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  • Type II Seesaw and tau lepton at the HL-LHC, HE-LHC and FCC-hh

    Li, Tong  

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  • Efficient Identification of TOP-K Heavy Hitters over Sliding Windows

    Tang, Haina   Wu, Yulei   Li, Tong   Han, Chunjing   Ge, Jingguo   Zhao, Xiangpeng  

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  • A Developmental Study of Chinese Children’s Word and Character Reading

    Li, Tong   Wang, Ying   Tong, Xiuhong   McBride, Catherine  

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  • Development of an embedded gait analysis system for brain damaged patients

    Li, Tong   Pradel, Gilbert   Supiot, Anthony   Roche, Nicolas   Pradon, Didier  

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  • miR-31 promotes proliferation of colon cancer cells by targeting E2F2

    Li, Tong   Luo, Wenjing   Liu, Kunmei   Lv, Xiaobo   Xi, Tao  

    MicroRNA-31 (miR-31) plays important roles in colon cancer development. However, the underlying mechanism is still not clear. We have explored the functions of miR-31 on proliferation of colon cancer cells as well as the underlying mechanism. E2F2 was identified as a direct target of miR-31. miR-31 regulated the proliferation of colon cancer cells by targeting E2F2. Moreover, in the present study, E2F2 acted as a tumor suppressor in colon cancer by repressing the expression of survivin and regulating the expression of CCNA2, C-MYC, MCM4 and CDK2. A possible mechanism for the function of miR-31 on colon cancer proliferation is presented and indicates that miR-31 might become a target for anti-cancer drug design.
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  • Compact Prototype GC-PID System integrated with Micro-PC and Micro GC Column

    Sun, Jianhai   Xue, Ning   Wang, Wen   Wang, Hairong   Liu, Chunxiu   Ma, Tianjun   Li, Tong  

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  • A shared aperture 1-bit metasurface for orbital angular momentum multiplexing

    Zhang, Di   Cao, Xiangyu   Gao, Jun   Yang, Huanhuan   Li, Wenqiang   Li, Tong   Tian, Jiang Hao  

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    A hydraulic plunger pump variable control structure (100) and a control method for the same are provided. The hydraulic plunger pump variable control structure (100) includes a valve body (1), a main valve core (2) and a main valve sleeve (3). The main valve core (2) has a first end provided with a spring loaded assembly (4), and a second end provided with a pilot valve core (6). The spring loaded assembly (4) is configured to provide a reverse preloading force. The main valve sleeve (3) is connected with a feedback rod (5) that is connected with a variable piston pump. A valve sleeve (7) is disposed outside the main valve core (2). The pilot valve core (6) is pushed by hydraulic oil to overcome the preloading force of the spring loaded assembly (4), so as to drive the main valve core (2) to move. A throttling port between the main valve core (2) and the valve sleeve (7) is achieved by controlling relative displacement between the main valve core (2) and the valve sleeve (7) after aforementioned moving. The hydraulic oil that flows into the throttling port controls the movement of the variable piston pump. The movement of the variable piston pump drives the main valve sleeve (3) to move along the opposite moving direction of the main valve core (2).
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  • Auctions with selective entry and risk averse bidders: theory and evidence

    Li, Tong   Lu, Jingfeng   Zhao, Li  

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  • Withaferin A promotes proliferation and migration of brain endothelial cells

    Li, Tong   Jiang, Shan   Wang, Zi-Jun   Huang, Li-An  

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  • Numerical investigation of an underwater explosion bubble based on FVM and VOF

    Li, Tong   Wang, Shiping   Li, Shuai   Zhang, A-Man  

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  • Differentially Private Naive Bayes Learning over Multiple Data Sources

    Li, Tong   Li, Jin   Liu, Zheli   Li, Ping   Jia, Chunfu  

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  • Optimizing Multi-Way Spatial Joins of Web Feature Services

    Lan, Guiwen   Zhang, Qiang   Yang, Zhao   Li, Tong  

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  • A New Method of Panoramic Image Mosaic Based on SIFT

    Li, Tong   Liu, Zhen Hai   Ma, Zhi Jun  

    When using the traditional SIFT algorithm extracts feature points, whose characteristics are rotation and scale scaling invariance, the problems are that the feature point extracted by the algorithm is too small and the shortages of real time and robustness. This article proposes a new method called Panoramic Image. This method can define the transformation parameters between the images by using the distances between cities to measure the similarity and using RANSAC with SPRT to diminish the mismatching. The consequence of the experiments demonstrates that this method can shorten the time of registration and prompt the matching feature points.
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    A plunger pump power control device and a control method thereof. The device comprises a control valve body (1), a valve core (2), a valve sleeve (3), a stop screwed plug (4), a spring pre-loaded mechanism (5), a feedback mechanism (6) and a slide valve (7). An oil inlet P, an oil outlet Ps and two oil drain ports T are provided on the control valve body (1). The valve core (2) is provided within the valve sleeve (3), and the valve sleeve (3) and the valve core (2) form a 3-position 2-way structure valve. An E-cavity is formed between the valve sleeve (3) and the valve core (2) and is constantly communicated with the oil outlet P. The slide valve (7) is provided at the central part of one end of the valve core (2). The slide valve (7) and the valve core (2) form a C-cavity in the radial direction of the valve core (2), and a ball end of the slide valve (7) contacts with the stop screwed plug (4). The stop screw plug (4) is provided at one end of the control valve body (1), and the spring pre-loaded mechanism (5) is provided at the other end of the control valve body (1). The valve sleeve (3), the valve core (2), and the slide valve (7) are provided between the stop screw plug (4) and the spring pre-loaded mechanism (5), and the feedback mechanism (6) is hinged on the control valve body (1). The device enables the hydraulic plunger pump to control the output power, the pump power output curve is simulated by two broken lines, and the error is less. It is flexible to load variable by the valve core (2) through the pressure of the C-cavity.
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    Li, Guihong   Zhai, Huiqing   Li, Tong   Ma, Xiao Yan   Liang, Chang-Hong  

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