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  • An Off-line Handwritten Numeral Recognition Method

    Yuye Zhang;Xingxiang Guo;Yuxin Li;Shujuan Wang;Qingdao Branch, Navy Aeronautical and Astronautical University;Department of Foreign Languages, Shandong Normal University;  

    Off-line handwritten numeral recognition is a pattern recognition problem of the images of ten numbers. To improve the recognition efficiency,the number's image's character dimension should be decreased. In order to improve the recognition veracity, the character mode instability resulting from different writing styles and habits should be considered. The article proposed a numbers recognition method which combined with the statistical characteristics and structural features of numbers. Firstly, the principal component analysis(PCA) method was adopted to extract the numeral image's statistical characteristics. The numeral recognition will be realized through analysis of the reconstruction error of the model, which reconstructed by the principal components. To further determine the type of numeral, the structural features of width and height rate should be added. Finally, through experiments on the numeral image identification, the reliability and accuracy of this method of digital recognition were verified. The deficiency of this method in real-time recognition was analyzed.
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  • Wang Feiman's Home Economics Education Thought and Practice Research

    Fusen Liu;Shujuan Wang;Research Department Qingdao Institute of Technology;Jiaozhou No.3 Middle School;  

    Wang Feiman's home economics education thought originated from her interest in home economics education, the influence of family education, and her experience in studying home economics abroad. Her home economics education thoughts mainly include: "There is a need to preserve the crafts in the family", "The happiness of a family must be based on the happiness of the society", "To save the crisis of the nation, the most fundamental way is to cultivate sound nationals", "in the period of anti-Japanese war and the founding of China, women should at least have the ability to live independently". And she earnestly practiced what she had advocated. Wang Feiman took the employment as the basis of home economics education thought and pursued female independence. However, the substantive connotation of gender equality needs to be further explored, reflecting the entanglement between tradition and modernity.
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  • Restricted Kac modules for special contact Lie superalgebras of odd type

    Shujuan WANG   Jixia YUAN   Wende LIU  

    We consider the simple restricted modules for special contact Lie superalgebras of odd type over an algebraically closed field of characteristic p>3.We give a sufficient and necessary condition in terms of typical or atypical weights for restricted Kac modules to be simple.In the process,we also determine the socle for each restricted Kac module and the length for each simple restricted module.
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  • Highly selective detection of

    Le Li   Zhaochangchi Chen   Shujuan Wang   Xin Jin   Lixia Yang   Guangyao Liu   Jinfeng Zhao  

    Development of effective pathogen detection systems is critical for human health. In this study, a micro-gapped interdigitated electrode array-based immunosensor chip is constructed for the detection of a typical pathogen, Escherichia coli (E. coli) O157:H7. The immunosesnor chip was prepared via photolithography and characterized by a digital camera, optical microscope and scanning electron microscope. The E. coli O157:H7 detection mechanism is based on an enzyme-linked, sandwiched immunoassay with enzymatic silver deposition. Our results revealed that the proposed immunosensor chip showed selective electrical response towards E. coli O157:H7 over other bacteria including Hemolytic streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Chronobacter sakazakii and Bacillus cereus. Our assay exhibited potential practical applications for E. coli O157:H7 determination in water and our methodology might be applied to detect different pathogens by simply selecting specific antibodies.
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  • The research on isoplanatic area of double conjugate adaptive optics

    Xiaochun Zhong   Zhiliang Huang   Tianlong Tang   Shujuan Wang  

    Abstract In this paper, based on the research of isoplanatic angle, we introduce the diameter of isoplanatic region. We further make analysis of the advantage of double conjugate Adaptive Optics (DCAO) compared to conventional adaptive optics in the aspect of isoplanatic area. Compared to isoplanatic angle and the isoplanatic angle gain, the diameter gain of isoplanatic region is more accurate to reveal the advantage of DCAO comparing with traditional AO in the aspect of isoplanatic area. Moreover, we found that the diameter gain of isoplanatic region is relative with the intensity and vertical distribution of the atmospheric turbulence by simulating the diameter gain of isoplanatic region. We can not obtain the conclusion by simulating the isoplanatic angle gain.
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  • Deformable mirrors for multi-conjugate solar adaptive optics

    Xiaochun Zhong   Yiqun Wu   Shujuan Wang   Zhiliang Huang  

    Abstract In this paper we study the MCAO system, especially focusing on deformable mirrors. We demonstrate a new design about deformable mirrors of MCAO to improve the wavefront correction. The structure and the advantage of this design will be discussed. Then this design will be proved to be good for the correction effect by comparing the performance of it.
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  • A subgrade cracking monitoring sensor based on optical fiber sensing technique

    Wanqiu Liu   Hongmei Zhou   Boshi Wang   Yanqing Zhao   Zhen Leng   Xijie Chen   Linhua Li   Shujuan Wang   Zhiguo Chen  

    The presence of cracks is ubiquitous and a major concern for subgrade. Effective detection and quantification of cracks in soil specimens or structures are the prerequisites for understanding the generation of cracks and their impacts. This paper introduces a cracking monitoring sensor for subgrade structure based on the Brillouin optical time domain analysis/reflectometry technique. The proposed sensor has been applied for the subgrade cracking monitoring of a test section of He‐da highway in China. The total covering length of the installed sensors is more than 200 m. Sensor data have been collected four times within a freezing and thawing cycle between November 2015 and May 2016. The test results prove that the proposed sensor has high survival rate after installation and high accuracy in cracking detection and quantification. The field application demonstrates the feasibility of the proposed sensor in systematic performance monitoring of pavement structure.
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  • Clinical features of bilateral temporal bone xanthoma with LDLR gene mutation

    Yu Han   Wei Gao   Pengfei Liang   Shujuan Wang   Yang Chen   Jianhua Qiu  

    Abstract Here we presented a rare case of bilateral temporal bone xanthoma associated with type II hyperlipidemia. The lesion caused osteolytic destruction in mastoid air cells, auditory ossicles and bony labyrinth. The patient was operated on the symptomatic side and the lesion was totally removed. The type of LDLR gene mutation had been clarified for the members of the patient's family. This case was the first one regarding bilateral temporal bone leading to retroauricular swelling. The patient need life-long follow-up by either CT or MR imaging.
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  • Metagenome analysis of antibiotic resistance genes in fecal microbiota of chickens

    Panpan Tong   Xue Ji   Lizhi Chen   Jun Liu   Lizhi Xu   Lingwei Zhu   Wei Zhou   Guo Liu   Shujuan Wang   Xuejun Guo   Shuzhang Feng   Yang Sun  

    Abstract Numerous environmental reservoirs contribute to the problem of acquired antibiotic resistance of human pathogens. One environmental reservoir of particular importance is the intestinal bacteria of poultry. Antibiotics are often used to prevent sickness and improve production in chicken farms. Hence, the intestinal microbial community of chickens as a reservoir for antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) has received increasing attention. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence, diversity, and abundance of ARGs and mobile genetic elements (MGEs), and the distribution of plasmids in layer and broiler feces using Illumina high-throughput sequencing. Metagenomic analysis showed that Proteobacteria , Firmicutes , Bacteroidetes , and Actinobacteria were predominate in chicken feces. At the genus level, Escherichia coli may be predominant in chicken feces with a relative abundance of plasmids. Sequencing reads revealed differences in the distribution of plasmids in microbial communities between layer and broiler feces. Genes coding for antibiotic resistance were identified in both communities. BLAST analysis against the Antibiotic Resistance Genes Database (ARDB) further revealed that layer and broiler feces contained various ARGs with high abundances, among which vancomycin ( van ) was the most abundant, accounting for > 36% of all reads of ARGs. Beta-lactam resistance genes ( bl ) were highly enriched in the broiler feces, among which bl2e_cbla was the most abundant, but was absent in layer feces. Over 20 types of insertion sequences were detected in each fecal sample. These results highlight the prevalence of ARGs, plasmids, and MGEs in chicken feces, which warrants further studies to better elucidate the risk to public health.
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  • Alumina support for silver catalyst, preparation and use thereof

    The present invention relates to an alumina support for silver catalyst, a process for preparing said alumina support, a silver catalyst made from said alumina support, and a use of said silver catalyst in the production of ethylene oxide by the oxidization of ethylene. According to the present invention, the silver catalyst made from the support prepared by potassium melt technology can have a high selectivity.
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  • Method, device and system for transmitting packet service data

    A method, device and system for transmitting packet service data are provided. The method includes the steps of: receiving the packet service data transmitted by a user equipment; determining the packet service data to be uninstalled in the packet service data according to the service uninstall strategy of the user equipment; and transmitting the packet service data to be uninstalled to the packet data network via a metropolitan-area network and an internet protocol (IP) backbone network. By applying this method, the problem in the prior art is overcome, thereby saving the operation and maintenance cost of the packet network.
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  • A complete estimate on the localization for a porous medium type equation

    Zhilei Liang   Shujuan Wang  

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  • The use of TiO2 nanoparticles to enhance CO2 absorption

    Yu Zhang   Bo Zhao   Jiazong Jiang   Yuqun Zhuo   Shujuan Wang  

    Highlights • The enhancement of absorption of CO 2 by propylene carbonate in the presence of TiO 2 nanoparticles was investigated. • The experimental results show that the gas absorption rate can be enhanced significantly in the presence of TiO 2 nanoparticles. • The CO 2 absorption enhancement factor firstly increases and then decreases with the increases of solids loadings, which proves the existence of optimal solids loading. • The particle size is also a main factor, which affects CO 2 absorption enhancement factor. • A three-dimensional instantaneous numerous-particle di-mechanism model based on the shuttle mechanism as well as a micro-convection mechanism was developed. • The results calculated by the model are close to the experimental results, which showed the model can predict experimental data very well. Abstract The enhancement of absorption of CO 2 by propylene carbonate in the presence of TiO 2 nanoparticles was investigated. The influences of solids loading and particle size of TiO 2 nanoparticles on the absorption rate were studied experimentally. The results show that the gas absorption rate can be enhanced significantly in the presence of TiO 2 nanoparticles. The CO 2 absorption enhancement factor firstly increases and then decreases with the increases of solids loadings, which proves the existence of optimal solids loading. The particle size is also a main factor, which affects CO 2 absorption enhancement factor. As the particle size increases, the optimal solids loading gradually increases. A three-dimensional instantaneous numerous-particle di-mechanism model based on the shuttle mechanism as well as a micro-convection mechanism was developed. The results calculated by the model are close to the experimental results, which showed the model can predict experimental data very well.
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  • Research on expansion and classification of imbalanced data based on SMOTE algorithm

    Shujuan Wang   Yuntao Dai   Jihong Shen   Jingxue Xuan  

    With the development of artificial intelligence, big data classification technology provides the advantageous help for the medicine auxiliary diagnosis research. While due to the different conditions in the different sample collection, the medical big data is often imbalanced. The class-imbalance problem has been reported as a serious obstacle to the classification performance of many standard learning algorithms. SMOTE algorithm could be used to generate sample points randomly to improve imbalance rate, but its application is affected by the marginalization generation and blindness of parameter selection. Focusing on this problem, an improved SMOTE algorithm based on Normal distribution is proposed in this paper, so that the new sample points are distributed closer to the center of the minority sample with a higher probability to avoid the marginalization of the expanded data. Experiments show that the classification effect is better when use proposed algorithm to expand the imbalanced dataset of Pima, WDBC, WPBC, Ionosphere and Breast-cancer-wisconsin than the original SMOTE algorithm. In addition, the parameter selection of the proposed algorithm is analyzed and it is found that the classification effect is the best when the distribution characteristics of the original data was maintained best by selecting appropriate parameters in our designed experiments.
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  • 3-D modeling and analysis of meander-line-coil surface wave EMATs

    Shujuan Wang   Lei Kang   Zhichao Li   Guofu Zhai   Long Zhang  

    Surface wave electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) are becoming preferred sensors of automatic inspection systems for the detection of surface-layer defects in hostile environments. Aiming at establishing a 3-D model for meander-line-coil surface wave EMATs operating on the Lorentz principle, a novel modeling method is proposed by combining numerical calculations and analytical solutions with special attention to the influence of the dynamic magnetic field. Simulation and analysis find that the frequency of the surface waves due to the dynamic magnetic field is twice that due to the static magnetic field; the excitation of surface waves with two frequencies can effectively improve the sensitivity of EMATs to flaws; and the force due to the dynamic magnetic field generates surface waves more efficiently than that due to the static one when the excitation current exceeds 528.9A. The accuracy of the established model is verified by experiment. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Deformation behavior of TiNiFe alloy in isothermal compression

    Shujuan Wang   Xujun Mi   Xiangqian Yin   Yanfeng Li  

    The hot deformation behavior of TiNiFe shape memory alloy was studied by isothermal compression tests. It was performed on a Gleeble-3500 thermal simulation machine at deformation temperature of 750 to 1050 degC and strain rate of 0.01 to 10.00 s -1 with maximum strain of 0.8. Deformation mechanism was investigated by the aid of true stress-true strain curves, kinetic analysis and processing map. The constitutive relationship was established in the form of Arrhenius-type hyperbolic-sine equation, and the apparent activation energy was calculated to be approximately 200 kJ.mol -1. The processing maps of TiNiFe alloy were appreciably influenced by true strain.
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