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  • Sensitivity increase in the photophobic response of Halobacterium halobium reconstituted with retinal analogs: A novel interpretation for the fluence-response relationship and a kinetic modeling

    Takahashi, Tetsuo   Yan, Bing   Spudich, John L.  

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  • Measurement of total integrated scatter of optical coatings for 157-nm lithography

    Saito, Tadahiko   Saito, Jun   Nakamura, Etsuro   Kudo, Tatsunobu   Kagaya, Masanao   Takahashi, Tetsuo  

    A new Coblentz type scatterometer is developed for evaluation of 157-nm optical coatings. The Coblentz hemisphere has ellipsoidal design for higher sensitivity and stability. The scatterometer works under nitrogen atmosphere keeping away from the organic contamination. Some kind of antireflective coatings are obtained from several Japanese suppliers and evaluated by the scatterometer. Results of the scatter measurement are almost equal except one sample that includes Na3AlF6 layer as low refractive index material. Its extremely high scatter loss could be ascribed degradation by reaction to the water in the air.
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  • Recent development and future prospects of optical metro networks and their technologies

    Inui, Tetsuro   Sahara, Akio   Takahashi, Tetsuo  

    This paper describes the broadband situation in Japan and the recent development of optical metro networks; their future prospects and technologies. First; the situation as regards the broadband infrastructure and internet traffic in Japan is overviewed. Then; the recent development of reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexers (ROADMs) in optical metro networks is reviewed. Finally; the future prospects for optical metro networks are described with particular emphasis on 100Gbit/s standardization; sub-位 function; and colorless/directionless ROADMs.
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  • Trench-Isolated High-Voltage IC with Reduced Parasitic Bipolar Transistor Action

    Takahashi, Tetsuo   Terashima, Tomohide   Moritani, Junichi  

    For high-voltage IC device; one of the important issues is to prevent parasitic transistor acting; especially in Junction-Isolation (JI) device. In addition to this problem; it is necessary to achieve it by a minimum cost. In this paper; we propose junction-isolated HVIC using deep trench-isolation techniques. And we examined about structures of reducing parasitic transistor action by simulation and experiments. In proposed structures; the area of isolation is reduced to 2/3 to 1/2 compared with conventional junction isolation. Moreover; significant reduction of hFE of parasitic transistor in logic transistors and HV-transistor are confirmed.
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