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    An in-laser wire feeder using a method for feeding wire in laser and cladding is provided. A laser beam (11) emitted from a laser apparatus is transformed into an annular light beam (15) by a conic mirror (24) and is focused into an annular conic light beam (16) by an annular focusing mirror (28). A conic hollow lightless area (17) is formed in the annular conic light beam (16). A tube (18,18') of the wire feeder is mounted in the lightless area (17) and coaxial with the annular conic light beam (16). A wire (14) is transferred coaxially and vertically into a molten bath on a machined surface in the center of the annular conic light beam (16) in operation, to realize to coaxially feed the wire in laser. Each direction of feeding wire in laser is consistent and is not effected by scanning directionality and unfocusing fluctuation. The coupling between the laser and the wire is continuously stable. The quality of crucible zone is high. The method and device can be used in laser cladding of metal material, fast molding of three-dimensional entity, laser weld and special connection, and laser repair and laser reproduction, etc.
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  • Starchy degradation is related with radicle emergence during wheat seed germination

    Yin, Meng Qi   Song, Wen Jian   Guo, Gen Yuan   Li, Fan   Sheteiwy, M.S.   Pan, Rong Hui   Hu, Jin   Guan, Ya Jing  

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    The present invention relates to an LED lighting assembly, having a printed circuit board (2) with an LED chip (1), a heat sink (3) thermally connected with the printed circuit board (2) at one side and forming a cavity (5) at the other side for at least accommodating a non- insulation LED driver (4), wherein a thermal conduction insulating layer which is arranged between the heat sink (3) and the printed circuit board (2) consists of a first part and a second part, and wherein the first part is configured to provide a creepage distance, both the first part and the second part thermally contact the heat sink (3) and the printed circuit board (2), and the second part has a thermal conductivity higher than that of the first part. In addition, the present invention further relates to an LED retrofit lamp having the LED lighting assembly of the type above.
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  • Determining the full transformation relations in the transformation method

    Hu, Jin   Lu, Xiang-Yang  

    The transformation method provides an efficient way to control wave propagation by materials. However, the degree to which this transformation concept can be applied to other physical phenomena remains an open question. Recently, Hu et al. presented a general framework for determining the transformation relations of the physical quantities in an arbitrary partial differential equation (PDE) in its application scope according to the idea of the transformation method. In this paper, we will review the main concepts of this general theory, particularly the difference between this idea and usual methods. The flexibility of this method is shown using an example.
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  • Approximate method for controlling solid elastic waves by transformation media

    Hu, Jin   Chang, Zheng   Hu, Gengkai  

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  • Investigation of Creep Behaviors of Wudang Mica Schist by Triaxial Compression Tests

    Xu, Jianbo   Chen, Jianping   Jiang, Ping   Jiang, Cheng   Hu, Jin  

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  • Mitochondrial small heat shock protein mediates seed germination via thermal sensing

    Ma, Wei   Guan, Xueying   Li, Jie   Pan, Ronghui   Wang, Luyao   Liu, Fengjun   Ma, Hongyu   Zhu, Shuijin   Hu, Jin   Ruan, Yong-Ling   Chen, Xiaoya   Zhang, Tianzhen  

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  • Self-cleaning property of AZ31 Mg alloy during plasma electrolytic oxidation process

    Han, Jiaping   Blawert, Carsten   Yang, Junjie   Lu, Xiaopeng   Hu, Jin   Zheludkevich, Mikhail L.  

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  • Surface Instability and Chemical Reactivity of ZrSiS and ZrSiSe Nodal-Line Semimetals

    Boukhvalov, Danil W.   Edla, Raju   Cupolillo, Anna   Fabio, Vito   Sankar, Raman   Zhu, Yanglin   Mao, Zhiqiang   Hu, Jin   Torelli, Piero   Chiarello, Gennaro   Ottaviano, Luca   Politano, Antonio  

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  • A novel and sensitive sarcosine biosensor based on organic electrochemical transistor

    Hu, Jin   Wei, Weiwei   Ke, Shanming   Zeng, Xierong   Lin, Peng  

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  • 3-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Tesla Disc Turbines for Industrial Dust Blower

    Hu, Jin   Yi, Jian Gang  

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    Provided is a method for preparing an interferon-POEGMA conjugate, comprising the following step: polymerizing an interferon-initiator conjugate, OEGMA, CuCl, CuCl2, and 1,1,4,7,10,10-hexamethyltriethylenetetramine in a buffer solution to obtain an IFN-POEGMA conjugate.
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  • Concentrating Elastic Waves by Isotropic Homogeneous and Reflectionless Materials

    Hu, Jin   Lu, Xiang Yang  

    In this paper, we show that compared with the conventional transformation elastodynamics, the method based on physical interpretation of form-invariance can provide more flexibility in material design. As a result of this flexibility, the impedance-matched condition for both S and P waves in perpendicularly incident cases exists, thus the isotropic homogeneous elastic wave concentrator can be designed. Samples are conceived and validated by numerical simulations.
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  • Optimize Energy Efficiency of Quadrotors Via Arm Rotation

    Xiong, Hao   Hu, Jin   Diao, Xiumin  

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    Disclosed are a security control method and device for running an application. The method comprises: a feature terminal, when unable to connect to a feature service end, obtaining identifier information of an application, the feature service end being a service end that performs security control on the feature terminal based on an internal network; according to the identifier information, extracting a first attribute of the application from a first attribute identification database preset by the feature terminal, the first attribute comprising a security classification of the application; according to the first attribute, extracting a second attribute of the application from a second attribute configuration file preset by the feature terminal, the second attribute comprising an execution policy of the application corresponding to the security classification; the feature terminal loading and/or executing the application according to the execution policy. The present invention can prevent running of the application from being affected by incapability of a terminal in connecting a private cloud.
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  • Precipitation processes during the peak-aged and over-aged stages in an Mg-Gd-Y-Zr alloy

    Zhang, Fan   Wang, Yafei   Duan, Yunbiao   Wang, Kaijun   Wang, Yutian   Zhang, Weijun   Hu, Jin  

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