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  • N o 240-Infection à cytomégalovirus pendant la grossesse

    Yinon, Yoav   Farine, Dan   Yudin, Mark H.  

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  • A note on the (∞,n)–category of cobordisms

    Calaque, Damien   Scheimbauer, Claudia  

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  • A disk-type polyarene containing four B <- N units

    Min, Yang   Dou, Chuandong   Tian, Hongkun   Liu, Jun   Wang, Lixiang  

    In this manuscript, we report a disk-type polyarene consisting of an all-hexagon -framework and four BN units. It exhibits intriguing electronic structures and opto-electronic properties, such as locally modulated (anti)aromaticity, strong red fluorescence and n-type semiconductor characteristics, thus representing a new kind of pi-molecule containing B <- N units.
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  • A Disk-Type Polyarene Containing Four B←N Units

    Liu, Jun   Min, Yang   Dou, Chuandong   Tian, Hongkun   Wang, Lixiang  

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  • N -glycan sialylation in a silkworm-baculovirus expression system

    Suganuma, Masatoshi   Nomura, Tsuyoshi   Higa, Yukiko   Kataoka, Yukiko   Funaguma, Shunsuke   Okazaki, Hironobu   Suzuki, Takeo   Fujiyama, Kazuhito   Sezutsu, Hideki   Tatematsu, Ken-ichiro   Tamura, Toshiki  

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  • A Note about Multi-Hilbert Transform on D(?n)

    Wei, Ming-quan   Shen, Feng   Yan, Dun-yan  

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  • Terretonin N: A New Meroterpenoid from Nocardiopsis sp.

    Hamed Abdelaaty   Abdel-Razek Ahmed   Frese Marcel   Stammler Hans   El-Haddad Atef   Ibrahim Tarek   Sewald Norbert   Shaaban Mohamed  

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  • Interview With Marilyn Monk, BSc, MSc(A)N

    Spitzer Roxane  

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  • N° 372 - Déclaration sur l'accouchement à domicile planifié

    Campbell, Kim; Carson, George; Azzam, Hussam; Hutton, Eileen  

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  • Mass-deformed T N as a linear quiver

    Hayashi, Hirotaka   Tachikawa, Yuji   Yonekura, Kazuya  

    The T-N theory is a non-Lagrangian theory with SU(N)(3) flavor symmetry. We argue that when mass terms are given so that two of SU(N)'s are both broken to SU(N-1) xU(1), it becomes TN-1 theory coupled to an SU(N-1) vector multiplet together with N fundamentals. This implies that when two of SU(N)' s are both broken to U(1) (N-1), the theory becomes a linear quiver. We perform various checks of this statement, by using the 5d partition function, the structure of the coupling constants, the Higgs branch, and the Seiberg-Witten curve. We also study the case with more general punctures.
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  • Copept?n Level in Coronary Artery Ectas?a

    Se?en ?zlem   Yalva? ?zkan   Da?l? Mustafa Necati  

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  • Graphene-ZnO: N barristor on a polyethylene naphthalate substrate

    Hwang, Hyeon Jun   Heo, Sunwoo   Yoo, Won Beom   Lee, Byoung Hun  

    Graphene-ZnO: N Schottky junction barristors are fabricated on a flexible polyethylene naphthalate substrate utilizing a low thermal budget integration process with a maximum process temperature below 200 degrees C. An on/off ratio of over 10(4) is obtained with a 0.1 A/cm(2) drive current density at V-d =3D 0.5 V. The transmittance, degraded by the device stack, was 2.5-3% in the visible wavelength range, and a high on/off ratio was maintained after 600 bending cycles at a 0.6% strain (bending radius =3D 10 mm). (c) 2018 Author(s).
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  • A new species of Helico?n from Taiwan


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  • Cyclic symmetries of A(n)-quiver representations

    Nadler, David  

    This note contains a combinatorial construction of symmetries arising in symplectic geometry (partially wrapped or infinitesimal Fukaya categories), algebraic geometry (derived categories of singularities), and K-theory (Waldhausen's S-construction). Our specific motivation (in the spirit of expectations of Kontsevich) is a combinatorial construction of categorical quantizations of Lagrangian skeleta of symplectic manifolds. The main result of this paper gives an immediate solution in the one-dimensional case of ribbon graphs. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • Copept?n Level in Coronary Artery Ectas?a

    Se?en ?zlem   Yalva? ?zkan   Da?l? Mustafa Necati  

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  • Topological complexity of n points on a tree

    Scheirer, Steven  

    The topological complexity of a path-connected space X , denoted by TC(X) , can be thought of as the minimum number of continuous rules needed to describe how to move from one point in X to another. The space X is often interpreted as a configuration space in some real-life context. Here, we consider the case where X is the space of configurations of n points on a tree Gamma . We will be interested in two such configuration spaces. In the first, denoted by C-n(Gamma), the points are distinguishable, while in the second, UCn(Gamma), the points are indistinguishable. We determine TC(UCn(Gamma)) for any tree Gamma and many values of n , and consequently determine TC(C-n(Gamma)) for the same values of n (provided the configuration spaces are path-connected).
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