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  • Structure-dependent photocatalytic activities of MWO4 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)

    Zhichao Shan   Yaoming Wang   Hanming Ding   Fuqiang Huang  

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  • Thermoelectric Property of Ca(Mn1-x,Mx)O3 (M=Ta, Mo, Nb and Zn)

    Horiguchi Ken-ichi   Teduka Yasuo   Sugihara Sunao  

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    HUANG, G. Q.   CHEN, L. F.  

    The electron-phonon (EP) interaction in ternary silicides MGaSi with M = Ca, Sr and Ba are calculated using the full potential, density-functional-based method. A striking feature of the phonon spectra is the existence of very soft "B 1g" mode, which is strong anharmonic and plays an important role in superconductivity of the MGaSi compounds. The superconducting transition temperatures T c in these compounds have been evaluated. It is found that the variation trend in T c can be explained from the strength of the electron-phonon coupling
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  • Synthesis and characterisation of chloro-vanadato-apatites (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)

    Horst P. Beck   Maoiheb Douiheche   Robert Haberkorn   Holger Kohlmann  

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  • The Budget: Plus Ca Change, Plus C' est La M me Chose

    Alan J. Auerbach   William G. Gale   Peter R. Orszag  

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  • Wildschutzz?une aus ca. 1,1 m hohen Baustahlmatten zur Verhinderung von Wildsch?den

    VG Wiesbaden  

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  • Multiferroicity in geometrically frustrated α-MCr_{2}O_{4} systems (M?=?Ca, Sr, Ba)

    Zhao, Li.   Lan, Tian-Wey   Wang, Kuen-Jen   Chien, Chia-Hua   Hung, Tsu-Lien   Luo, Jiu-Yong   Chao, Wei-Hsiang   Chang, Chung-Chieh   Chen, Yang-Yuan   Wu, Maw-Kuen   Martin, Christine  

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  • Multiferroicity in geometrically frustrated α-MCr_{2}O_{4} systems (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)

    Zhao, Li.; Lan, Tian-Wey; Wang, Kuen-Jen; Chien, Chia-Hua; Hung, Tsu-Lien; Luo, Jiu-Yong; Chao, Wei-Hsiang; Chang, Chung-Chieh; Chen, Yang-Yuan; Wu, Maw-Kuen; Martin, Christine  

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  • Photocatalytic activities of M2Sb2O7 (M = Ca, Sr) for degrading methyl orange

    Lin, Xinping   Huang, Fuqiang   Wang, Wendeng   Wang, Yaoming   Xia, Yujuan   Shi, Jianlin  

    M2Sb2O7 (M = Ca, Sr) photocatalysts were synthesized by a solid state reaction method. The results concerning methyl orange (MO) photodecomposition generally show that the catalytic efficiency of Sr2Sb2O7 is much higher than that of Ca2Sb2O7 under UV light irradiation. The more open structure in Sr2Sb2O7 is suggested to be responsible for its higher photocatalytic activity. In the investigation on pH-dependent photocatalysis over Sr2Sb2O7 catalyst, the pseudo-first reaction rate k was found to be increased by about six times as the pH value decreases from 6.88 to 3.91. We believe that the decolorization of MO in neutral or alkaline conditions is primarily through a photocatalytic process, while the MO photosensitization and photolysis mechanisms play more important roles in acidic conditions. (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Ca II H and K chromospheric emission lines in late-K and M dwarfs

    Rauscher, E   Marcy, GW  

    We have measured the profiles of the Ca II H and K chromospheric emission lines in 147 main-sequence stars of spectral type M5 - K7 (masses 0.30 - 0.55 M-.) using multiple high-resolution spectra obtained during 6 years with the HIRES spectrometer on the Keck I telescope. Remarkably, the average FWHM, equivalent widths, and line luminosities of Ca II H and K increase by a factor of 3 with increasing stellar mass over this small range of stellar masses. We fit the Ca II H and K lines with a double-Gaussian model to represent both the chromospheric emission and the non-LTE central absorption. Most of the sample stars display a central absorption that is typically redshifted by similar to 0.1 km s(-1) relative to the emission. This implies that the higher level, lower density chromospheric material has a smaller outward velocity ( or higher inward velocity) by 0.1 km s(-1) than the lower level material in the chromosphere, but the nature of this velocity gradient remains unknown. The FWHM of the Ca II H and K emission lines increase with stellar luminosity, reminiscent of the Wilson-Bappu effect in FGK-type stars. Both the equivalent widths and FWHM exhibit modest temporal variability in individual stars. At a given value of M-V, stars exhibit a spread in both the equivalent width and FWHM of Ca II H and K, due both to a spread in fundamental stellar parameters, including rotation rate, age, and possibly metallicity, and to the spread in stellar mass at a given M-V. The K line is consistently wider than the H line, as expected, and its central absorption is more redshifted, indicating that the H and K lines form at slightly different heights in the chromosphere where the velocities are slightly different. The equivalent width of H alpha correlates with Ca II H and K only for stars having Ca II equivalent widths above similar to 2 angstrom, suggesting the existence of a magnetic threshold above which the lower and upper chromospheres become thermally coupled.
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  • Phonon spectrum attributes for the negative thermal expansion of MZrF6 (M=Ca, Mn-Ni, Zn)

    Wang, Na   Deng, Jinxia   Chen, Jun   Xing, Xianran  

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  • Synthesis and Optical Characterization of M-α-Sialon (M=Ca, Ba, Sr) Doped by Europium

    Michalik, Daniel; Pawlik, Tomasz; Sopicka-Lizer, Małgorzata; Lisiecki, Radosław  

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  • The M-m-mama of Us All: Divas and the Cultural Logic of Late Ca(m)pitalism

    O\"Neill   E. R.  

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  • Synthesis and Optical Characterization of M-α-Sialon (M=Ca, Ba, Sr) Doped by Europium

    Michalik, Daniel   Pawlik, Tomasz   Sopicka-Lizer, Ma?gorzata   Lisiecki, Rados?aw  

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  • Single crystal growth and magnetic properties of La2?xMxCoO4 (M=Ca, Ba)

    Kazumasa Horigane   Toru Uchida   Jun Akimitsu  

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  • Br- anion-conducting properties in La1-xMxOBr1-x solid (M=Ca, Sr)

    Kato, Y   Imanaka, N  

    A new Br- anion-conducting solid electrolyte with a low solubility in water and a high thermal stability at elevated temperatures was developed by selecting lanthanum oxybromide (LaOBr) as a mother solid electrolyte phase. By the partial substitution of La3+ site in LaOBr with divalent Ca2+ or Sr2+, the bromide anion conductivity was greatly enhanced, and the highest Br- ion conductivity of 1.9 x 10(-3) and 1.2 x 10(-4) S . cm(-1) was obtained at 873 K for La0.9Sr0.1OBr0.9 and La0.9Ca0.1OBr0.9 respectively. The Br- anion conduction in La0.9M0.1OBr0.9 (M=Ca, Sr) was directly demonstrated by DC electrolysis. 0 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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