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  • Wireless communication system with enhanced power management

    A method is provided for a wireless communication device containing at least a main processor for data processing, and a transmitter and a receiver for wireless communication. The method includes providing power to the main processor using a power source via a power switch, performing device initialization of the wireless communication device, and determining whether the wireless communication device recovers from a power-down standby mode, where the power source is disconnected to the main processor such that the main processor does not consume power from the power source. Further, the method includes recovering device states based on information stored on a non-volatile storage when it is determined that the wireless communication device recovers from a power-down standby mode. The method also includes reporting device status including at least battery level of the wireless communication device to an external server based on configuration information on the wireless communication device.
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  • Method of removing toxins from fly ash

    A method for disposing of fly ash. After the fly ash has been processed using the method contained herein, this fly ash can be disposed of more easily because of the reduced toxicity of the final product. Also, this converted fly ash may be recycled and used as a material or aggregate in concrete. The method includes the treatment of dioxins found in fly ash found in waste incinerator flue from waste incineration power plants which includes collecting the fly ash, putting the fly ash into a hermetic device and treating the fly ash through various heating steps and thereafter lowering an environmental temperature in the hermetic heating device, which results in a significant reduction of dioxins in the fly ash.
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  • Device and method for forwarding voice calls received at the device to a paired computing device

    A mobile communication device and method for forwarding a new voice call, received at the device during a current voice call, to a paired computing device is provided. The method includes, at the device comprising a processor, a display device, a memory and a communication interface, receive a new voice call while a current voice call is active at the device and display, on the display device, a selectable option for forwarding the new voice call. Upon detecting selection of the selectable option: retrieve, from the memory one or more stored device identifiers, each stored device identifier associated with a paired computing device, display, on the display device, the one or more stored device identifiers and upon detecting selection of a device identifier of the one or more stored device identifiers, forward the new voice call, using the communication interface, to the paired computing device associated with the device identifier.
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  • Enforcement of network-wide context aware policies

    A method implemented in an edge router, the method comprising receiving an authentication request from a device, forwarding the authentication request to an authentication and policy server, receiving an authentication response and an indication of a device tag from the authentication and policy server, wherein the device tag is based on a characteristic of the device, a location, a destination, or a user of the device, forwarding the authentication response to the device, receiving a policy associated with the device tag from the authentication and policy server, receiving a packet from the device, embedding the device tag in the packet to form a tagged packet, and executing the policy.
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  • Integrated data plane for heterogeneous network services

    Network services can be dynamically configured on an integrated data path by establishing control paths between data plane entities located on the integrated data path and service entities associated with the network services. In this way, routing for the integrated data path is performed with fewer restrictions than traditional data planes, which are largely limited by the relative locations of pre-configured network nodes in the service network. As a result, the integrated data path may traverse a shorter or more favorable route over the services network, thereby achieving improved service network performance, lower latency periods, less congestion, etc. Further, a service topology on the integrated data path can be dynamically re-configured through the addition, removal, or reordering of data plane entities on the integrated data path.
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  • Method and apparatus for providing web pages

    A method for providing a web page in a web server accessed by a user device, comprising: obtaining access behavior information to the web page by the user; and providing page contents and page layout adaptor of the web page to the user device so that a updated web page with an adapted page layout is generated by the user device according to the access behavior information.
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  • Method for forming fin field effect transistor

    A method for forming a fin field effect transistor is provided. The method includes: providing a substrate; forming a fin structure with a material Ge or GeSi on the substrate; implanting atoms, molecules, ions or plasmas containing an element Sn into the fin structure with the material Ge or GeSi to form a Ge-based GeSn layer or a Ge-based GeSnSi layer; and forming a gate stack on the Ge-based GeSn layer or the Ge-based GeSnSi layer, the gate stack being oriented transversely to the fin structure.
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  • Method and apparatus for sparsity-based de-artifact filtering for video encoding and decoding

    Methods and apparatus are provided for sparsity-based de-artifact filtering for video encoding and decoding. An apparatus includes an encoder (400) for encoding at least a portion of an image by grouping regions within the portion based on a grouping metric, transforming the grouped regions, adaptively performing de-artifact filtering on the transformed regions using a de-artifacting filter (413) included in the encoder, inverse transforming the de-artifacted regions to create replacement regions, and restoring the replacement regions to positions with the image from which the regions were taken prior to the grouping.
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  • Adaptive harmonic rejection receiving device and method

    The invention provides an adaptive harmonic rejection (HR) receiving device, including a low noise amplification module; at least one HR mixer; at least one non-harmonic rejection (NHR) frequency mixer; and a control device. A received signal passes through the low noise amplification, and then passes through the at least one HR mixer or the at least one NHR mixer; the control device measures a receiving signal strength index (RSSI) after the received signal passes through the at least one HR mixer or the NHR mixer, and selects an NHR mixer or an appropriate HR mixer for the received signal according to a result of the measurement. The adaptive HR receiving device of the present invention is capable of adaptively judging whether to implement HR or determining which HR to implement according to features of the received signal, thereby improving the reception flexibility and reception performance.
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  • Method, device and system for configuring codebook

    The present invention discloses a method, device and system for configuring codebooks. The method comprises a transmitting end selecting a code word restricted sub-set and informing a receiving end of the code word restricted sub-set, the code word restricted sub-set containing part or all of code words in a first codebook and/or a second codebook; and the receiving end selecting an optimal pre-coded code word from the code word restricted sub-set and informing the transmitting end of an index of the optimal pre-coded code word. By the present invention, code word restriction is implemented in the case of dual codebooks in the LTE-A system such that the calculation complexity is reduced when the receiving end selects the code word, occurrences of the case where the receiving end selects the code word wrongly are decreased, and the signaling structure in the LTE system can be inherited very well.
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  • Automation system for controlling and monitoring devices and sensors

    An architecture for an automation system is disclosed that includes look-up services, a soft-state store, and a publication/subscription eventing component. The look-up services maintain a database of a number of devices to be controlled and monitored, and a database of a number of device objects corresponding to the devices. The services can be divided into attribute-based and name-based services. The soft-state store manages variables regarding the devices and the device objects, including heartbeats. The eventing component enables subscriptions to events related to changes in the variables. The architecture can include management daemons, such as a monitoring daemon that detects problems with power line devices.
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  • Methods for shape comparison between drug molecules

    The invention relates to a calculating method for molecular volume and shape comparison of two molecules. The method includes steps of loading in three-dimensional structure information of a first molecule, the three-dimensional structure information comprising type and coordinate values of each atom contained in the first molecule; obtaining respective van der Waals radius based on the type of respective atom contained in the first molecule, converting the three-dimensional structure information into a group of Gaussian spheres representing atoms in the first molecule; calculating overlap volume for each pair of Gaussian spheres; calculating the weight of each Gaussian sphere; calculating self-overlap volume of the first molecule, the self-overlap volume being used as a volume of the first molecule. The present invention is useful mathematical expression of molecular shape, shape comparison of drug molecules, and pharmacophore comparison of drug molecules, which comparisons, in turn, useful for virtual screening of drug molecules.
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  • Method and system for indicating transmission parameter

    A method and system for indicating a transmission parameter are provided in the present invention. The method includes: when multi-user multi-input multi-output (MIMO) data are transmitted, using a newly-added indication signaling in a downlink control information format to indicate different joint encoded parameters when numbers of enabled transport blocks are different. Through adding new indication signaling in the present invention, different joint encoded parameters are indicated during the multi-user MIMO data transmission and the MIMO multi-user transmission based on the demodulation reference signal is supported.
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  • Method and system for acquiring ephemeris information

    An approach provides for conversion of global positioning system (GPS) data. A user terminal receives positioning data from a base station, wherein the positioning data is received in a second format, and wherein the second format was derived from ephemeris data broadcast via a global positioning system (GPS) in a first format. The user terminal converts the positioning data from the second format into a third format that is compatible with a protocol of the GPS system, and determines a first fix using the third format of the positioning data.
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  • Methods and system in supporting real time services with spectrum efficiency in a satellite network

    Approaches are provided for efficient bandwidth allocation for real-time service traffic flows, providing for assured QoS and efficient spectrum utilization. A terminal of a wireless communications network receives data from one or more associated interface devices. A snooper captures a session request message from one of the interface devices for initiation of a setup process to establish a communications session over the communications network, and parses the session request message to obtain associated session parameters. Inroute bandwidth requirements for the communications session are determined based on the session parameters. A bandwidth reservation process is initiated to obtain bandwidth allocations to satisfy the inroute bandwidth requirements. The session request message is held until completion of the bandwidth reservation process, whereupon the session request message is transmitted to a session controller at a core node of the network, and the setup process to establish the communications session is completed.
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  • Method and system for acquiring channel information

    A method and system for acquiring channel information are disclosed in the present document, wherein the method includes: a base station and a User Equipment (UE) jointly saving a first codebook and at least a second codebook, and the first codebook being used for channel information quantization in various scenarios; the UE performing feedback of at least 2 Precoding Matrix Indicators (PMIs) to the base station, wherein, one PMI corresponds to one code word in the first codebook, all the other PMIs respectively correspond to different code words in a second codebook used currently, and all the code words corresponding to the fed back PMIs are used for representing channel information of one or multiple or all subbands; and after receiving the PMIs fed back from the UE, the base station finding corresponding code words from the first codebook and the second codebook used currently, and acquiring the channel information.
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