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  • The association between immunoglobulin concentrations and prediabetes prevalence in a large Chinese cohort

    Wang, Honglei   Song, Yanqi   Sun, Shaomei   Gao, Li   Liu, Li   Meng, Ge   Wu, Hongmei   Xia, Yang   Bao, Xue   Gu, Yeqing   Shi, Hongbin   Su, Qian   Fang, Liyun   Yang, Huijun   Wang, Xing   Zhou, Ming   Jia, Qiyu   Song, Kun   Zhang, Qing   Niu, Kaijun  

    Aims. Prediabetes has received public attention owing to the increasing prevalence worldwide. Mounting evidence has indicated that inflammation directly contributed to the etiology of glucose metabolism disorders. Although immunoglobulins play a crucial role in immune responses, little research has been done on the link between immunoglobulins and prediabetes in adults. Hence, the aim of the present study was to explore the associations between immunoglobulins levels and prevalence of prediabetes in a general adult population. Methods. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 8856 adults (mean standard deviation age: 48.4 +/- 10.7 years) in Tianjin, China. The serum immunoglobulins concentrations were measured by the immunonephelometric technique. Prediabetes was diagnosed using the following parameters in accordance with the American Diabetes Association: fasting plasma glucose, postprandial glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin. The associations between concentrations of immunoglobulins and the prevalence of prediabetes were assessed using multiple logistic regression models. Results. Overall, the prevalence of prediabetes was 37.4% (3311/8856). After controlling for confounders, compared with the lowest quintile, the odds ratios (95% confidence interval) of prediabetes for the highest quintile of immunoglobulins (immunoglobulin G, immunoglobulin E, immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin A) were as follows: 1.06 (0.91-1.23), 1.31 (1.13-1.52), 0.86 (0.74-1.01), and 1.19 (1.03-1.38) (P for trend were 0.35, <0.0001, 0.04 and 0.02), respectively. Conclusions. Elevated immunoglobulin E and immunoglobulin A levels were independently and positively associated with prediabetes prevalence. There was also a trending association between immunoglobulin M concentrations and prediabetes prevalence. Further studies are necessary to clarify if there is a causal association of immunoglobulins in prediabetes or if they reflect early immunologic disturbances in these patients. 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • Diastolic Blood Pressure Rises with the Exacerbation of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Males

    Hu, Wei   Jin, Xian   Chen, Chengjun   Zhang, Peng   Li, Dandan   Su, Qian   Yin, Guizhi   Hang, Yanwen  

    ObjectiveTo characterize the association pattern between blood pressure (BP), metabolism changes, and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) severity within male OSA patients. MethodsThe association between systolic BP (SBP), diastolic BP (DBP), glucose, lipids, apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), oxygen desaturation index (ODI), and arousal index (ArI) was evaluated after adjustment for BMI and waist circumference/hip circumference ratio (WHR) in 1,370 male OSA patients. ResultsIn the multiple linear regression models using SBP as an independent variable, SBP did not associate with the increase of any OSA indexes. BMI and glucose positively associated with AHI, ODI, and ArI elevation. WHR was also positively associated with increasing AHI and ODI. Total cholesterol levels increased with ODI and ArI increases. Triglyceride was associated with ArI. In the multiple linear regression models using DBP as an independent variable, DBP associated universally with AHI, ODI, and ArI with stable coefficients ranging from 0.19 to 0.20. The remaining independent variables were associated with AHI, ODI, and ArI with a similar trend to the models including SBP as an independent variable. ConclusionsApnea-hypopnea, hypoxemia, and arousal changed glycometabolism, fat metabolism, and BP profoundly in a particular pattern.
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  • Models for Strength Prediction of High-Porosity Cast-In-Situ Foamed Concrete

    Zhao, Wenhui   Huang, Junjie   Su, Qian   Liu, Ting  

    A study was undertaken to develop a prediction model of compressive strength for three types of high-porosity cast-in-situ foamed concrete (cement mix, cement-fly ash mix, and cement-sand mix) with dry densities of less than 700 kg/m(3). The model is an extension of Balshin's model and takes into account the hydration ratio of the raw materials, in which the water/cement ratio was a constant for the entire construction period for a certain casting density. The results show that the measured porosity is slightly lower than the theoretical porosity due to few inaccessible pores. The compressive strength increases exponentially with the increase in the ratio of the dry density to the solid density and increases with the curing time following the composite function A(2) (In t)(B2) for all three types of foamed concrete. Based on the results that the compressive strength changes with the porosity and the curing time, a prediction model taking into account the mix constitution, curing time, and porosity is developed. A simple prediction model is put forward when no experimental data are available.
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  • Habitual yoghurt consumption and depressive symptoms in a general population study of 19,596 adults.

    Yu, Bin   Zhu, Qi   Meng, Ge   Gu, Yeqing   Zhang, Qing   Liu, Li   Wu, Hongmei   Xia, Yang   Bao, Xue   Shi, Hongbin   Su, Qian   Fang, Liyun   Yu, Fei   Yang, Huijun   Sun, Shaomei   Wang, Xing   Zhou, Ming   Jia, Qiyu   Guo, Qi   Song, Kun   Steptoe, Andrew   Niu, Kaijun  

    PURPOSE: Epidemiological studies directly examining the association between habitual yoghurt consumption and mental health remain scarce. The aim of this study is to investigate the association of yoghurt consumption with depressive symptoms in adults.; METHODS: This is a cross-sectional study of 19,596 Chinese adults (mean age 41.2, standard deviation 11.8years; males, 54.3%). Depressive symptoms were assessed using the Self-Rating Depression Scale (SDS). Dietary intake was obtained through a valid food frequency questionnaire. Multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted to assess the association between yoghurt consumption and depressive symptoms. A number of potential confounders were adjusted in the model.; RESULTS: The prevalence of elevated depressive symptoms was 17.1% (SDS=E2=89=A545). The multivariable adjusted odds ratios (95% CI) of having elevated depressive symptoms by increasing levels of yoghurt consumption (1-3 times/week, 4-7 times/week, and =E2=89=A5twice/day) were 1.05 (0.96, 1.15), 1.02 (0.91, 1.15), and 2.10 (1.61, 2.73) in comparison with lowest consumption group (
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  • Urea-derived graphitic carbon nitride as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for CO2 conversion into cyclic carbonates

    Su, Qian   Sun, Jian   Wang, Jinquan   Yang, Zifeng   Cheng, Weiguo   Zhang, Suojiang  

    In order to overcome existing solid catalysts' disadvantages of low stability and activity, urea-derived graphitic carbon nitrides (u-g-C3N4) with higher stabilities and more active centers were prepared under different temperatures (550-450 degrees C). With a decrease in preparation temperature from 550 degrees C to 480 degrees C, a u-g-C3N4 of lower crystallinity with a smaller polymerization degree was obtained and found to have a higher catalytic activity for CO2 conversion into propylene carbonate. The higher activity of the u-g-C3N4 caused by decreasing the temperature might be ascribed to the lower crystallinity and polymerization degree, which led to more edge defects, wherein the incompletely-coordinated nitrogen atoms served as the main active sites in the cycloaddition reaction. Among all the prepared catalysts, that prepared at 480 degrees C (u-g-C3N4-480) showed the highest catalytic activity for CO2 conversion and exhibited great suitability for other epoxide substrates.
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  • Effects of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids on the Isobaric Vapor-Liquid Equilibria of Methanol + Dimethyl Carbonate Azeotropic Systems

    Chen, Songsong   Dong, Li   Zhang, Junping   Cheng, Weiguo   Huo, Feng   Su, Qian   Hua, Wei  

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  • Boron-doped melamine-derived carbon nitrides tailored by ionic liquids for catalytic conversion of CO2 into cyclic carbonates

    Su, Qian   Yao, Xiaoqian   Cheng, Weiguo   Zhang, Suojiang  

    A new approach to tailoring edge active groups of graphitic carbon nitrides for catalytic conversion of CO2 into cyclic carbonates was proposed in this work. To improve the catalytic performance, boron-doped melamine-derived graphitic carbon nitrides (MCNB) with numerous exposed edge defects were prepared by using 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate (BmimBF(4)) as the soft template and boron source. Different mass ratios of BmimBF(4) to melamine were explored for MCNB preparation, MCNB(x) (x is the mass ratio) with different polymerization degree, pore structure and boron doping content were obtained, and the relationship between MCNB properties and the corresponding catalytic activity was then investigated. With low polymerization degree, abundant meso-macroporous structure and small amounts of boron (<1.59 atm%) doped in the skeleton, MCNB(0.01) exhibited better catalytic performance and could be suitable for various epoxide substrates with the yield of cyclic carbonates up to 89.0% at 130 degrees C in 6 h. According to the XPS analysis and DFT calculation results, the active centers were confirmed to be the partially-condensed amino groups in edge defects, which were enhanced by moderate doping of boron in the skeleton.
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  • Elevated serum complement C3 levels are associated with prehypertension in an adult population

    Bao, Xue   Meng, Ge   Zhang, Qing   Liu, Li   Wu, Hongmei   Du, Huanmin   Shi, Hongbin   Xia, Yang   Guo, Xiaoyan   Liu, Xing   Han, Peipei   Dong, Renwei   Wang, Xiuyang   Li, Chunlei   Su, Qian   Gu, Yeqing   Fang, Liyun   Yu, Fei   Yang, Huijun   Kang, Li   Ma, Yixuan   Yu, Bin   Ma, Xinyu   Sun, Shaomei   Wang, Xing   Zhou, Ming   Jia, Qiyu   Guo, Qi   Song, Kun   Wang, GuoLin   Huang, Guowei  

    Prehypertension is a public health epidemic associated with various adverse outcomes, but can be reversed by timely intervention. However, little attention has been paid to prehypertension. Complement C3 is a central hub of complement-related immune system. We examined the association between C3 and prehypertension in an adult population for the first time, aiming to investigate whether pro-inflammatory immune response is involved in the prehypertensive state. About 7820 Tianjin residents without hypertension were categorized into sex-specific quintiles based on their serum concentration of complement C3. Adjusted logistic regression models were used separately by gender to assess the association between C3 quintiles and the prevalence of prehypertension. After multiple adjustment, the odds ratios (95% confidence interval) for prehypertension across increasing quintiles of C3 were 1.00 (reference), 1.02 (0.84, 1.25), 1.15 (0.94, 1.42), 1.25 (1.01, 1.54), and 1.71 (1.35, 2.17) (p for trend < 0.0001) among men and were 1.00 (reference), 1.17 (0.92, 1.49), 1.13 (0.88, 1.44), 1.15 (0.89, 1.48), and 1.40 (1.07, 1.84) (p for trend =3D 0.03) among women. The findings suggested that elevated serum C3 levels are associated with prehypertension. Reducing inflammation may be a potential therapeutic strategy for prehypertension and hypertension that is worthy of further studies and discussion.
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  • Treadmill rehabilitation treatment enhanced BDNF-TrkB but not NGF-TrkA signaling in a mouse intracerebral hemorrhage model

    Chen, Jie   Qin, Jie   Su, Qian   Liu, Zhixue   Yang, Jian  

    Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), accounting for 15-20% of strokes, can cause significant brain injury and life long neurological deficits. We investigated whether treadmill exercise rehabilitation could improve brain repair after ICH and whether involvement of NFG-TrkA and BDNF-TrkB signaling could be observed during repair period in an experimental mouse ICH model reproduced by heparinized-collagenase infusion into the left caudate putamen. 5-Bromo-2-deoxyuridine (BrdU) labeled new dividing cell can be observed clearly around the injured cortex and striatum region on day 7 (D7) after operation, and both TrkA and TrkB neurotropic receptors were activated. A subgroup of these ICH mice began the treadmill exercise from D4 after operation. Then we found that the overall immunofluorescent signals of p-Y490-TrkA and p-Y705-TrkB were both decreased in all groups at 014 after operation. However, compared to the non-exercise ICH group mouse, the immunofluorescent intensity of BDNF and p-Y705-TrkB were significantly higher in the exercise group. In addition, there was no difference in p-Y490-TrkA. Our results suggest that BDNF-TrkB but not NGF-TrkA signaling is involved in the brain repair after ICH, and early proper treadmill exercise might promote this repair process. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
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  • Evaluation on the dynamic performance of bridge approach backfilled with fibre reinforced lightweight concrete under high-speed train loading

    Liu, Kaiwen   Su, Qian   Ni, Pengpeng   Zhou, Chuanbin   Zhao, Wenhui   Yue, Fei  

    In China, high-speed rails are often constructed over bridges in the region of soft soils. Differential settlement could occur in the foundation soils between bridge abutment and approach embankment that causes "bumps" to affect the smoothness at the end of a bridge. A three-dimensional finite element model is developed to investigate the use of fibre reinforced lightweight concrete in the transition zone of bridge approach for high-speed railways. Time-frequency analysis is performed using the method of Fast Fourier transform. The sensitivity analysis of rail speed, density of backfills, and the structural type of the trapezoidal shaped transition zone is conducted.
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  • Dietary patterns are associated with depressive symptoms among Chinese adults: a case-control study with propensity score matching.

    Xia, Yang   Wang, Na   Yu, Bin   Zhang, Qing   Liu, Li   Meng, Ge   Wu, Hongmei   Du, Huanmin   Shi, Hongbin   Guo, Xiaoyan   Liu, Xing   Li, Chunlei   Han, Peipei   Dong, Renwei   Wang, Xiuyang   Bao, Xue   Su, Qian   Gu, Yeqing   Fang, Liyun   Yu, Fei   Yang, Huijun   Kang, Li   Ma, Yixuan   Sun, Shaomei   Wang, Xing   Zhou, Ming   Jia, Qiyu   Guo, Qi   Wu, Yuntang   Song, Kun   Niu, Kaijun  

    PURPOSE: Previous studies have indicated that consumption of particular foods or nutrients is associated with depressive symptoms, but little is known about the role of overall dietary patterns in depressive symptoms. We design this case-control study to evaluate the associations between dietary patterns and high depression symptoms in Chinese adults.; METHODS: A total of 1351 participants with high depressive symptoms were matched with 1351 controls using the 1:1 ratio propensity score matching method. Dietary intake was assessed using a valid self-administered food frequency questionnaire, and high depressive symptoms were assessed with the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, wherein cutoff point of 45 was used as a definition of high depressive symptoms.; RESULTS: Exploratory factor analysis revealed three dietary patterns (vegetables and fruits pattern; sweets pattern; and animal foods pattern) explaining 25.1% of the total variance. Compared with the participants in the lowest quartile, the participants in the highest quartile of vegetables and fruits pattern, which was defined as a healthy pattern, were associated with reduced odds of high depressive symptoms (OR 0.65, 95% CI 0.52-0.83, P for trend <0.001) while the sweets pattern (OR 1.33, 95% CI 1.06-1.66) and the animal foods pattern (OR 1.79, 95% CI 1.43-2.24, P for trend <0.0001) were associated with increased prevalence of high depressive symptoms, respectively.; CONCLUSION: The present study adds to the evidence that the sweets pattern and animal foods pattern are positively associated with the prevalence of high depressive symptoms. In contrast, the dietary pattern rich in vegetables, fruits, and soya bean products, but low in animal foods, candied fruits, cakes, ice cream, sugared beverages, and alcoholic drinks is negatively associated with the prevalence of high depressive symptoms.=20
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  • Oxidative Stress Induces Neuronal Apoptosis Through Suppressing Transcription Factor EB Phosphorylation at Ser467.

    Su, Qian   Zheng, Bin   Wang, Chen-Yao   Yang, Yun-Zhi   Luo, Wen-Wen   Ma, Shu-Min   Zhang, Xin-Hua   Ma, Dong   Sun, Yan   Yang, Zhan   Wen, Jin-Kun   Liu, Zhi-Xue  

    BACKGROUND/AIMS: This study determined the role and mechanism of action of transcription factor EB (TFEB) in H2O2-induced neuronal apoptosis.; METHODS: SH-SY5Y cells were treated with Akt inhibitor/activator and different concentrations of H2O2. Cell apoptosis was detected by flow cytometric analysis. Akt and TFEB phosphorylation and PARP cleavage were determined by Western blotting. HEK293T cells were transfected with different truncated TFEB mutants and HA-Akt-WT; SH-SY5Y cells were transfected with Flag-vector, Flag-TFEB, Flag-TFEB-S467A or Flag-TFEB-S467D; and TFEB interaction with Akt was determined by co-immunoprecipitation and GST pull-down assays.; RESULTS: A low concentration of H2O2 induces TFEB phosphorylation at Ser467 and nuclear translocation, facilitating neuronal survival, whereas a high concentration of H2O2 promotes SH-SY5Y cell apoptosis via suppressing TFEB Ser467 phosphorylation and nuclear translocation. The TFEB-S467D mutant is more easily translocated into the nucleus than the non-phosphorylated TFEB-S467A mutant. Further, Akt physically binds to TFEB via its C-terminal tail interaction with the HLH domain of TFEB and phosphorylates TFEB at Ser467. Mutation of TFEB-Ser467 can prevent the phosphorylation of TFEB by Akt, preventing inhibition of oxidative stress-induced apoptosis.; CONCLUSIONS: Oxidative stress induces neuronal apoptosis through suppressing TFEB phosphorylation at Ser467 by Akt, providing a novel therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative diseases. =C2=A9 2018 The Author(s). Published by S. Karger AG, Basel.
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  • Effect of 1,4-cyclohexanediol on percutaneous absorption and penetration of azelaic acid

    Li, Nan   Su, Qian   Tan, Fengping   Zhang, Jerry  

    The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of 1,4-cyclohexanediol as a retardant on the percutaneous absorption and penetration of azelaic acid. Hairless Fat skin was mounted on Franz diffusion cells and treated with topical formulations containing solubilized azelaic acid with and without 1,4-cyclohexanediol. The skin was separated into stratum corneum and the deeper skin layers. The azelaic acid collected in receptor medium and each layer at the end of each time point was extracted and quantified. A significant decrease in flux across the skin suggests a penetration retardation effect of 1,4-cyclohexanediol (42.50 mu g/cm(2)/h in the presence of vs. 76.25 mu g/cm(2)/h in the absence of) at active loading level of 1.13 mg/cm(2). The penetration retardation effect was also observed at higher active loading level (2.82 mg/cm(2)). Furthermore, presence of 1,4-cyclohexanediol in the topical formulation did not reduce the skin and epidermal retention of azelaic acid, suggesting its potential use in the development of superior topical formation for reducing potential systematic side effect while maintaining therapeutic efficiency. (C) 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Investigation of Concrete Base-Roadbed Surface Contact Variation-Induced Vibration Characteristics of Vehicle-Slab Track-Subgrade System considering Fluid-Solid Interaction

    Liu, Kai-Wen   Yue, Fei   Su, Qian   Liu, Bao   Zhou, Pengfei  

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  • Measuring the tyre/pavement noise using laboratory tyre rolling-down method

    Chen, De   Han, Sen   Ren, Xiaochun   Ye, Anjun   Wang, Wei   Su, Qian   Wang, Tingting  

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  • Long-term reinforcement strains for column supported embankments with viscous reinforcement by FEM

    Liu, K. -W.   Rowe, R. Kerry   Su, Qian   Liu, Bao   Yang, Zhixiang  

    The time-dependent performance of deep-mixing-method column supported embankments reinforced by viscous reinforcement is investigated for different long-term (at 99% degree of consolidation) reinforcement strains using fully coupled three-dimensional finite element method. The influence of longterm reinforcement strains on long-term net embankment height, maximum crest settlement, maximum differential settlement at the crest and horizontal toe movement of embankments numerically constructed over two soft foundations is explored with the consideration of viscosity of two reinforcement products. Based on a series of numerical simulations, an approach to controlling the deformations of column supported embankments to modest levels while maximizing their long-term service heights is proposed. Also, a correlation between long-term reinforcement strain and end-of consolidation reinforcement strain is suggested for the studied cases. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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