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  • A novel cage-like CdTe film with enhanced photoelectrochemical performance

    Wang, Jun   Lv, Pin   Mu, Yannan   Ding, Dong   Liu, Li   A, Runa   Feng, Fei   Feng, Shuang   Fu, Wuyou   Yang, Haibin  

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  • Swash Motion Driven by the Bore and Prediction of Foreshore Profile Change

    Wang, Jun   Liang, Bingchen   Li, Huajun   Pan, Xinying   Lee, Dongyoung   Xu, Yu  

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    Provided is a disease specific metabolite profile, in particular a biomarker composition obtained via chronic heart disease patient urine specific metabolite profile screening. Also provided are a use of the biomarker composition for chronic heart disease risk assessment, diagnosis, early diagnosis and pathological staging, and a chronic heart disease risk assessment, diagnosis, early diagnosis and pathological staging method. The biomarker composition may be used for the early diagnosis of chronic heart disease, and has high sensitivity, good specificity and favourable application prospects.
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    A method, an apparatus,and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus may be a UE. The UE receiving information indicating an available MBMS service, a non-self-standing carrier frequency on which the available MBMS service is provided, and one or more PCC frequencies to which the non-self-standing carrier frequency is attached.The UE selects a preference for one PCC frequency of the one or more PCC frequencies in order to obtain information for receiving the available MBMS service on the non-self-standing carrier frequency.The UE receives the available MBMS service on the non-self-standing carrier frequency based on the obtained information.
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  • Mirror design for long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

    Wang, Jun   Cheng, Zhuo   Hu, Haiyang   Yang, Zeyuan   Bai, Yiming   Duan, Xiaofeng   Huang, Yongqing   Ren, Xiaomin  

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  • The Visual Causality Analyst: An Interactive Interface for Causal Reasoning

    Wang, Jun   Mueller, Klaus  

    Uncovering the causal relations that exist among variables in multivariate datasets is one of the ultimate goals in data analytics. Causation is related to correlation but correlation does not imply causation. While a number of casual discovery algorithms have been devised that eliminate spurious correlations from a network, there are no guarantees that all of the inferred causations are indeed true. Hence, bringing a domain expert into the casual reasoning loop can be of great benefit in identifying erroneous casual relationships suggested by the discovery algorithm. To address this need we present the Visual Causal Analyst - a novel visual causal reasoning framework that allows users to apply their expertise, verify and edit causal links, and collaborate with the causal discovery algorithm to identify a valid causal network. Its interface consists of both an interactive 2D graph view and a numerical presentation of salient statistical parameters, such as regression coefficients, p-values, and others. Both help users in gaining a good understanding of the landscape of causal structures particularly when the number of variables is large. Our framework is also novel in that it can handle both numerical and categorical variables within one unified model and return plausible results. We demonstrate its use via a set of case studies using multiple practical datasets.
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    Disclosed are a data communication method, apparatus and system in a communication process. The method comprises: during a call between a first user equipment and a second user equipment, detecting a request for activating a first instant communication plug-in on a call interface of the first user equipment; requesting a server to establish an instant communication data channel between the first instant communication plug-in and a second instant communication plug-in via the first instant communication plug-in, wherein the second instant communication plug-in is an instant communication plug-in on a call interface of the second user equipment; displaying the instant communication data channel on the call interface via a data interactive window; and sending data to be sent to the second user equipment via the data interactive window. The present invention satisfies people's increasing personalized and convenient communication demands.
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  • A BIM-based approach for automated tower crane layout planning

    Wang, Jun   Zhang, Xuedong   Shou, Wenchi   Wang, Xiangyu   Xu, Bo   Kim, Mi Jeong   Wu, Peng  

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  • Computational study of stability of an H-H-type pseudoknot motif

    Wang, Jun   Zhao, Yunjie   Wang, Jian   Xiao, Yi  

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  • Properties of TiO2 Thin Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Dip Coating

    Wang, Jun   Bai, Ling Yun  

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    A depth information acquisition method and apparatus, and an image collection device. The image collection device comprises a first camera and a second camera. The method comprises: a depth information acquisition apparatus being capable of acquiring images respectively collected by the first camera and the second camera when shaking is detected (S201), detecting an initial distance of a target shot object in the two images (S202), then correcting the initial distance by using an offset difference value between the first image and the second image (S204), and determining the depth of the target shot object by using the corrected initial distance (S205). The two cameras can both have an OIS function, or only one camera has the OIS function, and when OIS is performed, the depth information acquisition apparatus may correct the distance between the same shot object in images respectively acquired by the two cameras so as to make the finally obtained depth information more precise, so that the shot object can be focused precisely and rapidly.
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    A method for forming a thin film and a method for forming an aluminium nitride thin film. Two pre-sputtering processes having different process parameters are performed before primary sputtering to achieve the effect of stabilizing the status of a target. The method for forming a thin film can form an aluminium nitride thin film on a substrate, and the aluminium nitride thin film can be applied to a buffer layer between the substrate and a gallium nitride layer in an electronic device.
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    Tian, Xiaojing   Wang, Jun   Cui, Shaoqing   Wei, Zhenbo  

    A taste-sensing system was used to study dried Lycium fruits of different producing year and grades. Physical indexes were measured to classify the grade of Lycium fruits and to find correlation between grade indexes and taste characterization. The least significant difference, principal component analysis and linear regression were applied in the data processing. Significant differences were found for sourness, bitterness, astringency and aftertaste-B. Classifications according to producing years and grades were found by principle component analysis. Strong correlations between producing year, grades and taste characterization were found. Practical ApplicationsLycium barbarumL. has been used as traditional medicine in Asian and many countries. This study evaluates the taste characterization and its application in determination of producing years and grades of Lycium fruits. With multivariate analysis, it is possible to detect producing years and grades of dried Lycium fruits with taste characterization, providing evidence for fast adulteration detection of Lycium fruits.
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    An automatic analysis device and an analysis method and analysis system therefor. The automatic analysis device comprises an incubation unit (110). When analyzing a sample under test, the rotation of the incubation unit (110) is controlled according to a set trans-shipment cycle (201), wherein each trans-shipment cycle comprises at least one fixed trans-shipment pause time period progressing according to a first-type trans-shipment distance, and at least one adaptive trans-shipment pause time period progressing according to a second-type trans-shipment distance; when the incubation unit (110) is controlled to trans-ship according to the fixed trans-shipment pause time period in the trans-shipment cycle, in the stop time period of the fixed trans-shipment pause time period, a fixed operation capable of being executed in the fixed trans-shipment pause time period is executed (204); and when controlling the incubation unit (110) to trans-ship according to an adaptive trans-shipment pause time period in the trans-shipment cycle, the incubation unit is controlled to trans-ship and stop at a resource station having a function of executing an adaptive operation, and the adaptive operation is executed (207). The present invention can balance test flux and analysis performance.
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  • Revisit submergence of ice blocks in front of ice cover—an experimental study

    Wang, Jun   Wu, Yi-fan   Sui, Jueyi  

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  • The Formation, Migration and Reactivity of Au-CO Complexes on Gold-Surfaces

    Wang, Jun   McEntee, Monica   Tang, Wenjie   Neurock, Matthew   Baddorf, Arthur P.   Maksymovych, Petro   Yates, John T.  

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