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  • Method and device for determining channel quality indication information

    The disclosure provides a method and device for determining Channel quality indication information, which is configured to perform channel measurement based on a reference signal, so as to obtain a CQI information. The method considers the influence of multiple factors on CQI calculation, including selection of a measurement reference signal as well as the influence of multiple complex conditions on CQI calculation, thereby solving the problem that an existing system is unable to obtain accurate Channel quality indication information when using a transmission mode 9, and enhancing the flexibility and performance of the system.
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  • Tunneling field effect transistor and method for forming the same

    The present disclosure provides a TFET, which comprises: a substrate; a channel region formed in the substrate, and a source region and a drain region formed on two sides of the channel region; a gate stack formed on the channel region, wherein the gate stack comprises: a gate dielectric layer, and at least a first gate electrode and a second gate electrode distributed in a direction from the source region to the drain region and formed on the gate dielectric layer, and the first gate electrode and the second gate electrode have different work functions; and a first side wall and a second side wall formed on a side of the first gate electrode and on a side of the second gate electrode respectively.
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  • Method for forming semiconductor gate structure and semiconductor gate structure

    A method for forming a semiconductor gate structure and a semiconductor gate structure are provided. The method includes: providing a substrate with a Ge layer as a surface thereof; forming a Sn layer on the Ge layer, in which an interface between the Ge layer and the Sn layer is a GeSn layer; removing the Sn layer to expose the GeSn layer; forming a GeSnOx passivation layer by performing an oxidation treatment for the GeSn layer, or forming a GeSnN or GeSnON passivation layer by performing a passivation treatment for the GeSn layer; and forming a gate stack on the GeSnOx , GeSnN or GeSnON passivation layer.
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  • Microscopic image detecting instrument and automatic focusing method therefor

    A microscopic image detecting instrument includes a microscope, a photographing device, a driver, a mark having a predetermined distance from an object, and a controller coupled to the photographing device and the driver. The microscope includes an object stage for holding the object and an objective lens for focusing on and magnifying the object. The photographing device is set above the objective lens to photograph an image presented by the objective lens. The controller controls the driver to move at least one of the object stage and the objective lens to an actual focusing position, according to an actual focal length to the object. The actual focal length to the object is calculated by the controller according to a comparison between an optical definition of a mark image taken as a preliminary target of focus against a predetermined definition calibration curve and the distance between the mark and the object.
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  • Method and terminal for feeding back channel state information

    The present invention discloses method and terminal for feeding back channel state information. The method comprises: UE determining channel state information comprising first-type PMI and/or second-type PMI according to indication information, wherein first-type PMI is used for indicating index of one first precoding matrix in first precoding codebook, each first precoding matrix is used for mapping channel information of one wideband and/or long-term channel; second-type PMI is used for indicating index of one second precoding matrix in second precoding codebook, each second precoding matrix is used for mapping channel information of one subband and/or short-term channel; UE feeding back first-type PMI in PUCCH periodically and feeding back second-type PMI in PUSCH periodically or non-periodically, or, feeding back first-type PMI and second-type PMI in PUCCH. Through the present invention, precision of feeding back channel state information by UE is increased, and base station can dynamically select SU-MIMO or MU-MIMO transmission.
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  • Quality control marker and its use in herbs authentication

    The present invention relates to a quality control marker and method of using such marker in qualitative and quantitative authentication of Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo, which is known as a Chinese medicine under the name of Tiepi Shihu ().
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  • Architecture and control of reed-solomon error-correction decoding

    Systems and methods are provided for implementing various aspects of a Reed-Solomon (RS) error-correction system. A detector can provide a decision-codeword from a channel and can also provide soft-information for the decision-codeword. If the decision-codeword corresponds to an inner code and an RS code is the outer code, a soft-information map can process the soft-information for the decision-codeword to produce soft-information for a RS decision-codeword. A RS decoder can employ the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm (BMA), list decoding, and a Chien search, and can include a pipelined architecture. A threshold-based control circuit can be used to predict whether list decoding will be needed and can suspend the list decoding operation if it predicts that list decoding is not needed.
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  • Electric machine having a housing secured by plastically deformed centering pins

    An electric machine (10), in particular for the motorized adjustment of movable parts in the motor vehicle, and method for producing an electric machine (10), comprising a housing part (16) in which a printed circuit board (20) for electrically activating the electric machine (10) is arranged, wherein at least one centering pin (44) which reaches into a centering opening (45) in the printed circuit board (20) is arranged in the housing part (16), wherein the centering pin (44) is plastically deformed at the free end (46) thereof in order to form a securing head (56).
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  • Method for semantics based trick mode play in video system

    Trick mode play for controlling video content playback can be realized using a semantic based criterion in order to achieve a more uniform playback experience for the viewer, when that viewer wishes to observe the video content presented according to a selected semantic. In one embodiment of the method, semantics associated with shorter time intervals in the video content are replayed in trick mode play proportionally slower than semantics associated with longer time intervals, wherein the proportionally is determined, at least in part, to the time interval associated with each semantic. In various embodiments, semantics can include scenes, audio, metadata, tags, and the like. The semantics based trick mode play approach allows for a more uniform viewing experience, on a time duration basis, from one semantic to the next.
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  • System and method for distributed text-to-speech synthesis and intelligibility

    A method and system for distributed text-to-speech synthesis and intelligibility, and more particularly to distributed text-to-speech synthesis on handheld portable computing devices that can be used for example to generate intelligible audio prompts that help a user interact with a user interface of the handheld portable computing device. The text-to-speech distributed system 70 receives a text string from the guest devices and comprises a text analyzer 72, a prosody analyzer 74, a database 14 that the text analyzer and prosody analyzer refer to, and a speech synthesizer 80. Elements of the speech synthesizer 80 are resident on the host device and the guest device and an audio index representation of the audio file associated with the text string is produced at the host device and transmitted to the guest device for producing the audio file at the guest device.
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  • Clone of xiamenmycin biosynthesis gene cluster and heterologous expression thereof

    The present invention involves the application of a gene cluster, and bacterial strains that used in the biosynthesis of Xiamenmycin. The nucleotide sequence of the gene cluster is showed as SEQ ID NO.1, with the whole length of 5189 base pairs. The present invention involves Streptomyces xiamenensis CGMCC No. 5670 and its mutant strain, and the method that how the mentioned bacterial strain produces Xiamenmycin. The present invention provides the strain sources by using Streptomyces xiamenensis, its mutant strains or genetically engineered microbial strains carrying the above-mentioned Xiamenmycin biosynthesis gene cluster for cultivation and produce benzopyran compound Xiamenmycin through biosynthesis. The mutant strains can be used in industrial production.
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  • System and method for adjusting a power transmission level for a communication device

    A system, method and device for adjusting a communication parameter for a network communicating with a communication device are provided. The method comprises: monitoring for a condition relating to a first network that has been in communication with the communication device; and determining whether an adjustment is to be implemented on a communication parameter of a second communication network that has been in communication with the communication device based on the condition and if so, implementing the adjustment to the communication parameter for the second communication network.
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  • Modeling user activity information associated with a network system

    Systems and methods to model user activity information associated with a network system are provided. A particular method includes receiving, at a computing device, a request for user activity information associated with selected channels of a television access network that provides multimedia content to users. The method includes executing a model of user activity associated with the television access network at the computing device. The model estimates the user activity information as user multimedia access demands during particular time periods within a day. The method also includes storing the user activity information at a computer-readable non-transitory storage medium.
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  • Video coding system with intra prediction mechanism and method of operation thereof

    A video coding system, and a method of operation thereof, includes: a source input module for receiving a frame from a video source; and a picture process module, coupled to the source input module, for generating a neighboring coding unit in the frame, for generating an intra block motion vector with a constrained intra prediction flag enabled and the neighboring coding unit generated based on only an intra-picture prediction mode, for generating a current coding unit based on the intra block motion vector, the current coding unit adjacent the neighboring coding unit, and for generating a video bitstream based on the current coding unit for a video decoder to receive and decode for displaying on a device.
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  • Complementary tunneling field effect transistor and method for forming the same

    A complementary tunneling field effect transistor and a method for forming the same are provided. The complementary tunneling field effect transistor comprises: a substrate; an insulating layer, formed on the substrate; a first semiconductor layer, formed on the insulating layer and comprising first and second doped regions; a first type TFET vertical structure formed on a first part of the first doped region and a second type TFET vertical structure formed on a first part of the second doped region, in which a second part of the first doped region is connected with a second part of the second doped region and a connecting portion between the second part of the first doped region and the second part of the second doped region is used as a drain output; and a U-shaped gate structure, formed between the first type TFET vertical structure and the second type TFET vertical structure.
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  • Personal care composition comprising a near-terminal branched compound

    A personal care composition comprising: a near-terminal branched compound according to Formula I; a cosmetically acceptable aqueous carrier; wherein the near-terminal branched compound is not comprised in a gel network.
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