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  • Climate and geochemistry as drivers of eucalypt diversification in Australia

    Bui, E. N.   Thornhill, A. H.   Gonzalez-Orozco, C. E.   Knerr, N.   Miller, J. T.  

    Eucalypts cover most of Australia. Here, we investigate the relative contribution of climate and geochemistry to the distribution and diversity of eucalypts. Using geostatistics, we estimate major element concentrations, pH, and electrical conductivity at sites where eucalypts have been recorded. We compare the median predicted geochemistry and reported substrate for individual species that appear associated with extreme conditions; this provides a partial evaluation of the predictions. We generate a site-by-species matrix by aggregating observations to the centroids of 100-km-wide grid cells, calculate diversity indices, and use numerical ecology methods (ordination, variation partitioning) to investigate the ecology of eucalypts and their response to climatic and geochemical gradients. We find that -diversity coincides with variations in climatic and geochemical patterns. Climate and geochemistry together account for less than half of the variation in eucalypt species assemblages across Australia but for greater than 80% in areas of high species richness. Climate is more important than geochemistry in explaining eucalypts species distribution and change in assemblages across Australia as a whole but there are correlations between the two sets of environmental variables. Many individual eucalypt species and entire taxonomic sections (Aromatica, Longistylus of subgenus Eucalyptus, Dumaria, and Liberivalvae of subgenus Symphyomyrtus) have distributions affected strongly by geochemistry. We conclude that eucalypt diversity is driven by steep geochemical gradients that have arisen as climate patterns have fluctuated over Australia over the Cenozoic, generally aridifying since the Miocene. The diversification of eucalypts across Australia is thus an excellent example of co-evolution of landscapes and biota in space and time and challenges accepted notions of macroecology.
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  • 皮肤纤维化评估

    Ud‐Din, S.; Foden, P.; Stocking, K.; Mazhari, M.; Al‐Habba, S.; Baguneid, M.; McGeorge, D.; Bayat, A.  

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  • 肠道微生物群失调

    Hidalgo‐Cantabrana, C.; Gómez, J.; Delgado, S.; Requena‐López, S.; Queiro‐Silva, R.; Margolles, A.; Coto, E.; Sánchez, B.; Coto‐Segura, P.  

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  • THC 联合 CBD 治疗 EB 疼痛

    Schräder, N.H.B.; Duipmans, J.C.; Molenbuur, B.; Wolff, A.; Jonkman, M.F.  

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  • C. E. Alken-Award 2017

    Danuser, H.  

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  • Nealy, E. C. (2017).

    Richard R. Pleak   Shervin Shadianloo  

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  • Nealy, E. C. (2017).

    Pleak, Richard R.   Shadianloo, Shervin  

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  • CLEQoL 的验证和可靠性

    Ogunsanya, M.E.; Cho, S.K.; Hudson, A.; Chong, B.F.  

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  • Editor’s Note; 編集後記;

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  • C. E. Alken-Preis 2019

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  • C. E. Alken-Preis 2018

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  • 湿疹应用程序评估

    Galen, L.S.; Xu, X.; Koh, M.; Thng, S.; Car, J.  

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  • 舌癌の診断と治療

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  • Inclusive Production Lambda(c) in the e (+) e (-) - Annihilation

    Osati, T.   Movlanaei, M.  

    In the framework of the quark-diquark model of baryons, I > (c) can be considered as constituent c quark and ud diquark. In hadronizasion process baryon I > (c) can be produced from ud scalar diquark and c quark fragmentation. So in this work, in the lowest order of perturbative QCD, fragmentation functions c -> I > (c) and ud -> I > (c) are calculated and finally in the electron-positron annihilation in LEP, the inclusive cross section production of I > (c) is calculated about pole of z (0).
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  • Commemorating C. E. Rolt (1881–1918)

    Brierley, Michael W.  

    C. E. Rolt (1881-1918) is generally known for his translation of Pseudo-Dionysius. He was, however, a theologian in his own right, whose writing continues to be influential today. Marking the centenary of his death, this article outlines his life and thought, and identifies the particular way in which his work holds promise for contemporary theology.
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  • C. P. E. Bach reissues

    Knights, Francis  

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