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  • Dynamic Response to Seismic Waves at the Shallow Slope Supported by Bolts

    Wang, Jun   Liu, Jie   Liang, Qiao   Ouyang, Xiangsen  

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  • An unusual case of perforation of the alimentary canal following Bigu

    Wang, Jun   Jin, Jun   Xue, Xiaofeng   Hao, Yan   Li, Dongrong   Xu, Shan   Huang, Fang  

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  • A new reliability model in replication-based big data storage systems

    Wang, Jun   Wu, Huafeng   Wang, Ruijun  

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  • On the wurtzite to tetragonal phase transformation in ZnO nanowires

    Wang, Jun   Shen, Yaogen   Song, Fan   Ke, Fujiu   Liao, Xiaozhou   Lu, Chunsheng  

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  • Identifying patients at higher risk of pneumonia after lung resection

    Liu, Gan-Wei   Sui, Xi-Zhao   Wang, Shao-Dong   Zhao, Hui   Wang, Jun  

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  • Status and future strategies for Concentrating Solar Power in China

    Wang, Jun   Yang, Song   Jiang, Chuan   Zhang, Yaoming   Lund, Peter D.  

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  • Urban warming in the 2013 summer heat wave in eastern China

    Wang, Jun   Yan, Zhongwei   Quan, Xiao-Wei   Feng, Jinming  

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  • Epigenetic analysis of FHL1 tumor suppressor gene in human liver cancer

    Wang, Jun   Huang, Fang   Huang, Jian   Kong, Jindan   Liu, Shenglan   Jin, Jun  

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  • Survey of Veterinary Drug Residues in Raw Milk in Hebei Province, China

    Han, Rong-Wei   Yu, Zhong-Na   Zhen, Tian-Yuan   Wang, Jun  

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    Disclosed are a configuration method and device for a voice feature database of malicious calls. The method comprises: when, during a call answering process, it is detected that a user selects a malicious call option, marking a caller call as a malicious call according to a user command, and recording a certain duration of the voice of the malicious call; then sending the voice of the malicious call to a cloud server, enabling the cloud server to perform voice analysis on the voice of the malicious call, obtaining voice feature points of the malicious call, and saving the voice feature points of the malicious call in a malicious call voice feature database.
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    A method for digital restoration of historic morphology of a river, comprising: selecting, on the basis of the selection of a river segment where the development of an alluvial stream and terraces is complete, a representative cross section of a river segment planned to be recovered; obtaining a sediment core sample by drilling; layering sediments according to physical properties thereof; recording three-dimensional space coordinates of each layer, then performing age determination on each sediment layer, and finally connecting the three-dimensional space coordinates of the sediment layers of equal age in different sediment cores on the same section in general drawing software by using lines, wherein the obtained section morphology is river section morphology under the age; and linking the coordinates of all ages in sequence, that is, morphology recovery of the entire section in all history ages is completed, and historic morphology restoration of the entire river segment can be completed after multiple sections are recovered. By means of cross utilization of a geology age measuring technology and a river dynamics section molding principle, the method can be applied to most alluvial river historic morphology restoration, and has important practical value for the study of a river landform evolution process.
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  • Holmium doped yttria transparent ceramics for 2-μm solid state lasers

    Wang, Jun   Zhao, Yongguang   Yin, Danlei   Liu, Peng   Ma, Jie   Wang, Ying   Shen, Deyuan   Dong, Zili   Kong, Ling Bing   Tang, Dingyuan  

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    A speech keyword identification method and device, a terminal and a server, the method comprising: selecting a frame from a first frame sequence which forms a first speech and determining the same to be a first target frame (S201); selecting a keyword from a keyword sequence comprised in speech keywords and determining the same to be a target keyword (S202); determining whether an implicit feature vector of the target frame is matched successfully with a keyword template corresponding to the target keyword (S203); and if determined that the implicit feature vector of the frame in the first speech is matched successfully with the keyword template corresponding to each keyword in the keyword sequence one by one, determining that the first speech comprises the speech keyword therein (S204). The described method effectively carries out identification of the speech keywords in the first speech, and furthermore, facilitates an electronic device which uses speech awakening technology to automatically activate a processing module corresponding to the speech keyword when identifying that the first speech comprises the speech keyword therein.
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    Provided is an oil-gas separator, comprising a separation cavity and a rotary member for oil-gas separation, wherein the rotary member is arranged inside the separation cavity so that the separation cavity is divided into at least two levels of cavity via the rotary member; the at least two levels of cavity are in sequential fluid communication; and the cavity located the furthest upstream among the at least two levels of cavity is in fluid communication with a first cavity (a) having an oil-gas mixture, such that the oil-gas mixture, after flowing out of the first cavity (a), enters the at least two levels of cavity by means of the cavity located the furthest upstream such that perform oil-gas separation is carried out at least twice. The device enables the separation cavity to be divided into at least two levels of cavity by means of arranging the rotary member, such that the oil-gas mixture, after primary oil-gas separation is completed in one level of cavity, can enter another level of cavity for secondary oil-gas separation, thereby realizing performing oil-gas separation at least twice, and having a higher separation efficiency. Further provided are an oil-gas separation system and an aircraft engine.
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    Wireless resource allocation and buffer status reporting may be based on packet size, and a base station may allocate resources for communications with a user equipment (UE) to provide resources for an integer number of packets. For downlink communications from a base station to a UE, a scheduler may allocate resources to transmit an integer number of packets, based on packet size and a number of packets to be transmitted. For uplink communications, a UE may transmit a buffer status report (BSR) that indicates packet size and a number of packets to be transmitted. A base station may allocate uplink resources to the UE that correspond to an integer number of packets. Resources may be allocated that have a variable length transmission time interval (TTI) that may be adjusted, alone or in combination with other resources (e.g., frequency resources), to provide for transmission of an integer number of packets.
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    The present invention relates to the field of communications. Disclosed are a broadband spectrum sensing method, a fusion center (FC), a sensing node (SN) and a computer storage medium. The method comprises: the FC obtaining statistical idle probabilities of all current primary user (PU) physical channels; based on a sequence of the statistical idle probabilities from large to small, assigning SNs used for detecting channel spectrums to the PU physical channels in sequence; using the SNs assigned to the PU physical channels to detect the channel spectrums for the PU physical channels; and based on channel spectrum detection results, determining status of the PU physical channels.
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