparation method therefor. The preparation method includes the following steps of: (1) preparing a piece of bottom-layer paper; (2) preparing a dispersion mixed solution of a carbon nanomaterial; and (3) arranging the bottom-layer paper on the former, and conveying the dispersion mixed solution of a carbon nanomaterial onto the former, wherein the dispersion mixed solution of a carbon nanomaterial is filtered and formed on the bottom-layer paper, and then carrying out sizing and drying to obtain the air filter paper.
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    Disclosed is a method for rapid sending and detection processing of an operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) packet. An OAM session type is bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD) or a continuity check message (CCM). A network device stores sending parameters of a BFD packet and a CCM packet into a first random access memory (RAM) and stores detection parameters of the BFD packet and the CCM packet into a second RAM; a sending end of the network device determines a packet type according to the sending parameters and performs sending processing of the packet; and a detection end determines whether the packet arrives and performs corresponding detection processing according to the detection parameters. Also disclosed are an apparatus for sending and detection processing of a packet, and a storage medium. The apparatus comprises a packet sending module and a packet detection module.
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    Disclosed is a packet congestion processing method, comprising the following steps: receiving packet fragments of a packet and a fragment parameter, and acquiring, according to the fragment parameter, a congestion parameter required in processing the packet congestion; when the packet fragment is an SOP packet fragment, acquiring an average queue length of the packet and a length threshold according to the fragment parameter and the congestion parameter, and processing the packet. Also disclosed is a packet congestion processing apparatus. In the present invention, when the received packet fragment is the SOP packet fragment, the average queue length of the packet and the length threshold are acquired according to the acquired fragment parameter and the congestion parameter, and the packet is processed according to a relationship between the average queue length and the length threshold, which can achieve the beneficial effect of effectively solving the packet congestion in a communication network, improve the operating speed in processing the packet congestion, and greatly save the internal cache space.
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  • The Effects of Acute Amiodarone on Short- and Long-duration Ventricular Defibrillation Threshold in Canines

    Wu, Liqun   Jin, Qi   Zhang, Ning   Pang, Yang   Ren, Shujing   Zhou, Jian   Lin, Changjian   Ling, Tianyou   Gu, Gang   Shen, Weifeng   Huang, Jian   Huang, Congxin  

    Introduction: Some studies have shown that the defibrillation threshold (DFT) differs between short-duration ventricular fibrillation (SDVF, < 1 minute) and long-duration ventricular fibrillation (LDVF > 1 minute). The goal of this study is to evaluate the effects of acute intravenous amiodarone on SDVF-DFT and LDVF-DFT and its possible mechanism as well. Methods: Twelve open-chest dogs were randomly divided into 2 groups (control group, normal saline, 10 maintenance, n = 6; amiodarone group, loading dose 10 mg/kg over 10 minutes, maintenance dose 5, n = 6). VF was electrically induced and recorded with a 12 x 12 unipolar electrode plaque (2-mm spacing) sutured on the left ventricular epicardium and a plunge needle (6 unipolar electrode) inserted in the left ventricular apex. The DFTs of SDVFand LDVF were determined 20 seconds and 3 minutes after VF induction, respectively. Restitution was estimated from activation recovery intervals during pacing from the plaque and plunge needle electrodes. The activation rate was estimated by Fast Fourier Transform analysis of VF at same electrodes. The VF cycle length was defined as the reciprocal of the activation rate. The epicardial and transmural dispersion of the maximal slope of the restitution curve and VF cycle length of SDVF and LDVF were calculated, respectively. Results: In controls, LDVF-DFT was higher than SDVF-DFT (645 +/- 61 vs. 520 +/- 63 V, P < 0.01). Amiodarone did not significantly alter SDVF-DFTs (496 +/- 49 vs. 552 +/- 69 V, P > 0.05) but decreased LDVF-DFT by 31% (P < 0.01). Compared with control, amiodarone significantly reduced the maximum slope of the restitution curve (1.12 +/- 0.35 vs. 0.81 +/- 0.25, P = 0.03) and its epicardial dispersion (0.32 +/- 0.07 vs. 0.24 +/- 0.04, coefficient of variation, P = 0.017). Amiodarone significantly increased the SDVF-CL (92 +/- 8 vs. 99 +/- 10 milliseconds, P < 0.01) and epicardial dispersion 0.14 +/- 0.06 vs. 0.18 +/- 0.05, P < 0.01. Amiodarone did not change the LDVF-CL (228 +/- 12 vs. 226 +/- 10 milliseconds, P > 0.05) or epicardial dispersion (0.17 +/- 0.03 vs. 0.15 +/- 0.02, P > 0.05) compared with control. However, the drug significantly decreased the transmural dispersion of LDVF-CL (68 +/- 28 vs. 39 +/- 14 milliseconds, P < 0.01) without changing the transmural dispersion of SDVF-CL (29 +/- 22 vs. 32 +/- 30 milliseconds, P > 0.05). Conclusions: Acute amiodarone significantly decreased the LDVF-DFT. The decreased transmural dispersion of LDVF-CL by amiodarone might contribute to the decreased LDVF-DFT.
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  • Risk factors and prognosis of patients with recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma who undergo liver re-resections

    Li, Manjiang   Wang, Zusen   Cao, Jingyu   Han, Bing   Zou, Hao   Zang, Yunjin   Wu, Liqun  

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  • Relations of Uranium Enrichment and Carbonaceous Debris within the Daying Uranium Deposit, Northern Ordos Basin

    Zhang, Fan   Jiao, Yangquan   Wu, Liqun   Rong, Hui   Wang, Longhui  

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  • Dielectrophoretic capture voltage spectrum for measurement of dielectric properties and separation of cancer cells

    Wu, Liqun   Lanry Yung, Lin-Yue   Lim, Kian-Meng  

    In this paper, a new dielectrophoresis (DEP) method based on capture voltage spectrum is proposed for measuring dielectric properties of biological cells. The capture voltage spectrum can be obtained from the balance of dielectrophoretic force and Stokes drag force acting on the cell in a microfluidic device with fluid flow and strip electrodes. The method was demonstrated with the measurement of dielectric properties of human colon cancer cells (HT-29 cells). From the capture voltage spectrum, the real part of Clausius-Mossotti factor of HT-29 cells for different frequencies of applied electric field was obtained. The dielectric properties of cell interior and plasma membrane were then estimated by using single-shell dielectric model. The cell interior permittivity and conductivity were found to be insensitive to changes in the conductivity of the medium in which the cells are suspended, but the measured permittivity and conductivity of cell membrane were found to increase with the increase of medium conductivity. In addition, the measurement of capture voltage spectrum was found to be useful in providing the optimum operating conditions for separating HT-29 cells from other cells (such as red blood cells) using dielectrophoresis.
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  • Architectural Units and Groundwater Resource Quantity Evaluation of Cretaceous Sandstones in the Ordos Basin, China

    WU, Liqun   JIAO, Yangquan   ZHU, Peimin   LEI, Xinrong   WANG, Yonghe  

    Sandstone is a common lithology in a number of groundwater reservoirs. Studying the skeleton sandstone architectural units, therefore, lays the basis for characterizing aquifer systems, groundwater quality, and resource evaluation. This comprehensive analysis of Cretaceous aquiferous sandstones in the Ordos basin, China, shows that there exists a basin-scale skeleton sandstone in the Luohe Formation which contains 11 isolated barrier beds, 12 small skeleton sandstone bodies in Huanhe Formation, and 3 in the Luohandong Formation. The spatial structure and superimposed relationship as well as the medium properties of these skeleton sandstones and isolated barrier beds can be shown by 3D visualization models. Simultaneously, resource quantity can be evaluated with the 3D inquiry functions. The comparison between property models and structural models indicates that the salinity of groundwater of the Luohe Formation has a close connection with the locations of isolated barrier beds that contain abundant gypsum. Through quantitative calculation, groundwater resource of the Cretaceous Luohe and Luohandong formations is estimated to be 1.6×1012 m3, and the total groundwater resource of the Cretaceous system in the Ordos basin is more than 2×1012 m3.
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    A constant tension spring compensation equipment mainly comprises a chute, compensation steel wire ropes, a left end plate, a main shaft, the sealed oil, bearings, a right end plate, a contacting plane turbination spring connecting the stress cable and the wires, an outside cover, an angle iron for fixation, a setting plate, a pin and locking device for the rope broken. The chute is fitting on the shaft. The compensation steel wire ropes enwind on the chute, and one end is moored on the chute, the other end is connected the electrical railway power supply net. The main shaft is supported on the left end plate and the right end plate by the sealed oil and the bearings. The left end plate, the right end plate, the outside cover, the angle iron for fixation and the setting plate make up of a closed case. The pin is mounted on the side apart from the case on the setting plate. The spring is installed on the case, the inner end of the spring is connected the main shaft by the inner hook, the outer hook of the spring is connected the angle iron for fixation on the case. The invention has the strong points of tight structure, small volume, light weight and retain the electrical railway power supply net in suitable strain.
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  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CNT-Reinforced AZ31 Matrix Composites Prepared Using Hot-Press Sintering

    Wu, Liqun   Wu, Ruizhi   Hou, Legan   Zhang, Jinghuai   Sun, Jianfeng   Zhang, Milin  

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  • Overexpression of fatty acid binding protein 3 promotes remodeling after myocardial infarction by inducing apoptosis

    Zhuang, lingfang   li, Chenni   Chen, Qiujing   Jin, Qi   Wu, Liqun   Lu, Lin   Yan, Xiaoxiang   Chen, Kang  

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  • Fructose-Bisphosphate Aldolase A Regulates Hypoxic Adaptation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Involved with Tumor Malignancy

    Li, Xin   Jiang, Fengxing   Ge, Zhong   Chen, Bin   Yu, Jiang   Xin, Mingjun   Wang, Jiandong   An, Lingxuan   Wei, Jichao   Wu, Liqun  

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