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  • A Quantitative Analysis of the Distribution of CRH Neurons in Whole Mouse Brain

    Peng Jie   Long Ben   Yuan Jing   Peng Xue   Ni Hong   Li Xiangning   Gong Hui   Luo Qingming   Li Anan  

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  • Drag force of interacting coaxial spheres in viscoplastic fluids

    Peng Jie   Ke-Qin Zhu  

    Hydrodynamics of particle clusters suspended in viscous fluids is a subject of considerable theoretical and practical importance. Using finite volume method, drag forces of interacting coaxial sphere chain suspended in Herschel-Bulkley fluid flow are investigated numerically. The contribution of this paper is to determine the drag force of interacting spheres. The effects of yield stress and separation distance on drag forces are explored systematically. The present results suggest that the creeping flow assumption is still valid for finite Reynolds number Re while the yield stress is large enough ( Od/ Re >10.0). For two spheres creeping flow, the interaction distance between each sphere is reduced with the increasing of the yield stress. For multi-spheres, the shielding and ending effects of the head and end spheres are significantly weakened due to the action of yield stress. [All rights reserved Elsevier]
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  • Instability of Taylor–Couette Flow of Electrorheological Fluid

    Peng Jie   Zhu Ke Qin  

    A linearized instability analysis of Taylor–Couette flow between tworotating concentric cylinders of an electrorheological (ER) fluid iscarried out. The ER fluid exhibits a yield stress in addition to theplastic viscosity when an extra electric-field is applied. It can befound that the yield stress plays a dual role in the flow instability.The possibility of the yield surface falling between the cylinders isanalysed. Although small waves appeared on the yielded surface isconsidered, the yielded surface, which has been treated as a freesurface, has little effect on the flow instability. The effects ofaxisymmetric perturbation on the flow instability are presented due tothe axisymmetric of the basic flow. The parameter β in theyield stress formula of the ER fluid is shown to have distinct effectson the flow instability characteristics.
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  • Estimating soil salinity from remote sensing and terrain data in southern Xinjiang Province, China

    Peng Jie   Biswas Asim   Jiang Qingsong   Zhao Ruiying   Hu Jie   Hu Bifeng   Shi Zhou  

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  • Incontinentia pigmenti-associated ocular anomalies of paediatric incontinentia pigmenti patients in China

    Peng Jie   Zhang Qi   Long Xinchun   Zhang Jia   Huang Qiujing   Li Yian   She Kaiqin   Zhao Peiquan  

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  • Analytical solution for vacuum preloading considering the nonlinear distribution of horizontal permeability within the smear zone

    Peng Jie   He Xiang   Ye Hanming   Dias Jo?o Miguel  

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  • Effects of Cordycepin on the Microglia-Overactivation-Induced Impairments of Growth and Development of Hippocampal Cultured Neurons

    Peng Jie   Wang Ping   Ge Hongshan   Qu Xianqin   Jin Xingliang   Block Michelle L.  

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  • A radiomics nomogram for preoperative prediction of microvascular invasion risk in hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma

    Peng Jie   Zhang Jing   Zhang Qifan   Xu Yikai   Zhou Jie   Liu Li  

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  • Regional inequalities in comprehensive development in China from 1992 to 2013: Comparative estimation based on statistical and DMSP/OLS data

    Peng Jie   Peng Li   Chen Tiantian   Xia Haoming  

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  • Effect of dexamethasone and aquaporin-1 antisense oligonucleotides on the aquaporin-1 expression in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells

    Peng Jie   Zhang Hong   Li Tao   Li Zhongguo   Wu Yunxia  

    The changes in the expression of aquaporin-1 (AQP1) mRNA and protein in cultured human trabecular meshwork (HTM) cells treated with dexamethasone and transfected with antisense oligonucleotides (AS-ODN) were studied, and the implication of AQP1 regulation in corticosteroid-glaucoma and the possibility of AS-ODN inhibiting the AQP1 expression were evaluated. The cultured HTM cells in vitro were treated with different concentrations of dexamethasone and transfected with oligonucleotides for 5 days respectively. Then, total RNA and protein of HTM cells were extracted. The changes of AQP1 mRNA and protein were demonstrated qualitatively and quantitatively by RT-PCR and Western blot. Band intensities were detected by imaging analysis. There was a parallel relationship between the results of RT-PCR and those of Western blot. The expression levels of AQP1 mRNA and protein in dexamethasone-treated groups were increased initially and decreased later as dexamethasone concentration was stepped up. In the 0. 04 microg/mL and 0.4 microg/mL groups, the levels of AQP1 were higher than in control group (0 microg/mL). In the 4 microg/ mL and 40 microg/mL groups, the AQP1 expression levels were lower than in control group. AS-ODN could down-regulate the expression of AQP1 mRNA and protein in a dose-dependent manner. At 5 microg/mL, down-regulation efficiency reached the maximum. There was no statistically significant difference in the expression of AQP1 mRNA and protein between all sense oligonucleotides groups and control group. It was suggested that dexamethasone may induce the changes of the AQP1 expression in HTM cells to be involved in the occurrence of corticosteroid-glaucoma. AS-ODN can down-regulate the AQP1 expression in HTM cells to some extent.
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  • China Since the Cultural Revolution: From Totalitarianism to Authoritarianism. By Jie Chen and Peng Deng [Westport, CN:Praeger, 1995. 134 pp. £44.95. 0–275–94647–9.]

    Tsang   Steve  

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  • Water-Soluble Polymer Assists\r N\r -Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid Receptor 2B siRNA Delivery to Relieve Chronic Inflammatory Pain In Vitro and In Vivo

    Peng Jie   Ma Jiahui   Yang Xue   He Huan   Wu Haopeng   Ma Tongtong   Lu Jianhua  

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  • The features of cloud overlapping in Eastern Asia and their effect on cloud radiative forcing

    Zhang Hua   Peng Jie   Jing XianWen   Li JiangNan  

    Characteristics of cloud overlap over Eastern Asia are analyzed using a three-year dataset (2007-2009) from the cloud observing satellite CloudSat. Decorrelation depth L* (cf) is retrieved, which represents cloud overlap characteristics in the simulation of cloud-radiation processes in global climate models. Results show that values of L* (cf) in six study regions are generally within the range 0-3 km. By categorizing L* (cf) according to cloud amount in subregions, peak L* (cf) appears near subregions with cloud amount between 0.6 and 0.8. Average L* (cf) is 2.5 km. L* (cf) at higher altitudes is generally larger than at lower latitudes. Seasonal variations of L* (cf) are also clearly demonstrated. The sensitivity of cloud radiative forcing (CRF) to L* (cf) in Community Atmosphere Model 3.0 of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (CAM3/NCAR) is analyzed. The result shows that L* (cf) can have a big impact on simulation of CRF, especially in major monsoon regions and the Mid-Eastern Pacific, where the difference in CRF can reach 40-50 W m(-2). Therefore, accurate parameterization of cloud vertical overlap structure is important to CRF simulation and its feedback to climate.
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  • Thermal expansion properties of Lu2-x FexMo3O12

    Wu Mei-Mei   Peng Jie   Zu Yong   Liu Rong-Deng   Hu Zhong-Bo   Liu Yun-Tao   Chen Dong-Feng  

    The structures and thermal expansion properties of Lu2-xFexMo3O12 have been investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD). XRD patterns at room temperature indicate that compounds Lu2-xFexMo3O12 with x <= 1.3 exhibit an orthorhombic structure with space group Pnca; compounds with x = 1.5 and 1.7 have a monoclinic structure with space group P2(1)/a. Studies on thermal expansion properties show that the linear thermal expansion coefficients of orthorhombic phase vary from negative to positive with increasing Fe content. Attempts to make zero thermal expansion materials indicate that zero thermal expansion can be observed in Lu1.3Fe0.7Mo3O12 in the temperature range of 200-400 degrees C.
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  • Genome association study of human chromosome 13 and susceptibility to coronary artery disease in a Chinese population

    Peng Jie   Chen Xing   Li Tingting   Xie Yi   Zhang Jianning   Jiang Tingting   Liu Tianjiao   Chen Gang   Guo Yuan  

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  • New Localities and Palaeoscolecid Worms from the Cambrian (Stage 4,Series 2) Guanshan Biota in Kunming,Yunnan,South China

    Liu Jianni   Han Jian   Li Jinshu   Wu Yichen   Peng Jie   Qi Nan   Yang Yiyao   Li Juan  

    The Guanshan Biota from the Cambrian Stage 4 Wulongqing Formation is a typical Burgess-shale type Lagerstatte that had witnessed the Cambrian explosion. Here we report two new localities of the Guanshan Biota, which is located at Baimei village, south of Kunming and Xinglong village, Wuding County, Yunnan Province respectively. Both localities produce soft-body fossils and several new taxa, e.g. a new species of palaeoscolecidans (Palaeoscolex xinglongensis sp. nov.) reported herein. The comparative study of the new species with similar form not only indicates that there is a diversification of palaeoscolecid species in Guanshan Biota, but also strengthens the ties between the older Chengjiang Biota and the younger Kaili Biota (and also the coeval Burgess Shale community). Three paleoecological features, including high diversity, little disparity and richness of palaeoscolecid worms, are summarized as a case study to represent the differences between Guanshan and Chengjiang Biota.
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