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  • Glass fiber composition and glass fiber and composite material thereof

    The present invention provides a glass fiber composition, a glass fiber and a composite material therefrom. The glass fiber composition comprises the following components expressed as percentage by weight: 58-64% SiO2, 14-19% Al203, ≧8.8% and <11.8% CaO, 7.5-11% MgO, 0.2-2.7% SrO, 0.1-2% Na2O+K2O, 0.05-0.9% Li2O, 0.05-1% Fe2O3, 0.05-1.1% TiO2 and <0.5% F2, wherein the range of the weight percentage ratio C1=(MgO+SrO)/CaO is 0.75-1.1, and the range of the weight percentage ratio C2=CaO/MgO is less than 1.4. Said composition can effectively inhibit the crystallization tendency of glass, significantly decrease the liquidus temperature and crystallization degree of glass and also has an outstanding glass refractive index and outstanding modulus.
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  • Integrated electronic sight and method for calibrating the reticle thereof

    The present disclosure provides an electronic sight comprising a lens assembly, an image sensor, a processor, a memory, a touch screen, an information acquisition device, a night vision device, a laser ranging device, a video recorder and a Global Positioning System (GPS). The disclosure also provides a method for calibrating the reticle. A plurality of devices are highly integrated on the electronic sight to achieve a plurality of different functions including automatic adjusting magnification, night vision, providing optimal shooting image and laser ranging. The calibration method disclosed in the present invention comprises simulative calibration and pre-shooting calibration, which avoids wasting bullets in a situation that the point of impact cannot be identified after first shot. Reticles can be adjusted in real-time, achieving the same technical effect as non-polar reticles.
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  • Infrared-light and low-light two-phase fusion night-vision sighting device

    The present invention relates to the technical field of sighting device, and specifically relates to an infrared-light and low-light two-phase fusion night-vision sighting device. The night-vision sighting device comprises a field-of-view obtaining unit, a two-phase fusion unit, a control unit and a display unit, the two-phase fusion unit in the night-vision sighting device can perform infrared-light and low-light fusion processing to the optical image obtained by the field-of-view obtaining unit, and display on the display unit, which realizes to obtain a night-vision image featured by image stabilization, clear outline, high resolution, high contrast, high SNR, and low pepper and salt noise, to thereby ensure night-vision sighting of the electronic gun sight under the condition of night or low brightness.
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  • Optical transceiver installing MT ferrule to mate with MPO connector

    A pluggable optical transceiver with the CFP type and the MT ferrule is disclosed. The optical transceiver provides in a rear of the optical receptacle a mechanism to push frontward the MT ferrule set in the optical receptacle and to shield the inside of the optical transceiver. Inner fibers connecting the MT ferrule with another MT ferrule assembled with optical devices pass the mechanism, which may be a metal plate with the elastic function and/or a coil spring combined with a holder to hold the MT ferrule.
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  • Process analysis of binder treatment on iron-based alloy powder

    Wang Zhang   Linshan Wang   Rui Wang   Xuebing Liang   Lin Zhang   Limin Wang   Shaoming Zhang  

    Binder treatment technology is a widely used method of bonding fine powders to coarse particles using a binder liquid. In this paper, binder treatment experiments were carried out for binary Fe–C mixture and multicomponent mixture (alloy powders exceeding 15 wt.%). The differences of particle size distribution and microstructural of conventional mixing and binder treatment mixing in Fe–C mixture were compared, and the fine particles were evenly bonded to the coarse iron particles surface and preferentially filled into the pits after binder treatment. The physical properties of the multicomponent mixture after binder treatment were improved, the flowrate and fine particles adhesion ratio achieved 30 s/50 g and 96%, respectively, and the segregation was obviously reduced. Further, the phenomenon of small particles bonded to large particles was explained by capillary force and snowball effect. Meanwhile, the theory that small particles migration caused by spontaneous capillary flow during drying and consolidation was proposed.
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  • Average coherence and its typicality for random mixed quantum states

    Lin Zhang  

    The Wishart ensemble is a useful and important random matrix model used in diverse fields. By realizing induced random mixed quantum states as a Wishart ensemble with fixed unit trace, using matrix integral technique we give a fast track to the average coherence for random mixed quantum states induced via partial-tracing of the Haar-distributed bipartite pure states. As a direct consequence of this result, we get a compact formula for the average subentropy of random mixed states. These compact formulae extend our previous work.
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  • Mirrorless-oscillation in a waveguide using non-degenerate four-wave mixing

    Nondegenerate mirrorless four-wave mixing oscillation with frequency tunability is proposed in nonlinear waveguide of the third-order nonlinearity such as silicon waveguide) by using two different spatial modes. As low as ˜2 W threshold power is obtained in several centimeters long waveguide. In one aspect, a method includes propagating a first wave along an axis of a multimode waveguide in a forward direction, the first optical wave having a first frequency; propagating a second wave along the axis of the multimode waveguide in a backward direction, the second wave having a second frequency; the waveguide configured to support multiple modes, including at least a fundamental mode and a second mode; and the propagating the first wave occurs at a same time as the propagating the second wave to generate a third wave in the forward direction having a third frequency and fourth wave in the backward direction having a fourth frequency.
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  • Economic effects of a nuclear phase-out policy: A CGE analysis

    Lin Zhang  

    The paper investigates the long-run consequences of a phase-out of nuclear energy in the presence of stringent climate policies. We construct and apply an endogenous growth model and combine it with a bottom-up approach for electricity generation. Using data of the Swiss economy we find in the extensive numerical part that the welfare loss of carbon policy is up to 1.21% and that nuclear phase-out raises the loss to 1.47% at the maximum; economic growth is not slowed down significantly. Increased investment, induced innovation, and sectoral change are the reasons that the economic impact of nuclear phase-out and the trade-off between energy and climate policy are moderate. Phasing out nuclear at an early stage is beneficial when nuclear cost escalation is high.
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  • The Impact of the Responsiveness of Monetary Policy on the Housing Market

    Lin Zhang  

    Taylor (2007) claims that a not too responsive monetary policy was responsible for the housing boom between 2001 and 2005 and the subsequent financial crisis. Using a reduced form model, he shows that the economic situation would have been improved if a more responsive monetary policy had been implemented. In this paper, we set up a two-sector New Keynesian DSGE model, estimated using Bayesian techniques, to evaluate Taylor’s hypotheses. We assume a less responsive Taylor rule for the period of study, which allows us to separate the effects of the responsiveness of monetary policy and the effects of monetary shocks caused by other reasons. We find that monetary policy played a minor role. However, a more responsive monetary policy may have stabilized housing prices during the transition period of 2004-2008, the period of the boom to the bust. One of the differences with the literature is that we introduce housing market segmentation through different discount factors, leading to a housing market that is occupied only by constrained (impatient) households. This assumption can amplify the monetary policy effects on the housing market through the credit channel. Because of the enforced housing market clearing conditions, we observe the reduced real interest rate whenever the adverse shocks, such as a contractionary monetary shock, push down the housing price. The theoretical variance decomposition indicates that the monetary shock explains about 25% of the variances in housing prices and the cost push shock explains about 63%, while the variance in the housing output is mainly explained by the technology shock in housing sector. Our conclusion is that monetary policy shocks, rather than the responsiveness of monetary policy, contributed to the housing boom, but with limited effect.
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  • Methods of forming solar cells and solar cell modules

    Embodiments of the present invention are directed to processes for making solar cells by simultaneously co-firing metal layers disposed both on a first and a second surface of a bifacial solar cell substrate. Embodiments of the invention may also provide a method forming a solar cell structure that utilize a reduced amount of a silver paste on a front surface of the solar cell substrate and a patterned aluminum metallization paste on a rear surface of the solar cell substrate to form a rear surface contact structure. Embodiments can be used to form passivated emitter and rear cells (PERC), passivated emitter rear locally diffused solar cells (PERL), passivated emitter, rear totally-diffused (PERT), “iPERC,” Crystalline Reduced-cost Aluminum Fire-Through (CRAFT), pCRAFT, nCRAFT or other high efficiency cell concepts.
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  • Characterization of duck (Anas platyrhynchos)MHC class Igene in two duck lines

    Lin Zhang   Wei-Jie Liu   Jia-Qiang Wu   Min-Li Xu   Zheng-Jie Kong…  

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  • A role for p21-activated kinase 7 in the development of gastric cancer

    Jun Gu   Keqiang Li   Maolan Li   Xiangsong Wu   Lin Zhang   Qichen Ding   Wenguang Wu   Jiahua Yang   Jiasheng Mu   Hao Wen   Qian Ding   Jianhua Lu   Yuan Hao   Lei Chen   Wenjie Zhang   Songgang Li and Yingbin Liu  

    p21-activated kinase (PAK)7 (also known as PAK5) is a member of the group B PAK family of serine/threonine protein kinases, which are effectors of the small GTPases Rac and CDC42. PAK7 can promote neurite outgrowth, induce microtubule stabilization, and activate cell survival signaling pathways. However, the role of PAK7 in cancer is still poorly understood. Here, we showed that PAK7 expression was upregulated in different gastric cancer cell lines and gastric cancer tissues, as compared with human embryonic kidney 293 cells and adjacent normal tissues, respectively. The results suggested that PAK7 expression was related to gastric cancer progression. Thus, we employed lentivirus-mediated small interfering RNA to inhibit PAK7 expression, to investigate the role of PAK7 in human gastric carcinogenesis. RNA interference efficiently downregulated expression of PAK7 in SGC-7901 and MGC-803 cells at both mRNA and protein levels. Knockdown of PAK7 inhibited human gastric cancer cell proliferation by inducing cell cycle arrest in G0/G1 phase, in concordance with the downregulation of CDK2, CDC25A, and cyclin D1. Our data suggest that PAK7 is a new hallmark of gastric cancer, in which PAK7 might contribute to gain of tumor growth potential, acting by affecting the expression of cell cycle regulators. Therefore, PAK7 may be an attractive candidate as a therapeutic target in gastric cancer.
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  • Thiolated graphene-based superhydrophobic sponges for oil-water separation

    Lin Zhang   Hongqiang Li   Xuejun Lai   Xiaojing Su   Tao Liang   Xingrong Zeng  

    GSH-based superhydrophobic sponge was successfully prepared via dipping-drying process. The WCA of the superhydrophobic sponge reached the highest value at 160.5°. The superhydrophobic sponge exhibited high absorption selectivity for solvents and oils. The superhydrophobic sponge possessed excellent oil-water separation efficiency.
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  • Composition for preparing high-performance glass fiber by tank furnace production

    A composition for preparing high-performance glass fiber by tank furnace production comprising in preferred percentage by weight: 57.5˜62.5% of SiO2,14.5˜17.5% of Al2O3,13.5˜17.5% of CaO,6.5˜8.5% of MgO,0.05˜0.6% of Li2O,0.1˜2% of B2O3,0.1˜2% of TiO2,0.1˜2% of Na2O,0.1˜1% of K2O and 0.1˜1% of Fe2O3 and (CaO+MgO)/MgO>3, with the content of at least one of the three components, Li2O, B2O3 and TiO2higher than 0.5%, with the composition yielding glass fiber having improved mechanical property, causing the melting and clarification of glass and forming performance of fiber close to those of boron-free E glass, and facilitating industrial mass production by tank furnace processes with manufacturing costs close to those of conventional E glass.
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  • Method and apparatus for fabricating silicon heterojunction solar cells

    A method for fabricating a semiconductor layer within a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) apparatus. The PECVD apparatus includes a plurality of walls defining a processing region, a substrate support, a shadow frame, a gas distribution showerhead, a gas source in fluid communication with the gas distribution showerhead and the processing region, a radio frequency power source coupled to the gas distribution showerhead, and one or more VHF grounding straps electrically coupled to at least one of the plurality of walls. The VHF grounding straps provide a low-impedance current path between at least one of the plurality of walls and at least one of a shadow frame or the substrate support. The method further includes delivering a semiconductor precursor gas and a dopant precursor gas and delivering a very high frequency (VHF) power to generate a plasma to form a first layer on the one or more substrates.
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  • On conjectures of classical and quantum correlations in bipartite states

    Lin Zhang   Junde Wu  

    In this paper, two conjectures which were proposed in Luo et al (2010 Phys. Rev. A on the correlations in a bipartite state 蟻AB are studied. If the mutual information I(蟻AB) between two quantum systems A and B before any measurement is considered as the total amount of correlations in the state 蟻AB, then it can be separated into two parts: classical correlations and quantum correlations. The so-called classical correlations C(蟻AB) in the state 蟻AB are defined by the maximizing mutual information between two quantum systems A and B after von Neumann measurements on system B. We show that it is upper bounded by the von Neumann entropies of both subsystems A and B, which answered the conjecture on the classical correlation. If the quantum correlations Q(蟻AB) in the state 蟻AB are defined by Q(蟻AB) = I(蟻AB) 鈭?C(蟻AB), we also show that it is upper bounded by the von Neumann entropy of subsystem B. It is also found that Q(蟻AB) is upper bounded by the von Neumann entropy of subsystem A for a class of states.
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