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  • Anti-windup design for rational systems by linear-fractional representation

    Wang, Jun   Wang, Naizhou   Pei, Hailong   Zhang, Qian  

    This study investigates both static and dynamic anti-windup problems for rational systems subject to actuator saturation. New approaches for the synthesis of anti-windup compensators are proposed based on the linear-fractional representation of rational non-linear systems. By using quadratic Lyapunov function and with a modified sector condition, convex optimisation algorithms based on linear-matrix inequalities are devised to maximise the region of attraction and the L 2 bound on disturbances and minimise the L 2-gain from disturbance to performance output. Numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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    A method for establishing and processing a requirement meta model for a high-speed train, comprising: acquiring a pre-established complete set of data of a high-speed train structure tree, wherein the high-speed train structure tree is established and obtained on the basis of a structure of the high-speed train; successively selecting a requirement item corresponding to each structure point in the high-speed train structure tree using the pre-established complete set of data of the high-speed train structure tree, and determining the requirement item as a requirement object of the requirement meta model; determining the object attribute and attribute association information of each of the requirement objects of the requirement meta model; establishing the requirement meta model according to the object attribute of and attribute association information of each of the requirement objects; and storing each of the established requirement meta models in a database to constitute a requirement meta model database, wherein the requirement meta model database is used, when receiving an instruction for invoking the requirement meta model, to output the corresponding requirement meta model data in response to the instruction for invoking the requirement meta model, so as to construct various structures of the high-speed train.
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    Certain aspects relate to methods and apparatus for discovering whether one or more enhanced capabilities are supported by devices (e.g., user equipment (UE), base station (BS), etc.) in a network. The enhanced capabilities may include, for example, the ability to support certain low latency procedures, enhanced component carrier (eCC) capability, and the like. The devices in the network may perform one or more handover-related procedures (e.g., cell selection/reselection, make-before-break handover, etc.) and/or other procedures (e.g., QoS negotiation, etc.) based, at least in part, on support for the one or more enhanced capabilities.
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  • Effect of Y2O3 and La2O3 on the sinterability of γ-AlON transparent ceramics

    Wang, Jun   Zhang, Fang   Chen, Feng   Zhang, Jian   Zhang, Hailong   Tian, Run   Wang, Zhengjuan   Liu, Juan   Zhang, Zhao   Chen, Shi   Wang, Shiwei  

    Abstract The paper reports the use of Y2O3 and La2O3 co-doping as a composite sintering additive for the fabrication of γ-AlON transparent ceramics by pressureless sintering. The Y3+ enhanced the mobility of grain boundary and accelerated the grain growth, whereas the La3+ has the opposite effect on grain growth. The sintering additives could cause the formation of liquid phase during sintering, which would greatly promote the densification and eliminate pores. High transparent AlON ceramics with the in-line transmittance of 80.3% at 400 nm wavelength have been prepared when the concentration of sintering additives was 0.12 wt% Y2O3 and 0.09 wt% La2O3.
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  • Structure and Inhibition of the M2 Proton Channel from the Influenza a Virus

    Wang, Jun   Wu, Yibing   DeGrado, William F.  

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  • Multiscale envelope manifold for enhanced fault diagnosis of rotating machines

    Wang, Jun   He, Qingbo   Kong, Fanrang  

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  • Impacts of bridge piers on the initiation of ice cover – an experimental study

    Wang, Jun   Shi, Fayi   Chen, Pangpang   Wu, Peng   Sui, Jueyi  

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  • Soil carbon fractions in response to straw mulching in the Loess Plateau of China

    Wang, Jun   Fu, Xin   Sainju, Upendra M.   Zhao, Fazhu  

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  • Effects of fracture grouting with sodium hydroxide during electro-osmosis on clay

    Wang, Jun   Gao, Ziyang   Li, Lingyu   Fu, Hongtao   Liu, Feiyu   Cai, Yuanqiang   Hu, Xiuqing  

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  • Photocatalytic CO2 reduction of BaCeO3 with 4f configuration electrons

    Wang, Jun   Huang, Chunxiang   Chen, Xianliu   Zhang, Haitao   Li, Zhaosheng   Zou, Zhigang  

    Highlights • BaCeO3 with the 4f electronic configuration was found to exhibit photocatalytic CO2 reduction. • Ag cocatalyst (0.3 wt.%) remarkably improved the photocatalytic activities of BaCeO3. • The flat band potential of BaCeO3 was confirmed by Mott–Schottky measurements. Abstract The perovskite-type photocatalyst BaCeO3, prepared by a Pechini method, was investigated for CO2 reduction under UV light irradiation. The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, BET surface area measurement, UV–vis reflectance spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy, and the flat band potential was confirmed by Mott–Schottky measurements. The effects of various cocatalyst nanoparticles (Ag, Au, Pt, CuO, and RuO2) on the photocatalytic activities of BaCeO3 were also discussed. Among these cocatalysts, Ag nanoparticles exhibited the best performance for improving the photocatalytic activities of CO2 reduction.
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  • Overheating dependent undercooling in a hypoeutectic Co–B alloy

    Wang, Jun   He, Yixuan   Li, Jinshan   Hu, Rui   Kou, Hongchao   Beaugnon, Eric  

    The effect of overheating on the undercooling behavior of a hypoeutectic Co-B alloy has been studied by molten glass fluxing combined with thermal cycling method. Results indicate that the undercooling of Co83B17 alloy is greatly affected by the overheating temperature and a critical threshold temperature is determined. The existence of the turning point is thought to be related with the structure transitions inside the overheated liquid which is confirmed by in-situ high temperature magnetic measurement. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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    Methods and apparatuses are provided that include counting devices for broadcast data services. The devices can be counted based on registrations received from the devices. This registration count can additionally or alternatively be used to determine whether further counting is desired. In addition, base stations can transmit counting requests to the devices using a paging message or other message such that idle mode devices can receive the counting requests. The idle mode devices can respond to the requests or send autonomous counting report by switching to an active mode for the purpose of responding or another purpose.
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  • Image Encryption Using Compressive Sensing and Detour Cylindrical Diffraction

    Wang, Jun   Wang, Qiong-Hua   Hu, Yuhen  

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  • Preparation and characterization of near-stoichiometric silicon carbon fibres

    Gan, Yuanfeng   Wang, Xiaozhou   Wang, Jun   Wang, Hao  

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    In some cases, V2X systems may send warning messages. The warning messages may be sent over short distances. The warning messages may be useful over wider distances. Some systems may us MBMS from a V2X proximity broadcast. Electronic communications devices, such as UEs may be unaware of the MBMS. A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus may be an RSU. The RSU receive a V2X message from a UE. The RSU may broadcast information associated with the V2X message. The RSU may send the information associated with the V2X message to a network entity for a point-to-multipoint broadcast. The method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication may also use V2X messages that include bootstrapping information to tune to an MBMS broadcast.
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    Compounds having a structure of Formula I: (Formula (I)) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, tautomer or stereoisomer thereof, wherein R1, R2, R 3, R4, R5, X1, X2, X3 and X4 are as defined herein, and wherein the compound comprises at least one F, CI, Br, I or 123I moiety, are provided. Uses of such compounds for imaging diagnostics in cancer and therapeutics methods for treatment of subjects in need thereof, including prostate cancer as well as methods and intermediates for preparing such compounds are also provided.
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