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  • Initial Offer Precision and M&A Outcomes

    Hukkanen, Petri   Keloharju, Matti  

    Building on recent research in social psychology, this paper analyzes the link between the precision of initial cash offers and mergers and acquisition (M&A) outcomes. About one-half of the offers are made at the precision of one or five dollars per share, while an additional one-third are made at the precision of a half dollar or one quarter. The practice of making offers at round price-per-share levels is associated with a higher purchase price for target shares and a lower probability of deal completion.
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  • A minimum mass nebula for M dwarfs

    Gaidos, E.  

    Recently revealed differences in planets around M dwarf versus solar-type stars could arise from differences in their primordial discs and surveys of T Tauri stars find a correlation between stellar mass and disc mass. 'Minimum' discs have been reconstructed for the Solar system and solar-type stars and here this exercise is performed for M dwarfs using Kepler-detected planets. Distribution of planet mass between current orbits produces a disc with total mass of approximate to 0.009 M-circle dot and a power-law profile with index alpha =3D 2.2. Disc reconstruction from the output of a forward model of planet formation indicates that the effect of detection bias on disc profile is slight and that the observed scatter in planet masses and semimajor axes are consistent with a universal disc profile. This nominal M dwarf disc is more centrally concentrated than those inferred around the solar-type stars observed by Kepler, and the mass surface density beyond 0.02 au is sufficient for in situ accretion of planets as single embryos. The mass of refractory solids within 0.5 au is 5.6 M-circle plus compared to 4 M. for solar-type stars in contrast with the trend with total disc mass. The total solid beyond 0.5 au is sufficient for the core of at least one giant planet.
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  • RNA MODIFICATIONS Site-specific m(6)A editing

    Wei, Jiangbo   He, Chuan  

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  • A Tribute to William M. Jackson, Jr.

    Goodson, Theodore   Houston, Paul L.   McCrary, Victor R.  

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  • On the Analysis of a M/M/1 Queue with Bulk Services

    Balbo, G.   Vigliotti, M. G.  

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  • A. M. Rozen's classification of extraction processes

    Khol'kin, A. I.   Belova, V. V.  

    The existing classifications of extraction processes are overviewed. The main principles and/or criteria underlying each classification are considered. The three systems of classification of extraction processes suggested by A.M. Rozen are discussed in greater detail.
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  • Linking m(6)A to Wnt signaling

    Liu, Xiao-Min   Qian, Shu-Bing  

    N-6-methyladenosine (m(6)A) has emerged as a crucial molecular code to influence pluripotency and differentiation of diverse stem cells. A study in this issue now shows that, in intestinal stem cells, the m(6)A reader protein YTHDF1 directs translational control of stemness in both m(6)A- and Wnt-dependent manner [1].
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  • Contribution by M. A. Girolami

    Girolami, Mark A.  

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  • Initial Offer Precision and M&A Outcomes

    Hukkanen Petri   Keloharju Matti  

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  • I\"m a teenage lobotomy

    Jacobs   H.  

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  • A note on composition (m, n)-hyperrings

    Norouzi, Morteza   Cristea, Irina  

    Based on the concepts of composition ring and composition hyper-ring, in this note we introduce the notion of composition structure for (m, n)-hyperrings and study the connections with composition hyperrings. Moreover we show that particular strong endomorphisms of (m, n)-hyperrings can determine the composition structure of a such (m, n)-hyperrings. Finally, the three isomorphism theorems are presented in the case of composition (m, n)-hyperrings, showing that they are not a pure extension of those for composition hyperrings.
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  • Fluid Handling Industry Update: M&A Activity

    Haan, Thomas E  

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  • Allan M. Williams - A life course perspective

    Shaw, Gareth  

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  • A helically folded poly(m,p-phenylene)

    Burkhalter, Manuel   Kandre, Ramchandra   Lukin, Oleg  

    Abstract Two amphiphilic poly(m,p-phenylene)s were synthesized through Suzuki polycondensation from 1,3-phenylene dibromide bearing solubilizing tri- or tetra(ethylene glycol) chains and 1,4-phenylene diboronic acid diester. Unlike its tri(ethylene glycol)-functionalized congener the polymer with tetra(ethylene glycol) chains was shown to possess considerably high molecular weight (Mw=15,900 and Mn=7300) and good solubility in both polar and nonpolar organic solvents. Fluorescence spectra of the polymer recorded in CHCl3 and aqueous acetonitrile revealed that in the latter solution the fluorescence intensity is considerably lower and the band is redshifted by about 70 nm compared to the former one. This indicates a transition from a random coil conformation to an ordered compact one. A convincing indication of helical folding of the polymer came from an induced circular dichroism spectroscopic study of inclusion complexes of the tubular helical folds with α-pinene enantiomers influencing the sense of the helix. Graphical abstract
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  • Fluid Handling Industry Update: M&A Activity

    Thomas E Haan  

    Fluid handling industry M&A activity has started 2018 at near record pace. Through April 2018 there have been 30 transactions announced, 26 of those were in the first quarter of the year. The only other quarter that has had that level of volume in the last eight years was Q3 2014 when there were 27 transactions announced. That level of activity helped make 2014 a record year with 76 transactions. January was by far the most active month we have seen with 14 transactions. This could be an indication that there were some transactions that were held until after the close of 2017 to take advantage of the tax law change for 2018. The pace of activity has slowed with nine transactions in February and three each in March and April, so despite the fast start we may not be on the way to a record-breaking year.
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  • A Tribute to Dr Lillian M. Fuller

    McLaughlin, Peter   Maor, Moshe H.  

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