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    The present invention provides a method and system for detecting the anomaly of variables of a host. The method comprises: calculating, by means of an association rule algorithm, a first association rule set between a plurality of variables of a host to be detected according to a data window of a first preset length of time; sliding the data window backward according to a second preset period, and calculating, by means of the association rule algorithm, a second association rule set between the variables in the data window sliding backward according to the preset period; comparing each rule in the second association rule set with each rule in the first association rule set respectively, and calculating the similarity of the first association rule set and the second association rule set; and comparing the similarity with the minimal similarity of a rule set, and determining whether an anomaly occurs in the variables of the host to be detected.
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  • Channel Selection and Contracting in the Presence of a Retail Platform

    Shen, Yuelin   Willems, Sean P.   Dai, Yue  

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  • Social support and the self-rated health of older people

    Dai, Yue   Zhang, Chen-Yun   Zhang, Bao-Quan   Li, Zhanzhan   Jiang, Caixiao   Huang, Hui-Ling  

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  • Tailoring magnetic properties of Al-substituted M-type strontium hexaferrites

    Dai, Yue   Lan, Zhongwen   Wu, Chuanjian   Yang, Changlong   Yu, Zhong   Guo, Rongdi   Wang, Wei   Chen, Chuan   Liu, Xin   Jiang, Xiaona   Sun, Ke  

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  • Investigation of Series-Connected IGBTs in Fast High-Voltage Circuit Breaker

    Dai, Yue   Zhang, Ming   Fan, Kunpeng   Pan, Yuan   Yu, Kexun   Zhuang, Ge  

    The ECRH system on J-TEXT tokamak requires fast circuit breakers as switches to cut off the 80 kV power supply within 20 μs when failure occurs. Series connected IGBTs is a better choice for the breaker than mechanical switch and thyristor in this case. The voltage balance among IGBTs is the main issue that needs investigation. This paper presents a two-stage active gate trigger time compensation method to ensure the voltage balance among IGBTs. The test environment consists of a 1500 V/10 A circuit with 3 IGBTs which are connected in series. The experimental result shows that the method can effectively improve the dynamic-voltage balance and has a certain extent meaning for the solution of voltage balance of series connected IGBTs .
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    A treatment process for exhaust gas of benzene homolog air oxidation process is provided, in which the high-temperature pressurized exhaust gas produced in the benzene homolog air oxidation process is used as the power and heat source. Firstly, the exhaust gas enters into a turbine refrigerator (TM-01) to do work and generate refrigeration used to condense the gas phase at the top of the flash evaporator (FT-01) and organics entrained in the exhaust gas. Next, the exhaust gas with lowered temperature and pressure is introduced into corresponding heat exchangers (H-03) to provide a part of heat for the flash evaporator (FT-01) and preheat the reaction raw materials. Furthermore, the condensed exhaust gas is also introduced into a water absorption scrubber (W-01) to further remove trace organics entrained in it.
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  • Killing quantum entanglement by acceleration or a black hole

    Dai, Yue   Shen, Zhejun   Shi, Yu  

    We consider two entangled accelerating qubits coupled with real scalar fields, each described by the Unruh-Wald model. It is demonstrated that because of the Unruh effect of the fields, the bipartite entanglement between the two qubits suddenly dies when the acceleration of one or more qubits are large enough. We also consider three entangled accelerating qubits in GHZ state and in W state, with equal acceleration-frequency ratio, and found that in either state, the tripartite entanglement suddenly dies at a certain value of acceleration-frequency ratio. The equivalence between the Rindler metric and the Schwarzschild metric in the vicinity of the horizon of a black hole implies that for two entangled qubits outside a black hole, the entanglement suddenly dies when one or both of the qubits are close enough to the horizon, while the three entangled qubits in GHZ or W state, the tripartite entanglement suddenly dies when these qubits are close enough to the horizon.
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  • Triangle inequalities in coherence measures and entanglement concurrence

    Dai, Yue   You, Wenlong   Dong, Yuli   Zhang, Chengjie  

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  • College English Listening Teaching Design Based on Computer Multimedia Teaching Platform

    Dai, Yue  

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  • MOETA: a novel text-mining model for collecting and analysing competitive intelligence

    Dai, Yue   Kakkonen, Tuomo   Arendarenko, Ernest   Liao, Ding   Sutinen, Erkki  

    The internet constitutes a vast repository of textual information, and its emergence has dramatically changed the environment in which businesses operate. Its development has had a great influence on the current business models. The goal of this work is to outline a novel text-mining-based decision-support model, Mining for Opinion, Event and Timeline Analysis (MOETA), which aims to explore competitive intelligence from the internet and the internal textual data sources of a company in depth. MOETA integrates novel Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for event detection and opinion mining to locate events and opinions on a timeline. The aim is to distil unstructured textual data into knowledge and intelligence that are useful to business decision-makers. An overview of the model is given and the architecture of a system based on the model is introduced. Moreover, we provide a practical example to explain how MOETA can support decision making.
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  • Non-Hodgkin?s Lymphoma of Multiple Skeletal Muscles Involvement Seen on FDG PET/CT Scans

    Dai, Yue   Sowjanya, Medapati   You, Jia   Xu, Kai  

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  • Retrospective case analysis of crayfish-transmitted Haff disease in China during 2016–2017

    Bai, Li   Xu, Mingjing   Li, Weiwei   Han, Haihong   Liu, Jikai   Fu, Ping   Xu, Lizi   Ouyang, Yingying   You, Xinyong   Chen, Jiang   Zou, Jing   Dai, Yue   Zhen, Shiqi   Duan, Shenggang   Liang, Junhua   Guo, Yunchang  

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    Disclosed are a method, device and apparatus for controlling a terminal. The method comprises: when the terminal is held, acquiring a holding signal input by a housing of the terminal; based on the holding signal, detecting a holding manner for holding the terminal; and in accordance with the holding manner, adjusting an operation logic of the terminal. The present invention solves the technical problem of lower efficiency and lower accuracy in operating a mobile phone with a single hand in the prior art.
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  • Antipruritic and Antiinflammatory Effects of Aqueous Extract from Si-Wu-Tang

    Dai, Yue   But, Paul Pui-Hay   Chan, Yiu-Pong   Matsuda, Hideaki   Kubo, Michinori  

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  • Inhibition of Immediate Allergic Reactions by Ethanol Extract from Plumbago zeylanica Stems

    Dai, Yue   Hou, Li-Fei   Chan, Yiu-Pong   Cheng, Ling   But, Paul Pui-Hay  

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    A wind-collecting device for a wind generator including a radial wind-collecting means,which is located around the outer periphery of the wind inlet of the blades of the wind generator.Many radial wind-collecting passages communicated with the wind inlet of the wind generator are formde between the blades of the radial wind-collecting means.The flowing cross section of the radial wind-collecting passage adjacent to the center of the wind generator is smaller than the flowing cross section situated at the outer side part of the radial wind-collecting passage.The wind-collecting means provides high quality and virtual wind energy for the wind generator,improves energy sources structure and environment,and can be used broadly.
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