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  • Two-level superpixel and feedback based visual object tracking

    Wang, Jun   Liu, Weibin   Xing, Weiwei   Zhang, Shunli  

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  • Thermophoretic force on nanocylinders in the free molecule regime

    Wang, Jun   Luo, Shuang   Xia, Guodong  

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  • Bimodal Vein Recognition Based on Task-Specific Transfer Learning

    WANG, Guoqing   WANG, Jun   PAN, Zaiyu  

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    A mobile device, computer readable medium, and method are provided for web browsing that reduces a power consumption of the mobile device. The method includes the steps of receiving a markup language document that includes a plurality of elements; assigning each element in the plurality of elements a priority value according to a set of rules; and selectively loading rendered content corresponding to the plurality of elements into a window of an application executed by the mobile device based on the priority value assigned to each element in the plurality of elements. The set of rules includes at least two rules configured to assign two or more priority values to at least two subsets of elements in the plurality of elements. Selective loading may refer to loading elements of a web page in a different order compared to a default order of a rendering engine of the web browser.
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  • Hypovolemic Shock Complex in the Trauma Setting: A Pictorial Review

    Wang, Jun   Liang, Teresa   Louis, Luck   Nicolaou, Savvas   McLaughlin, Patrick D.  

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  • Dynamic Temperature Test for PTC Material Used to Heat Diesel

    Wang, Jun   Li, Xiao Lu  

    This paper gives a way which utilizes the PTC (positive temperature coefficient) materials to preheat diesel in the injector in order to improve the cold start performance and emissions of engine. Combining high performance data acquisition system based on MSP430F149, a dynamic temperature testing system was developed to test fuel temperature heated by PTC in injector. The software and hardware electrocircuit were expounded in detail. The temperature varying law of diesel fuel heated with PTC ceramics was measured under different voltage. A conclusion can be draw that diesel fuel may be heated to self-defined temperature around Curie point when diesel fuel was heated with PTC material.
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  • Design and Implementation of a Remote-Based Journaling File System

    Wang, Jun   Huang, Ge  

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    Methods, systems, and devices are described for evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service (eMBMS) utilizing enhanced component carriers (eCCs). A wireless system may send unicast data using resources allocated for multicast transmissions (e.g., eMBMS transmissions). The presence of unicast data in a transmission time interval (TTI) scheduled for multicast transmission may be indicated by a control region within the TTI. A UE may monitor the control region to identify the presence of unicast information. A TTI scheduled for multicast transmission may also include reference signals to aid in the demodulation of multicast or unicast data. In some cases, the reference signals may be front- loaded at the beginning or embedded within the TTI. The embedded reference signals may be configured based on the type of data carried by the TTI scheduled for multicast transmission, or by length of the cyclic prefix used by the TTI scheduled for multicast transmission.
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    The present invention discloses a point-type high-voltage power transmission line optical fiber detection network, comprising a substation control unit, a first wavelength-division multiplexer, a second wavelength-division multiplexer, a third wavelength-division multiplexer, and two base tower monitoring subsystems; the substation control unit comprising a communications control module, an optical signal demodulation module, and a fourth wavelength-division multiplexer; each base tower monitoring subsystem comprising a first optical path selection switch, a second optical path selection switch, a third optical path selection switch, an optical-to-electrical conversion module, a controller, a first electrical-to-optical conversion module, a second electrical-to-optical conversion module, and a tower status sensor array. The present invention improves accuracy in detecting wire vibration due to breeze, wire temperature, and tower angle of inclination in high-voltage power transmission lines, and improves efficiency in detecting the described parameters.
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  • PHEBUS FPT-1 simulation by using MELCOR and primary blockage model exploration

    Wang, Jun   Wang, Chen   Corradini, Michael L.   Haskin, Troy   Tian, Wenxi   Su, Guanghui   Qiu, Suizheng  

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  • Soldering of Zr-based bulk metallic glass and copper by Au–12Ge eutectic alloy

    Wang, Jun   Cui, Jing   Kou, Hong-Chao   Guan, Heng   Li, Jin-Shan  

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  • Diagnostic value of medical thoracoscopy for undiagnosed pleural effusions

    Chen, Rui‑Lin   Zhang, Yong‑Qing   Wang, Jun   Wu, Hua   Yang, Shu‑Mei  

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  • Prediction of gas-liquid interfacial area in valve trays

    Wang, Jun   Leng, Yixin   Shao, Hui   Li, Weiming   Huang, Chunxiang  

    Abstract An accurate prediction of gas–liquid interfacial area is very important for the design and optimization of column trays. However, the difference of the gas–liquid flow regimes operating at different scale trays significantly affect the interfacial area calculation. Therefore, in this study, an interfacial area model operating at small column was established using the Kolmogorov's isotropic turbulence hypothesis. According to the analyzes of the gas–liquid flow phenomena of different scale columns, an assumption that the similarity principle of flow characteristics of gas–liquid in full contact was proposed. Moreover, a new model that can be used to predict the gas–liquid interfacial area of a large column with exiting the nonideal flow was obtained through the extension of the small tray interfacial area model based on this principle. Finally, the new model was tested by comparisons with the experimental results of references. The prediction accuracy significantly improved with the maximum deviation of approximately 40%. © 2015 American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE J, 62: 905–915, 2016
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  • Kinetics Study of Gas Pollutant Adsorption and Thermal Desorption on Silica Gel

    A, Rong   Liu, Meng   Pang, Liping   Yang, Dongsheng   Wang, Jun   Zhou, Yue  

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  • Targeting different domains of gap junction protein to control malignant glioma

    Wang, Jun   Yang, Ze-yu   Guo, Yu-feng   Kuang, Jing-Ya   Bian, Xiu-Wu   Yu, Shi-Cang  

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  • Research for Dynamic Modulus and Ing Ratio of Fly Ash Modified Loess

    Wang, Jun   Wang, Qian   Zhong, Xiu Mei   Wang, Nai   Wang, Ping   Chai, Shao Feng  

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