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  • Knowledge management: a roadmap for innovation in SMEs’ sector of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

    Hussain, Iftikhar   Qurashi, Amber   Mujtaba, Ghulam   Waseem, Muhammad Arfaq   Iqbal, Zafar  

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  • The Impact of Knowledge Sharing Enablers on Employees' Performance:An Empirical Study on READ Foundation in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

    Hussain, Iftikhar   Khan, Anum   Qurashi, Amber   Qurat-ul-Ain   Shabbir, Asma  

    To investigate the critical role that knowledge sharing enablers play in putting into practice knowledge management within schools' and impacting schools' performance. The field of knowledge management aims at enhancing performance through knowledge sharing enablers. However, not all knowledge sharing enablers have same effects. This study attempted at categorizing enablers among knowledge management users/teachers and examine whether performance changes due to these enablers. Existing literature was reviewed to shape the study design. Present research is quantitative in nature and was conducted through personal interviews to explore the proposed relationships. An instrument was adopted which was tested for validity and reliability. The research instrument was administered to respondents and 110 responses were acquired. Convenience sampling is used to select the respondents. Descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis were used to analyse data. The current research found that among the knowledge sharing enablers' cultural characteristics, rewards and incentives, management support, and organisation structure have significant positive relationship with schools' performance and these results supported the previous studies. The findings also indicate that growth in job and task achievement is also positively related with schools' performance. The result also revealed that knowledge sharing enablers (cultural characteristics, rewards and incentives, management support, organisation structure) are becoming important to increase teachers' motivation. The findings also reflect that among the knowledge sharing enabler's; organisation structure has more influence on employees' performance. The present research results not only con firmed theory with practice; but also presented a reference for the knowledge practitioners as well as the teachers and business professionals. The present study has revealed that setting up knowledge sharing enablers are important for implementing knowledge management and is an important mean for improving organisational performance. Knowledge sharing does not only help in managing knowledge, but instead it plays the role of enhancing organisational performance by taking on the duty of assisting and coordinating different departments in their sharing of information and knowledge.
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