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  • q-deformed quadrature operator and optical tomogram

    Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Dey, Sanjib   Faizal, Mir   Sudheesh, C.  

    In this paper, we define the homodyne q-deformed quadrature operator and find its eigenstates in terms of the deformed Fock states. We find the quadrature representation of q-deformed Fock states in the process. Furthermore, we calculate the explicit analytical expression for the optical tomogram of the q-deformed coherent states. (C) 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • Nafion-Based Fully Passive Solid-State Conductive Bridging RF Switch

    Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Vena, Arnaud   Meghit, Afaf   Sorli, Brice   Perret, Etienne  

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  • Tailoring the spectral response of a dogbone doublet metamaterial

    Sarin, V. P.   Pradeep, Anju   Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Chandroth, Aanandan   Mohanan, P.   Kesavath, Vasudevan  

    The detailed experimental and simulation studies of the stacked dogbone metamaterial particles are presented in this article. Besides the conventional left handed propagation mode, it is observed that the structure supports Fabry-Perot resonant modes and the excitation of this mode can be identified from the right handed resonant tunnel band in the dispersion diagrams. It is shown that the coupling between the Fabry-Perot and left handed resonant modes gives flat tunnel band characteristics in the dispersion diagram and is associated with huge electromagnetic absorption. The spectral response can be tailored by varying the stacking thickness of the sample making it suitable for microwave absorption and left handed transmission applications. (c) 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol Lett 58:1347-1353, 2016
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  • Extraordinary transmission technique for microwave antenna applications

    Sarin, V. P.   Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Aanandan, C. K.   Mohanan, P.   Vasudevan, K.  

    The extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) through an array of holes in a metal plate has been a constant source of inspiration for researchers for over a decade (Ebbesen et al 1998 Nature 391 667-9). In this paper, an EOT analogue is proposed in the microwave frequency range for enhancing the radiation performance of a stacked dipole antenna. It is observed that the back radiated power of the antenna is considerably reduced and the reason behind transmission enhancement is the excitation of Fabry-Perot resonant modes on the slit loaded aperture. Computational analysis based on finite difference time domain is performed for identifying the true reason behind resonant transmission enhancement.
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  • An experimental realization of cylindrical cloaking using dogbone metamaterials

    Sarin, V. P.   Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Vinesh, P. V.   Aanandan, C. K.   Mohanan, P.   Vasudevan, K.  

    The quest for invisibility has inspired a deep ardour in the research community over the past decade. The invention of metamaterials has boosted the research on electromagnetic cloaking due to its unusual electromagnetic parameters under plane wave incidence. In this study, we propose a novel cloaking scheme, using dogbone metamaterials, for effectively routing the incident electromagnetic fields around a target metal cylinder under consideration. Notable reduction in the scattered power is observed from the target in comparison to an uncloaked target. Experiments and simulations validate an effective reduction in the scattering cross section of the target and effective guiding of the incident plane wave around the target.
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  • Rickettsial infection with hemophagocytosis

    Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Veny, J.   Feroze, M.  

    A five-year-old girl admitted with scrub typhus developed multiple organ dysfunction associated with hyperferritinaemia, hypofibrinogenaemia and hyperlipidaemia. Bone marrow aspiration studies confirmed haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). HLH is a syndrome characterized by the uncontrolled activation and proliferation of macrophages and T-cells and can occur together with infections, connective tissue disorders, malignancies and genetic disorders.
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  • Spectrum of clinical presentations of vein of Galen aneurysm

    Anoop, P.   Vijayakumar, M.   Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Reetha, G.   Sindhu, T. G.  

    Aneurysm of the vein of Galen is a rare intracranial vascular malformation. It is known to have diverse manifestations and varying severity. Four cases with different modes of presentation and outcome are reported. A mortality of 50 per cent was encountered. Among the survivors, one had neurologic sequelae whereas the other had attained age-appropriate developmental milestones. The former was a rare case of spontaneous thrombosis of the aneurysm while the latter was a boy who underwent therapeutic embolization.
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  • Compact dual polarised V slit,stub and slot embedded circular patch antenna for UMTS/WiMAX/WLAN applications

    Mathew, S.   Ameen, M.   Jayakrishnan, M. P.   Mohanan, P.   Vasudevan, K.  

    A single probe-fed novel V slit, stub and slot embedded circular microstrip antenna with resonances in the three bands of UMTS, worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) and WLAN is presented. The polarisation is circular in the UMTS band and linear in the other two bands. Asymmetrical V slits in the patch boundary along with an embedded circular slot in the patch centre are employed to introduce the perturbation necessary for circular polarisation. Impedance bandwidths (BWs) of 4.2, 2 and 6.2%, respectively, in the three bands centred at 2, 3.5 and 5.6 GHz are obtained. The axial ratio BW is 2.3% in the UMTS band. Moderate gains of 4.4, 3.5 and 2.8 dBi are obtained in the three bands. There is a patch size reduction of about 48% when compared with the conventional circular patch antenna at a fixed operating frequency. The radiation pattern is directional in the WiMAX band and nearly omnidirectional in the WLAN band.
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  • Frost by M. P. Kozlowsky

    Spisak, April  

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  • Limitless Museum: P. M. Bardi’s Aesthetic Reeducation

    Anagnost, Adrian  

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  • On Bounded Positive (m, p)-Circle Domains

    Li, Hongjun; Qiu, Chunhui; Xu, Yichao  

    Let D be a bounded positive (m, p)-circle domain in C-2 The authors prove that if dim(Iso(D)(0)) =3D 2, then D is holomorphically equivalent to a Reinhardt domain; if dim(Iso(D)(0)) =3D 4, then D is holomorphically equivalent to the unit ball in C-2. Moreover, the authors prove the Thullen's classification on bounded Reinhardt domains in C-2 by the Lie group technique.
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  • On Harmonically (p, h, m)-Preinvex Functions

    Wu, Shan-He   Baloch, Imran Abbas   Iscan, Imdat  

    We define a new generalized class of harmonically preinvex functions named harmonically (p, h, m)-preinvex functions, which includes harmonic (p, h)-preinvex functions, harmonic. p-preinvex functions, harmonic h-preinvex functions, and m-convex functions as special cases. We also investigate the properties and characterizations of harmonically (p, h, m)-preinvex functions. Finally, we establish some integral inequalities to show the applications of harmonically (p, h, m)-preinvex functions.
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  • Half-Matrix Normal Basis Multiplier Over GF(p(m))

    Trujillo-Olaya, Vladimir   Velasco-Medina, Jaime  

    In this paper, we propose two new algorithms and their hardware implementations for the normal basis multiplication over GF(p(m)), where p is an element of {2, 3}. In this case, the proposed multipliers are designed using serial and digit-serial hardware architectures. The normal basis multipliers over GF(2(m)) and GF(3(m)) are based on two proposed algorithms to compute the multiplication matrices T-k in order to speed-up the execution time and to reduce the area resources. It can be seen that the new hardware architecture for the NB multiplier over GF(2(m)) has the best characteristics of area complexity presented by Reyhani [16] and time complexity presented by Azarderakhsh and Reyhani [31]. The proposed hardware architectures for the normal basis multipliers over GF(2(163)), GF(2(233)), GF(2(283)), GF(2(409)), GF(3(89)) and GF(3(233)) were described in VHDL, and simulated and synthesized using Modelsim and Quartus Prime v16, respectively.
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  • Half-Matrix Normal Basis Multiplier Over GF( $p^{m}$ )

    Trujillo-Olaya, Vladimir   Velasco-Medina, Jaime  

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  • , by P. J. Philipson & J. M. Gary, Lanham

    Anna Nosko  

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  • Siladenoserinols M–P, sulfonated serinol derivatives from a tunicate

    Masumi Torii   Yuki Hitora   Hikaru Kato   Yuhei Koyanagi   Teppei Kawahara   Fitje Losung   Remy E.P. Mangindaan   Sachiko Tsukamoto  

    Abstract Four new sulfonated serinol derivatives, siladenoserinols M–P ( 1 – 4 ), were isolated from a tunicate of the family Didemnidae collected in Indonesia. Their chemical structures were elucidated by the interpretation of NMR and mass spectroscopic data. Two of them ( 2 and 4 ) were revealed to be disulfonate serinol derivatives, and the others were monosulfonates. Siladenoserinols A ( 5 ) and B ( 6 ), which we previously isolated from the same tunicate, inhibited the p53–Hdm2 interaction with an IC 50 value of 2.0 μM. However, 1 – 4 did not inhibit the activity. The result suggested that the acetyl group in the bicyclic ketal unit and/or the glycerophospholipid moiety in 5 and 6 were responsible for the inhibition of the p53–Hdm2 interaction. Graphical abstract Image 1
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