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  • The Buddhist Pavāranā CeremonyAccording to the Pāli Vinaya

    Tieken   Herman  

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  • System and method for providing high availability for distributed application

    A system and method is provided for ensuring high availability for a distributed application. A management object manages multiple scenarios defined for protection units associated with a distributed application. The management object may coordinate various operations performed at the protection units based on management object configuration information.
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  • Methods and systems for reducing transient kickback from an analog-to-digital converter

    Embodiments described herein provide circuitry for reducing input distortion at a buffer due to large signal swings. The circuitry includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a first buffer, a low pass filter, and a second buffer. The ADC is configured to convert an analog input to a digital output. The first buffer is coupled to an input node of the ADC and the low pass filter is coupled to an output of a driving circuit and an input to the first buffer. The second buffer placed in proximity to the first buffer. An input of the second buffer is connected to an output of the driving circuit and an output of the second buffer is connected to a feedback component of the driving circuit.
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  • Low-voltage circuit breaker with a capability of tripping quickly

    This invention discloses a low-voltage circuit breaker with a capability of tripping quickly. Its main feature is that at least one of the side faces of the contact device provides an open flange which has an internal through hole, and the bottom of a rotating shaft disposed on the bottom part provides a stressed member. The stressed member receives the over-pressure airflow escaping from the open flange of the contact device to generate a force. The force is passed to the activating member by the rotating shaft and is magnified, then hits the latch quickly and makes a trip. An intermediate step is bypassed due to the force produced earlier, the force which is produced by the electromagnetism part in the heat energy and electromagnetic system, so that the low-voltage breaker can open quickly and reduces opening time greatly and improve the breaking capability.
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  • Experimental Study on Superconducting Helical Channel MHD Thruster

    Lingzhi Zhao   Yan Peng   Jian Li   Ciwen Sha   Yuyu Xu   Ran Li   Baolin Liu   Chinese Academy of Sciences   Beijing   China  

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  • Dual stage sensing for non-volatile memory

    A method and apparatus for accessing a non-volatile memory cell. In some embodiments, a memory block provides a plurality of memory cells arranged into rows and columns. A read circuit is configured to read a selected row of the memory block by concurrently applying a control voltage to each memory cell along the selected row and, for each column, using a respective local sense amplifier and a column sense amplifier to successively differentiate a voltage across the associated memory cell in said column to output a programmed content of the row.
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  • Case structure and fan frame fixing module

    A case structure includes a first housing and a fan frame fixing module. The fan frame fixing module includes a fan frame, a positioning part and an auxiliary part. The positioning part is disposed on the first housing. The auxiliary part is disposed on the first housing. The fan frame urges against the first housing and the positioning part, and the auxiliary part urges against the fan frame so that the fan frame is fixed on the first housing.
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  • Hybridoma cell line 10G4 and a monoclonal antibody against the total of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2

    Hybridoma cell line 10G4 and monoclonal antibody against total aflatoxins produced by the hybridoma cell line 10G4. The hybridoma cell line 10G4 is used to produce the monoclonal antibody that binds specifically total aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2. The titer of the mouse ascites antibody produced by the 10G4 treated mouse is determined through non-competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and the titer can reach up to 5.12×105. The monoclonal antibody against total aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 are used for better identification of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 with good consistency. The 50% inhibitory concentrations (IC50) of the antibody against aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 are 2.09 ng/mL, 2.23 ng/mL, 2.19 ng/mL and 3.21 ng/mL respectively. The range of cross reaction rate for aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 is about 65.2%-100%. The antibody is used for quantitative measurement of total aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2.
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  • Backflow prevention device and fan assembly

    A backflow prevention device includes at least one backflow prevention unit. The backflow prevention unit includes a frame, a first edge shutter plate, a second edge shutter plate and plural intermediate shutter plates. The frame includes an airflow channel. If the first inner sidewall is disposed over the second inner sidewall, the first edge shutter plate and the plural intermediate shutter plates are configured to open or close the airflow channel, and the slab of the second edge shutter plate is inactive. Whereas, if the second inner sidewall is disposed over the first inner sidewall, the second edge shutter plate and the plural intermediate shutter plates are configured to open or close the airflow channel, and the slab of the first edge shutter plate is inactive.
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  • Swappable electronic device having locking element

    An electronic device swappable to be embedded into a system cabinet includes a casing and a locking element. The casing includes a first sidewall and a second sidewall, which have a first opening and a second opening, respectively. The locking element includes a first end part, a protrusion part, a bent part and a second end part. The first end part is fixed on an inner surface of the second sidewall of the casing. The protrusion part is partially exposed from the second opening to be engaged with a receiving structure of the system cabinet. The bent part is arranged between the first end part and the protrusion part. The second end part is exposed from the first opening so as to be protruded from the first sidewall of the casing.
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  • Electronic device having power connection interface

    An electronic device includes a circuit board and a power connection interface. The power connection interface is formed on an edge region of the circuit board. The power connection interface includes a first trace portion for transmitting a DC voltage and second and third trace portions for transmitting an AC voltage. Plural trace wires of the first trace portion are arranged on first and second surfaces of the edge region. The second and third trace portions are arranged on opposite surfaces of the edge region.
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  • Mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Fe–Al–B ternary alloys

    Ran Li   Shujie Pang   Mihai Stoica   Jin Man Park   Uta Kühn   Tao Zhang   Jürgen Eckert  

    In this work, the influence of Al and B concentration on the constituent phases and the mechanical properties of Fe 100-x-yAl xB y (0 < times les 35, 0 < y les 25, and x + y les 50) ternary alloys produced by copper mould casting was investigated. In this composition range, the rapidly solidified alloys contain two crystalline phases: alpha-Fe(Al) solid solution and Fe 2B compound. Contour maps of compressive strength (sigma c) and fracture strain (epsivf) are plotted according to the quasi-static compression test results of the as-cast Fe-Al-B rods. These rapidly solidified Fe-Al-B crystalline alloys, such as Fe 55Al 30B 15 as a typical sample, can show an ultra-high sigma c up to ~3GPa and a certain plasticity (~5%). The formation of ultrafine eutectics and solid-solution strengthening of Al substitutional solution in alpha-Fe are considered to be responsible for the considerable improvement of strength. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Entropy of Kaluza–Klein black hole from Kerr/CFT correspondence

    Ran Li   Ming-Fan Li   Ji-Rong Ren  

    We extend the recently proposed Kerr/CFT correspondence to examine the dual conformal field theory of four-dimensional Kaluza–Klein black hole in Einstein–Maxwell–Dilaton theory. For the extremal Kaluza–Klein black hole, the central charge and temperature of the dual conformal field are calculated following the approach of Guica, Hartman, Song and Strominger. Meanwhile, we show that the microscopic entropy given by the Cardy formula agrees with Bekenstein–Hawking entropy of extremal Kaluza–Klein black hole. For the non-extremal case, by studying the near-region wave equation of a neutral massless scalar field, we investigate the hidden conformal symmetry of Kaluza–Klein black hole, and find the left and right temperatures of the dual conformal field theory. Furthermore, we find that the entropy of non-extremal Kaluza–Klein black hole is reproduced by Cardy formula.
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  • An Improved Adaptive Sliding Mode Observer for Sensorless Control of PMSM

    Ran Li   Guangzhou Zhao  

    In this paper, an improved adaptive sliding mode observer is presented for achieving sensorless vector control of permanent magnet synchronous machine. Compared to conventional sliding mode observer, the proposed observer based on sliding mode observer and model reference adaptive system can effectively improve the precision of the rotor position estimation. The simulation and experiment results show that the improved adaptive sliding mode observer is feasible and effective.
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  • Entropy of Kaluza–Klein black hole from Kerr/CFT correspondence

    Ran Li   Ming-Fan Li   Ji-Rong Ren  

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  • A structural investigation of the Chinese economy with a hybrid monetary policy rule

    Ran Li   Jiao Wang  

    In this paper, we aim to understand how monetary policy is conducted in China and what the main sources of fluctuations in China's business cycle are. To this end, we extend a standard New Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model with financial frictions and investment-specific technology shocks. We incorporate a hybrid form of monetary policy rule and employ a Bayesian estimation strategy using Chinese data. We find that the People's Bank of China conducts monetary policy by adjusting the policy rate in response to inflation, output growth as well as real money growth. We also find that neutral technology shocks are the main drivers of the fluctuations in output and consumption while the investment-specific technology shock is the primary source of the variation in investment. This paper offers a new way of examining the rule of China's monetary policy and indicates a structural break of the neutral technology development that may have caused the slowing down of GDP growth since 2010.
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