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  • Microstructure and Properties of Cu Coating Fabricated onto Diamond-Cu Substrate by Low-Temperature HVOF Process

    Liu, Min   Yang, Kun   Deng, Chun-ming   Deng, Chang-guang   Zhou, Ke-song  

    Diamond-Cu composites have been considered to be the next generation of electronic packing materials. One of the key stumbles for such an application is the joining problem between diamond-Cu composites and other materials due to the poor wettability of the diamond particles in the composites. In order to overcome this hurdle, pure Cu powder was thermally sprayed onto diamond-Cu substrate by low-temperature high-velocity oxygen fuel spraying process. Microstructure and some fundamental properties of the coating obtained were systematically investigated, and morphologies of the single splat deposited on the diamond-Cu substrate were also observed. The splats obtained have good adhesion with the substrate as fine particles flattened sufficiently, while the coarse particles were significantly deformed. The coating was quite dense with porosity lower than 1%, oxygen content under 0.5% and thermal conductivity about 266 Wm(-1) K-1 and still remained on the diamond-Cu substrate after 50 thermal shock cycles between 300 A degrees C and water bath at room temperature. Meanwhile, the solderability of the coating was significantly improved. Therefore, Cu coating deposited on diamond-Cu substrate by low-temperature high-velocity oxygen fuel spraying process can be beneficial in electronic industry assisting with soldering and improved wettability for joining of other materials.
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