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  • A Grammar of M?eruvallabók ||

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  • Global M&A: Still the chocolate industry sweetspot?

    Allen, Lawrence  

    Like a dividing cell under the microscope, the American snack food market has split apart into two distinct cells, each with its own unique consumer DNA. The two market segments can best be defined as legacy consumers and next-generation consumers. This tectonic shift in the confectionery industry may make global industry-giant mergers more a battle between dinosaurs, lit by meteor light.
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  • A QCL-based metrological-grade source at 6 mu m

    D'Ambrosio, D.   Borri, S.   Calonico, D.   Clivati, C.   De Natale, P.   De Pas, M.   Insero, G.   Levi, F.   Verde, M.   Santambrogio, G.  

    In view of high-precision molecular spectroscopy in the infrared, we realized a narrow-linewidth laser source at 5.8 mu m traceable to the second in the International System of Units by mixing two near-infrared lasers in an orientation-patterned GaP crystal. The generated radiation is traceable to a Cs fountain through an optical fiber-delivered carrier; its estimated linewidth is 2.3 kHz at 1 s integration time. A quantum cascade laser emitting at the same wavelength is used to boost the power of the mid-IR radiation up to few tens of mW. Thanks to a phase-locking loop, about 70% of the quantum cascade laser output power is within the linewidth of the difference-frequency radiation. This apparatus is used for absolute molecular spectroscopy in a region, above 5 mu m, where high-precision traceability and reliable operation are still challenging. In this paper, we provide the basic information to implement a powerful and metrological grade source in the mid-infrared for precision measurements.
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  • A Reader-Based Assay for m(6)A Writers and Erasers

    Wiedmer, Lars   Eberle, Stefanie Alexandra   Bedi, Rajiv Kumar   Sledz, Pawel   Caflisch, Amedeo  

    We have developed a homogeneous time resolved fluorescence (HTRF)-based enzyme assay to measure the catalytic activity of N-6-methyladenosine (m(6)A) methyltransferases and demethylases. The assay detects m(6)A modifications using the natural m(6)A-binding proteins (m(6)A readers). The reaction product or substrate m(6)A-containing RNA and the m(6)A reader protein are fluorescently labeled such that their proximity during binding initiates Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET). We show that our HTRF assay can be used for highthroughput screening, which will facilitate the discovery of smallmolecule modulators of m(6)A (de)methylases.
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  • Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University: A Facility Overview

    Tabacaru, G.   Clark, H.   Arje, J.   May, D.  

    Cyclotron Institute at Texas A&M University has a unique operation structure with beam time available for science experiments and for electronic equipment testing used for space exploration, aviation and other applications where ionizing radiation is involved. An upgrade program of the facility started years ago with improvements on the beam time availability for industrial applications as well as with the development of devices for radioactive ion production. An overview of the facility operation program will be presented in this paper. Details on one of the device, the Light Ion Guide, are will be presented as well.
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  • Crystallography: a very short introduction, by A. M. Glazer

    Clayton   John D.  

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  • Splitting a contraction of a simple curve traversed m times

    Chambers, Gregory R.   Liokumovich, Yevgeny  

    Suppose that M is a 2-dimensional oriented Riemannian manifold, and let gamma be a simple closed curve on M. Let gamma(m) denote the curve formed by tracing gamma m times. We prove that if gamma(m) is contractible through curves of length less than L, then gamma is contractible through curves of length less than L. In the last section we state several open questions about controlling length and the number of self-intersections in homotopies of curves on Riemannian surfaces.
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  • \"I\"m Not a Computer Scientist, but ...\"

    Grier   David Alan  

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  • Network information and cross‐border M&A activities

    Jun Xia   Xufei Ma   Tony W. Tong   Weiwen Li  

    Research Summary How information about social networks affects firms’ global expansion is an important but rarely investigated question. We argue that different sources of network information will affect a firm's investment activities in the global market, but their relative importance may vary. Moreover, the influence of network information can be bounded by the global trade network. The results from a sample of cross‐border merger and acquisition (M&A) activities conducted by U.S. publicly listed firms reveal that although M&A experience of both interlocking and joint venture partners affects the focal firm's global expansion, the effect of interlocking partners is more influential than joint venture partners. Meanwhile, when mutual trade dependence between countries is high, the positive effect of network information from board interlocks diminishes. Managerial Summary Firms are hesitant to engage in cross‐border M&As, because it is difficult for them to get information about local business practices and environmental idiosyncrasies. This study shows that firms can deal with this challenge by accessing relevant information from the M&A experience of interlocking partners and joint venture partners. The information generated from the M&A experience of interlocking partners is even more valuable and important than that of joint venture partners in shaping firms’ cross‐border M&A decisions. Moreover, the M&A experience of interlocking partners and joint venture partners is particularly valuable for firms contemplating M&A activities in a country with relatively fewer buyer‐seller exchange networks with their home country.
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  • Theory and practice in M&A valuations

    Mazzariol, Patrick; Thomas, Mark  

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  • CEO social status and M&A decision making

    Plaksina, Yulia; Gallagher, Liam; Dowling, Michael  

    Our study demonstrates the impact of CEO ascribed and achieved social status on M&A decision making and shows the firm value consequences from acquisition deals announced by executives with various status levels. Both ascribed (measured through prestigious education) and achieved (measured through receiving awards) social status are shown to be associated with reduced M&A activity and the effect is strongest among executives who possess both status types simultaneously. However, while the influence of ascribed status is permanent, higher achieved status reduces CEO acquisitiveness only in the immediate aftermath of receiving this status boost. Furthermore, while ascribed status has no significant impact on immediate announcement returns, possessing high achieved social status results in significant value destruction around deal announcements.
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  • Does CSR impact premiums in M&A transactions?

    Gomes, Mathieu   Marsat, Sylvain  

    Studies linking corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the market value of firms for marginal investors have found mixed evidence. However, the case of strategic acquirers has scarcely been analyzed. We investigate whether CSR is valued by acquirers in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and find that CSR is positively associated with bid premiums. Interestingly, while environmental performance is generally valued by acquirers, social performance only commands a premium in cross-border transactions. Our findings suggest that acquirers value targets' CSR involvement and may consider it as a way to reduce information asymmetry and targets' specific risk.
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  • A Few Minutes With Rebecca M. Patton

    Patton   Rebecca M.  

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  • Intempo: A High-Slender 180 m Building

    de Tejada Espuelas, Enrique Gutierrez; Tesoro, Florentino Regalado  

    Intempo (Benidorm, Alicante) is a 52-storey building constructed above the ground level consisting of three basement levels the total height being 190 m. This residential building, designed with reinforced concrete, will be completed in 2014 to become the tallest residential building in Europe. Its distinctive geometric design is noteworthy. It has two straight, parallel towers with a separation of 20 m, which are connected at the top with an elliptical reversed cone rising to a height of nine storeys. This cone is held by two metallic trusses that were launched from one tower to the other at 150 m height. These are supported by the external shear walls of exposed concrete of the two towers. Beyond the inherent characteristics of a high-rise building, the distinguishing feature of the building lies in the high slenderness (the ratio of the height to the minimum dimension of the floor plan being 10,8), which reflects the architectural perception and the structural realization of the project.
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  • Merging and diverging cultures in M&A

    Mielly, Michelle   Alain Rouault, Frank   Richards O\"Reilly, Kevin  

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  • M&A Deal Initiation and Managerial Motivation

    Fidrmuc, Jana P.; Xia, Chunling  

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