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  • Research progress of acupuncture in the treatment of Parkinson's disease

    Lin-Jing Wang   Jia-Shuai Li   Xue Wang   Ji-Yao Zhang   Lu-Wen Zhu  

    Parkinson's disease(PD)is a common degenerative disease of the central nervous system.The basic and clinical research of acupuncture therapy has witnessed several advances in the treatment of PD.The purpose of this study is to provide some ideas for clinical acupuncture therapy in the treatment of PD.The authors attempt to achieve this objective by systematically organizing the clinical efficacy studies of several acupuncture therapies for PD and elaborating the mechanisms of action in terms of secretion of substantia nigra dopaminergic neurons,level of oxidative stress,inflammatory response,excitotoxicity,and mitochondrial dysfunction.
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  • The Development of Six-Channel Speech Processor for Cochlear Implant Based on DSP

    Zhong-Ju Xiao   Lin-Jing Wang   Ling-Hong Zhou   Wei-Bing Chen  

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  • An intracardiac accessory thyroid gland mimicking cardiac tumor

    Lin-Jing Wang   Chun-Mei Liu   Xin Chen   Li Zhang   Hong-Wei Zhou  

    AbstractRationale:An accessory thyroid gland (ATG) in the right ventricle is an extremely rare condition. Described herein are histological findings of ATG in the right ventricle found in a patient with a normal cervical thyroid gland.Patient concerns:A 53-year-old woman was referred to our hospital after experiencing intermittent precordial pain for 2 years.Diagnoses:The mass in the right ventricle was diagnosed pathologically as ATG.Interventions:Complete excision was performed because of the patient's intermittent precordial pain and to exclude the possibility of malignancy.Outcome:The patient's pain was resolved. No recurrence was observed during the 6-month follow-up.Lessons:After review and analysis of the case, we found that plain and contrast-enhanced computed tomography scans showed that the mass had a similar intensity and enhancement to a cervical thyroid gland, which we think may be a useful clue for making a preoperative diagnosis of ATG.
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  • A New Speech Coding for Improving the Quality of Cochlear Implant

    Lin-jing Wang   Guang-jie Chen   Zhong-ju Xiao   Ling-hong Zhou   Wei-bing Chen  

    Cochlear implant is a sort of equipment which is used to restore normal hearing to the profoundly deaf by electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve. And it is an imitation of normal hearing function. However ,the speech signal coding methods used in the cochlear implant at present consider only about the conversion from speech signal to electrical signal, without the function of human cochlear’;s temporal encoding pattern. So the effect of the cochlear implant is not very perfect. This paper combined the mechanism of hearing physiology, presented a new solution which generated stimulating pulsatile series by a “;Amplitude-Time-Frequency”; method. The coding method is converting the speech signal’;s amplitude into stimulating pulsatile series’;s amplitude time and frequency. We named it as “;ATF coding method”;. ATF coding method can solve the problem that stimulating pulsatile series’;s dynamic configuration used in the auditory neural center. ATF can keep the temporal correlation and coherence of speech remained in stimulating pulsatile series.
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