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  • A note on N. Bary’s one conjecture

    Tetunashvili   Shakro  

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  • A note on composition (m, n)-hyperrings

    Norouzi, Morteza   Cristea, Irina  

    Based on the concepts of composition ring and composition hyper-ring, in this note we introduce the notion of composition structure for (m, n)-hyperrings and study the connections with composition hyperrings. Moreover we show that particular strong endomorphisms of (m, n)-hyperrings can determine the composition structure of a such (m, n)-hyperrings. Finally, the three isomorphism theorems are presented in the case of composition (m, n)-hyperrings, showing that they are not a pure extension of those for composition hyperrings.
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  • A Z '=6 crystal structure of (E)-N,N '-dicyclohexylacetamidine

    Krasnopolski, Michael   Seidel, Ruediger W.   Goddard, Richard   Breidung, Juergen   Winter, Manuela V.   Devi, Anjana   Fischer, Roland A.  

    The crystal and molecular structure of (E)-N,N'-dicyclohexylacetamidine (1) is described. Crystalline material of 1 was obtained by sublimation. Single-crystal X-ray analysis revealed a centrosymmetric triclinic structure (space group P (1) over tilde) with six molecules in the asymmetric unit (Z' = 6). The six crystallographically distinct molecules all exhibit an E-syn structure, but differ in the orientation of the cyclohexyl groups about the central acetamidine moiety. In the crystal, the molecules form polymeric helices via N-H center dot center dot center dot N hydrogen bonds. The crystal structure comprises two crystallographically distinct helices of opposite handedness (P and M form). The characterisation of 1 in the solid-state is augmented by powder X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis. Density functional theory (DFT) structure optimisation and frequency calculation were performed at the B3LYP/cc-pVTZ level. The DFT results for the isolated molecule are compared with the experimental results for the solid-state. (C) 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Si–N Heterodehydrocoupling with a Lanthanide Compound

    Cibuzar Michael P.   Waterman Rory  

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  • A method to find N $$ \\mathcal{N} $$ = 1 AdS4 vacua in type IIB

    Solard   Gautier  

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  • A Convergent 1/N Expansion for GUE

    Kopelevitch, Offer  

    We show that the asymptotic 1/N expansion for the averages of linear statistics of the GUE is convergent when the test function is an entire function of order two and finite type. This allows to fully recover the mean eigenvalue density function for finite N from the coefficients of the expansion thus providing a resummation procedure. As an intermediate result, we compute the bilateral Laplace transform of the GUE reproducing kernel in the half-sum variable, generalizing a formula of Haagerup and ThorbjOrnsen.
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  • Dynamic modeling and tracking control of a car with n $n$ trailers

    Keymasi Khalaji, Ali; Moosavian, S. Ali A.  

    Tractor-trailer systems as multibody modular robotic systems have been widely used to increase load transportation capacity. Control of these systems started from motion aid facilities in human-driven vehicles to fully autonomous mobile robots in recent years. The mobility of these systems is restricted due to the presence of nonholonomic constraints of wheels and also to the system severe underactuated nature. Several control problems are under research for autonomous navigation of such systems. Trajectory tracking is one of the main problems in the context of autonomous nonholonomic systems. In this paper, dynamic modeling and control of a car with n trailers have been developed. First, a dynamic model of the system is obtained. Next, an output feedback kinematic controller and a feedback linearization kinetic controller have been used for tracking control of the system. Finally, experimental results are presented to show the merits of the proposed method.
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  • A modular compactification of ?1,n from A ∞-structures

    Lekili, Yank?   Polishchuk, Alexander  

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  • Per Åke Zillén

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  • A Journey of the Vocal Iso(n)

    Moody, Ivan  

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  • Flavored N $$ \\mathcal{N} $$ = 4 SYM — a highly entangled quantum liquid

    Chang, Han-Chih   Karch, Andreas   Uhlemann, Christoph F.  

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  • The Qurʾān (A Form-Critical History) || Acknowledgment

    Samji, Karim  

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  • ON CONGRUENCES OF THE FORM σ(n) ≡ a (mod n)


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  • [N[N]] compounds in Russian: A growing family of constructions

    Kapatsinski, Vsevolod; Vakareliyska, Cynthia  

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  • [N[N]] compounds in Russian: A growing family of constructions

    Kapatsinski, Vsevolod   Vakareliyska, Cynthia  

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  • A N,O hope

    Bissette Andrew  

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