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  • Growth and condition of marron Cherax tenuimanus fed pelleted diets of different stability

    J. Jussila   L. H. Evans  

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  • Latent crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci) infection in a robust wild noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) population

    J. Jussila   J. Makkonen   A. Vainikka   R. Kortet   H. Kokko  

    Apparently healthy wild noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) sampled from Lake Mikitanjarvi, Kainuu, Finland in 2009 and 2010 were discovered to be PCR-positive for Aphanomyces astaci. Detection prevalence was lower in 2009 than in 2010. Despite the detected sublethal infection, the lake Mikitanjarvi population has been productive and is being under commercial exploitation. Even though it has been suggested frequently that noble crayfish might harbor subclinical crayfish plague infections, this is the first confirmed report, based on molecular evidence, of healthy A. astacus carrying A. astaci. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Shorter notice. Suomen polittinen historia, 1809-1995. S Hentila, O Jussila, J Nevakivi


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  • Marron (Cherax tenuimanus) and noble crayfish (Astacus astacus) hepatopancreas energy and its relationship to moisture content

    J. Jussila   A. Mannonen  

    Hepatopancreas energy and moisture content were analyzed in farmed and wild-stock marron and wild-stock noble crayfish. Marron were sampled during April 1995 and noble crayfish during September 1995. Total hepatopancreas energy content was analyzed by bomb calorimetry and moisture content was determined from fresh hepatopancreases by oven drying to constant weight. Farmed marron had significantly higher hepatopancreas energy content (31.0 +- 0.4 kJ g-1) than wild-stock marron (26.7 +- 0.6 kJ g-1), indicating better condition in farmed stocks. Wild-stock noble crayfish had similar hepatopancreas energy content (29.3 +- 0.3 kJ g-1) to farmed marron and significantly higher levels than wild-stock marron. The relationship between hepatopancreas energy and moisture content was linear in both species with coefficients of determination r-2 0.44 and 0.73 for marron and noble crayfish, respectively). A rapid method of determining freshwater crayfish hepatopancreas energy using moisture content is suggested.
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    J. Jussila   K. Launiala   O. Gorbatow  

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  • Inflammatory Responses in Mice after Intratracheal Instillation of Spores of Streptomyces californicus Isolated from Indoor Air of a Moldy Building

    J. Jussila   H. Komulainen   K. Huttunen   M. Roponen   A. H?linen   A. Hyv?rinen   V.-M. Kosma   J. Pelkonen   M.-R. Hirvonen  

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  • Shorter notice. Suomen polittinen historia, 1809-1995. S Hentilä, O Jussila, J Nevakivi

    Kirby, D  

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  • Angular and velocity distributions of tungsten sputtered by low energy argon ions

    E. Marenkov   K. Nordlund   I. Sorokin   A. Eksaeva   K. Gutorov   J. Jussila   F. Granberg   D. Borodin  

    Abstract Sputtering by ions with low near-threshold energies is investigated. Experiments and simulations are conducted for tungsten sputtering by low-energy, 85–200 eV Ar atoms. The angular distributions of sputtered particles are measured. A new method for molecular dynamics simulation of sputtering taking into account random crystallographic surface orientation is developed, and applied for the case under consideration. The simulations approximate experimental results well. At low energies the distributions acquire “butterfly-like” shape with lower sputtering yields for close to normal angles comparing to the cosine distribution. The energy distributions of sputtered particles were simulated. The Thompson distribution remains valid down to near-threshold 85 eV case. Highlights • Angular and energy distributions of sputtered particles are considered for low-energy sputtering. • A new algorithm for molecular dynamics simulations of polycrystalline target is proposed. • Results of the simulations agree with experimental findings both obtained by us and found in literature.
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  • Effect of random surface orientation on W sputtering yields

    J. Jussila   F. Granberg   K. Nordlund  

    Highlights • The effect of random surface orientations on the sputtering yields was studied. • Low index surfaces and random orientations of the surface was investigated. • The sputtering yield depended heavily on the surface orientation. Abstract In this study, we investigate the sputtering yield of tungsten surfaces by energetic particles, focusing on the effect of surface orientation and the incoming irradiation angle, by means of molecular dynamics. We develop a simulation approach to simulate sputtering from completely random surface orientations. This allows obtaining the sputtering yields averaged over a sufficiently large number of orientations, to obtain statistically significant yields representative of a polycrystalline sample with random grain orientations. We find that the total sputtering yield is dependent on the surface orientation, and that the results for random surfaces are clearly different from that of any of the low-index ones or their average. The different low index surfaces and the random surfaces also showed that the sputtering yield is dependent on the incoming angle of the ion. The outgoing angle of the sputtered tungsten atoms was observed to be very sensitive to the surface orientation. Different features on the tungsten surface were observed to drastically affect the sputtering yield at certain angles.
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  • Shorter notice. Suomen polittinen historia, 1809-1995. S Hentila, O Jussila, J Nevakivi

    Kirby, D  

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