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  • Splitting a contraction of a simple curve traversed m times

    Chambers, Gregory R.   Liokumovich, Yevgeny  

    Suppose that M is a 2-dimensional oriented Riemannian manifold, and let gamma be a simple closed curve on M. Let gamma(m) denote the curve formed by tracing gamma m times. We prove that if gamma(m) is contractible through curves of length less than L, then gamma is contractible through curves of length less than L. In the last section we state several open questions about controlling length and the number of self-intersections in homotopies of curves on Riemannian surfaces.
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  • A Tribute to Lisa M. Schwartz, MD, MS

    Bauchner, Howard  

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  • m(6)A: Signaling for mRNA splicing

    Adhikari, Samir   Xiao, Wen   Zhao, Yong-Liang   Yang, Yun-Gui  

    Among myriads of distinct chemical modifications in RNAs, dynamic N6-methyladenosine (m(6)A) is one of the most prevalent modifications in eukaryotic mRNAs and non-coding RNAs. Similar to the critical role of chemical modifications in regulation of DNA and protein activities, RNA m(6)A modification is also observed to be involved in the regulation of diverse functions of RNAs including meiosis, fertility, development, cell reprogramming and circadian period. The RNA m(6)A modification is recognized by YTH domain containing family proteins comprising of YTHDC1-2 and YTHDF1-3. Here we focus on the nuclear m(6)A reader YTHDC1 and its regulatory role in alternative splicing and other RNA metabolic processes.
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  • A. M. Topchibashi: the Paris archive (1919–1940)

    Alieva, Sevinc  

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  • Historical perspectives on accounting for M&A

    Amel-Zadeh, Amir   Meeks, Geoff   Meeks, J. Gay.  

    This paper attempts to tease out some of the reasons why the history of M&A accounting has been so fraught. It compares the different M&A accounting regimes which have been tried over time in UK, US and international standards. It illustrates the quantitative impact of alternative accounting regimes on financial statements. It asks whether the resulting numbers make any difference to decisions and behaviour. It charts the rising scale of M&A expenditures which have accompanied the different accounting regimes. And it suggests that a number of historical developments have intensified the challenges posed by accounting for M&A developments in firms' investment choice between M&A or new tangibles, in the role of intangibles, in means of payment for M&A, in stock market price movements, in the synergies created by M&A, and in 'creative accounting'.
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  • Common auditors in M&A transactions

    Cai, Ye   Kim, Yongtae   Park, Jong Chool   White, Hal D.  

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  • Extraversion, individualism and M&A activities

    Chan, Alex W.H.   Cheung, Hoi Yan  

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  • RNA Methylation m(6)A: A New Code and Drug Target?

    Lai, Gan-Qiang   Zhou, Lin-Lin   Yang, Cai-Guang  

    The m(6)A-RNA modification is a dynamic and reversible process, which has emerged as a new RNA code for the regulation of gene expression. The functional network of methyltransferases (writers), demethylases (erasers), and binding proteins (readers) modulate the level of m(6)A modification. Dysfunction of RNA methylation has been associated with various fundamental biological processes and human diseases. Herein, we briefly introduce an understanding-enabled manipulation on m(6)A-RNA modification with an emphasis on the use of small-molecule intervention.
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  • Crystallography: a very short introduction, by A. M. Glazer

    Clayton, John D.  

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  • A tribute to John M. Prausnitz

    Cummings, Peter   O\"Connell, John   Harold, Michael P.  

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  • Crystallography: a very short introduction, by A. M. Glazer

    Clayton   John D.  

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  • Financial Protectionism, M&A Activity, and Shareholder Wealth

    Godsell, David   Lel, Ugur   Miller, Darius P.  

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  • Ownership Similarity in M&A Target Selection

    Bettinazzi, Emanuele   Miller, Danny   Amore, Mario Daniele   Corbetta, Guido  

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  • A note on M?bius algebras and applications

    Burgos J.M.  

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  • Immunodeficiency in a Child with Alstr?m Syndrome

    Ozdemir Taha Resid   Karaca Neslihan Edeer   Marshall Jan Davis   Kutukculer Necil   Aksu Guzide   Ozgul Riza Koksal   Ozanturk Aysegul   Isik Esra   Akgun Bilcag   Ozdemir Hamiyet Hekimci   Darcan Sukran   Ozkinay Ferda   Cogulu Ozgur  

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  • I\"m a SampleSorcerer

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