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  • From N to N: The anatomy of a construction

    Zwarts, Joost  

    This paper develops a detailed and unified analysis of semantics of the from-N-to-N construction, based on a small number of ingredients, none of which are specific to this construction itself, but which are idiomatically packaged in this construction. Letting the construction uniformly apply to the product of the two nouns not only captures their strong relation, but it also obviates a role for a 'reduplicative' mechanism of some sort in this particular construction.
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  • A non-trivial copy of $\\beta \\mathbb N\\setminus \\mathbb N$

    Dow   Alan  

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  • A study on the aromaticity of [n]phenacenes and [n]helicenes (n=3–9)

    Kalam, Horigul   Kerim, Ablikim   Najmidin, Kalbinur   Abdurishit, Paruza   Tawar, Tursungul  

    We studied the global and local aromaticity of [n]phenacenes and [n]helicenes for n = 3-9 using the topological resonance energy and the magnetic resonance energy methods. The local aromaticity of the individual rings was studied using the bond resonance energy, the circuit resonance energy, and the ring current methods. Our results were compared with the results obtained by others who used the para-delocalization index, the harmonic oscillator model of aromaticity, and the nucleus-independent chemical shift indices. We found that sextet rings in the Clar structure are the main source of aromatic stabilization. Crown Copyright (C) 2014 Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Levent, N., & Pascual-Leone, A. (Eds.). (2014).

    van Hoorn, Marjelle  

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  • A Tribute to William N. Gill

    Plawsky, Joel L.   Subramanian, R. Shankar  

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  • On a simple model of X-0 (N)

    Kodrnja, Iva  

    We find plane models for all , . We observe a map from the modular curve to the projective plane constructed using modular forms of weight 12 for the group ; the Ramanujan function , and the third power of Eisestein series of weight 4, , and prove that this map is birational equivalence for every . The equation of the model is the minimal polynomial of over C(j).
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  • A converse theorem for GL(n)

    Booker, Andrew R.   Krishnamurthy, M.  

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  • [Cu4I73-](n): A novel 1-D iodocuprate aggregate

    Artem'ev, Alexander, V   Bagryanskaya, Irina Yu  

    A new cationic ligand, 1-methyl-3-(methylthio)pyrazin-1-ium iodide (MMTPI), has been designed and synthesized by regioselective alkylation of 2-methylthiopyrazine with Mel. Reaction of this ligand with CuI in a 3:4 molar ratio under mild conditions (MeCN, r.t.) produces new iodocuprate, [Cu4I7(MMTP)(3)](n), containing one-dimensional inorganic chains [Cu4I73-](n). The latter are constructed from the basket-shaped {[Cu-3(mu(3)-I)](I)(3)(mu(2)-I)(3)} building blocks, which are linked by tetrahedral Cu atoms through bridging iodine atoms. The UV-Vis diffuse reflectance measurements reveal that the title iodocuprate possesses semiconductor behaviour with the band gap of 1.80 eV. The thermal stability and electronic structure of the iodocuprate are also discussed. (C) 2018 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • A note on N. Bary's one conjecture

    Tetunashvili, Shakro  

    A trigonometric sine series with special properties is constructed. One of the properties of this series shows that Bary's conjecture on subsequences of partial sums of a sine series is not valid.
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  • Uplifting GPPZ: a ten-dimensional dual of N=1∗$$ \mathcal{N}={1}^{\ast } $$

    Bobev, Nikolay   Gautason, Friðrik Freyr   Niehoff, Benjamin E.   van Muiden, Jesse  

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  • A Tribute to William N. Gill

    Plawsky, Joel L.; Subramanian, R. Shankar  

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  • A combination theorem for PD(n)-pairs

    Gitik, Rita  

    We prove a combination theorem for PD(n)-pairs. (C) 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • 3d N=3D4 super-Yang-Mills on a lattice

    Giedt, Joel   Lipstein, Arthur E.  

    In this paper we explore a new approach to studying three-dimensional N =3D 4 super-Yang-Mills on a lattice. Our strategy is to complexify the Donaldson-Witten twist of four-dimensional N =3D 2 super-Yang-Mills to make it amenable to a lattice formulation and we find that lattice gauge invariance forces the model to live in at most three dimensions. We analyze the renormalization of the lattice theory and show that uncomplexified three-dimensional N =3D 4 super-Yang-Mills can be reached in the continuum limit by supplementing the lattice action with appropriate mass terms.
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  • Almost Partitioning a 3-Edge-Colored $K_{n,n}$ into Five Monochromatic Cycles

    Lang, Richard   Schaudt, Oliver   Stein, Maya  

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  • A Stable N‐Hetero‐Rh‐Metallacyclic Silylene

    Kato, Tsuyoshi; Takahashi, Shintaro; Bellan, Ekaterina; Baceiredo, Antoine; Saffon-Merceron, Nathalie; Massou, Stéphane; Nakata, Norio; Hashizume, Daisuke; Branchadell, Vicenç  

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