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  • Artificial intelligence in engineering risk analytics

    Wu, Desheng   Olson, David L.   Dolgui, Alexandre  

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  • Personalized Online-to-Offline (O2O) Service Recommendation Based on a Novel Frequent Service-Set Network

    Pan, Yuchen   Wu, Desheng  

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  • Disaster early warning and damage assessment analysis using social media data and geo-location information

    Wu, Desheng   Cui, Yiwen  

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  • Giant semiclassical magnetoresistance in high mobility TaAs\r 2\r semimetal

    Wu, Desheng   Liao, Jian   Yi, Wei   Wang, Xia   Li, Peigang   Weng, Hongming   Shi, Youguo   Li, Yongqing   Luo, Jianlin   Dai, Xi   Fang, Zhong  

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  • Dynamic assessment of urban economy-environment-energy system using system dynamics model: A case study in Beijing

    Wu, Desheng   Ning, Shuang  

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    This paper proposes an aggregated ratio analysis model which can be utilized to evaluate relative efficiency of decision making units (DMUs). We show that our proposed ratio model is equivalent to the CCR DEA model. This equivalence property offers a great deal of opportunities for DEA to be interpreted and applied in different ways. Our model also offers an insight into the frontier analysis. Whether a DMU is on the frontier or efficient frontier can be informed by using our aggregated ratio analysis. Several results developed in the paper are coincident with that in the literature.
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  • Exploring behavioural intentions toward smart healthcare services among medical practitioners: a technology transfer perspective

    Pan, Jinxin   Ding, Shuai   Wu, Desheng   Yang, Shanlin   Yang, Jun  

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  • SPIE Proceedings [SPIE MIPPR 2005 Geospatial Information, Data Mining, and Applications - WuHan, China (Monday 31 October 2005)] MIPPR 2005: Geospatial Information, Data Mining, and Applications - Programming models for efficiency analysis in financial institutions

    Wu, Desheng   Gong, Jianya   Zhu, Qing   Tao, Jin   Ruan, Shouwu   Liu, Yaolin   Wang, Shuliang   Liu, Xiaoyu  

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  • Connectivity, Netting, and Systemic Risk of Payment Systems

    Chen, Shuzhen   Wu, Desheng  

    The stability of payment system is of vital importance to the credit market as well as the economic development. Most researches focus on the effect of system connectivity on systemic risk and demonstrate that connectivity provides both risk-spread channel and risk-sharing mechanism. But the management of systemic risk is quite different in real-time gross settlement system and net settlement system. We provide an integrated analysis of the effect of connectivity and netting on systemic risk in payment systems by considering more detailed network structures of pure creditors and pure debtors. We show that the effect of netting is partly due to the change of network connectivity, which severs the contagion channel of shocks. Moreover, netting can lower the actual magnitude of the shock from the beginning by reducing source bank's debt.
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  • Foreword

    Wu, Desheng   Olson, David L.  

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  • Noncontiguous lumbar vertebral hemangiomas treated by posterior decompression, intraoperative kyphoplasty, and segmental fixation.

    Yu, Bin   Wu, Desheng   Shen, Bin   Zhao, Weidong   Huang, Yufeng   Zhu, Jianguang   Qi, Dongduo  

    Vertebral hemangiomas are benign lesions and are often asymptomatic. Most vertebral hemangiomas that cause cord compression and neurological symptoms are located in the thoracic spine and involve a single vertebra. The authors report the rare case of lumbar hemangiomas in a 60-year-old woman presenting with severe back pain and rapidly progressive neurological signs attributable to 2 noncontiguous lesions. After embolization of the feeding arteries, no improvement was noted. Thus, the authors performed open surgery using a combination of posterior decompression, intraoperative kyphoplasty, and segmental fixation. The patient experienced relief from back and leg pain immediately after surgery. At 3 months postoperatively, her symptoms and neurological deficits had improved completely. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first description of 2 noncontiguous extensive lumbar hemangiomas presenting with neurological symptoms managed by such combined treatment. The combined management seems to be an effective method for treating symptomatic vertebral hemangiomas. =20
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  • Morphometry evaluations of cervical osseous endplates based on three dimensional reconstructions

    Feng, Hang   Li, Haoxi   Ba, Zhaoyu   Chen, Zhaoxiong   Li, Xinhua   Wu, Desheng  

    PurposeAccurate and comprehensive data on cervical endplates is essential for developing and improving cervical devices. However, current literature on vertebral disc geometry is scarce or not suitable. The aim of this study was to obtain quantitative parameters of cervical endplates and provide morphometric references for designing cervical devices.MethodsIn this study, 19 human cervical spine cadaveric specimens were considered. Employing a reverse engineering system, the surface information of each endplate was recorded in digital cloud and then 3D reconstructed. A measurement protocol that included three sagittal and three frontal surface curves was developed. The information of surface curves and endplate concavity were obtained and analyzed. The parametric equations of endplate surfaces were deduced based on coordinates of landmarks, and the reliability was verified.ResultsThe cervical endplate surface had a trend that to be transversely elongated gradually. The concavity depths of inferior endplates (1.88 to 2.13mm) were significantly larger than those of superior endplates (0.62 to 0.84mm). The most-concave points in inferior endplates were concentrated in the central portion, while always located in post-median region in superior endplates.ConclusionThese results will give appropriate guidelines to design cervical prostheses without sacrificing valuable bone stock. The parametric equations applied for generating surface profile of cervical endplates may provide great convenience for subsequent studies.
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  • A revealed damage cost method to evaluate environmental performance of production:Evaluating treatment efficiency of emissions and scaling treatment cost bounds

    Chen, Shuzhen   Wu, Desheng  

    Environmental performance indices are in great demand for environmental policy support. This paper addresses the particular problem of evaluating environmental performance of industries and identifying the worst performed industries that should be strictly regulated. Specifically, an input-output analysis method is developed to disentangle the environmental pressures of production processes; treatment costs are introduced to reveal the damage costs of relevant pressures which is integrated in the DEA based index to restrict the weight assignment. The proposed method is advantageous in data requirements as well as definition of process boundaries and can alleviate the underestimation of damages from predominant pressures. The results of evaluation provide a more reliable reference to industrial regulation. (C) 2018 Published by Elsevier Ltd.
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  • Complex product manufacturing in the intelligence-connected era

    Olson, David L.   Wu, Desheng   Yang Shanlin   Lambert, James H.  

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  • Anterior cervical distraction and screw elevating-pulling reduction for traumatic cervical spine fractures and dislocations:A retrospective analysis of 86 cases

    Li, Haoxi   Yong, Zhiyao   Chen, Zhaoxiong   Huang, Yufeng   Lin, Zhoudan   Wu, Desheng  

    Treatment of cervical fracture and dislocation by improving the anterior cervical technique.Anterior cervical approach has been extensively used in treating cervical spine fractures and dislocations. However, when this approach is used in the treatment of locked facet joints, an unsatisfactory intraoperative reduction and prying reduction increases the risk of secondary spinal cord injury. Thus, herein, the cervical anterior approach was improved. With distractor and screw elevation therapy during surgery, the restoration rate is increased, and secondary injury to the spinal cord is avoided.To discuss the feasibility of the surgical method of treating traumatic cervical spine fractures and dislocations and the clinical application.This retrospective study included the duration of patients' hospitalization from January 2005 to June 2015. The potential risks of surgery (including death and other surgical complications) were explained clearly, and written consents were obtained from all patients before surgery.The study was conducted on 86 patients (54 males and 32 females, average age of 40.15.6 years) with traumatic cervical spine fractures and dislocations, who underwent one-stage anterior approach treatment. The effective methods were evaluated by postoperative follow-up.The healing of the surgical incision was monitored in 86 patients. The follow-up duration was 18 to 36 (average 26.4 +/- 7.1) months. The patients achieved bones grafted fusion and restored spine stability in 3 to 9 (average 6) months after the surgery. Statistically, significant improvement was observed by Frankel score, visual analog scale score, Japanese Orthopedic Association score, and correction rate of the cervical spine dislocation pre- and postoperative (P<.01).The modified anterior cervical approach is simple with a low risk but a good effect in reduction. In addition, it can reduce the risk of iatrogenic secondary spinal cord injury and maintain optimal cervical spine stability as observed during follow-ups. Therefore, it is suitable for clinical promotion and application.
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  • Expression and DNA methylation status of the Rap2B gene in human bronchial epithelial cells treated by cigarette smoke condensate.

    Zhang, Shuangling   Zhou, Ming   Jiang, Gaofeng   Gong, Chunmei   Cui, Dong   Luo, Lingfeng   Wu, Desheng   Huang, Haiyan   Zhang, Qiao   Yang, Linqing  

    BACKGROUND: The relationship between lung cancer and smoking has been demonstrated. The Rap2B gene is usually overexpressed in lung cancers. This study was aimed to investigate the Rap2B gene expression and its promoter methylation in human bronchial epithelial cells (16HBE) treated by cigarette smoke condensate (CSC).; METHODS: 16HBE cells were treated with CSC (1/8 IC50). Soft ager assay, tumorigenicity test, chromosome aberrations analysis were used to identify the transformed cells. The expression level of mRNA and protein of Rap2B was detected using real time PCR and Western blotting, respectively. The genome DNA methylation level was detected using combined bisulfite restriction analysis (COBRA) and the methylation status of the target fragment in Rap2B gene promoter was determined by bisulfite sequencing PCR (BSP).; RESULTS: The 16HBE cells were successfully malignant transformed after the chronic exposure to CSC. The expression of Rap2B gradually increased in the process of malignant transformation. Meanwhile, global DNA was hypomethylated. However, no obvious change was observed in the methylation level of Rap2B gene promoter in transformed 16HBE cells.; CONCLUSIONS: Rap2B gene may play an important role in the process of lung cancer and global DNA hypomethylation might be an early event in tumorigenesis.=20
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