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  • Activated T Cell Exosomes Promote Tumor Invasion via Fas Signaling Pathway

    Cai, Z.   Yang, F.   Yu, L.   Yu, Z.   Jiang, L.   Wang, Q.   Yang, Y.   Wang, L.   Cao, X.   Wang, J.  

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  • Gas-phase Cracking Dicyclopentadiene Using Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas

    Cai, Z.   Shen, B.   Xin, Z.   Liu, W.   Ling, H.  

    The process of cracking dicyclopentadiene to produce cyclopentadiene using hydrogen as a carrier gas is investigated. This process has many advantages over using N2 or water vapor as a carrier gas for producing anhydrous polymerization level dicyclopentadiene. Factors, including cracking temperature, reaction time, and H2 to oil ratio, are studied. The conversion of dicyclopentadiene increases with the increasing of cracking temperature and reaction time; the yield of cyclopentadiene increases, and then drops a little with the increasing of reaction time. Optimal reaction conditions are as follows: suitable cracking temperature is 320 degrees C, reaction time is 1 sec, and H2 to oil ratio is 50. Cracking temperature of the process is about 30 degrees C lower than using N2 or water vapor as the carrier gas. At the optimal conditions, the conversion of dicyclopentadiene could reach 98%, while the yield of cyclopentadiene is 97%. The reaction kinetic model of the process is also studied, and the model could predict the conversion of dicyclopentadiene well.
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  • The Expression of Histone Demethylase JMJD1A in Renal Cell Carcinoma

    GUO, X.   SHI, M.   SUN, L.   WANG, Y.   GUI, Y.   CAI, Z.   DUAN, X.  

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  • Reply: Cellular Dosimetry Using the Geant4 Monte Carlo Toolkit

    Cai, Z.   Pignol, J.-P.   Chan, C.   Reilly, R. M.  

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  • Transcriptional Regulation of Tlr11 Gene Expression in Epithelial Cells

    Cai, Z.   Shi, Z.   Sanchez, A.   Zhang, T.   Liu, M.   Yang, J.   Wang, F.   Zhang, D.  

    As sensors of invading microorganisms, Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are expressed not only on macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs) but also on epithelial cells. In the TLR family, Tlr11 appears to have the unique feature in that it is expressed primarily on epithelial cells, although it is also expressed on DCs and macrophages. Here, we demonstrate that transcription of the Tlr11 gene is regulated through two cis-acting elements, one Ets-binding site and one interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-binding site. The Ets element interacts with the epithelium-specific transcription factors, ESE-1 and ESE-3, and the IRF motif interacts with IRF-8. Thus, Tlr11 expression on epithelial cells is regulated by the transcription factors that are presumably distinct from transcription factors that regulate the expression of TLRs in innate immune cells such as macrophages and DCs. Our results imply that the distinctive transcription regulatory machinery for TLRs on epithelium may represent a promising new avenue for the development of epithelia-specific therapeutic interventions.
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  • Traffic design and signal timing of staggered intersections based on a sorting strategy

    Cai, Z.   Xiong, M.   Ma, D.   Wang, D.  

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  • Current insights into computer-aided immunotherapeutic design strategies

    Cai, Z.   Zhang, G.   Zhang, X.   Liu, Y.   Fu, X.  

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  • Orthodontic Applications of Biomaterials || Frequent handling mistakes during bonding

    Cai, Z.  

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  • Is 15-min Ischemia too Lethal to Be an Ischemic Preconditioning Stimulus?

    Cai, Z.   Semenza, G. L.  

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  • Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 is required for remote ischemic preconditioning of the heart

    Cai, Z.   Luo, W.   Zhan, H.   Semenza, G. L.  

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  • Robust adaptive asymptotic tracking of nonlinear systems with additive disturbance

    Cai, Z.   de Queiroz, M.S.   Dawson, D.M.  

    This note deals with the tracking control of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) nonlinear parametric strict-feedback systems in the presence of additive disturbances and parametric uncertainties. For such systems, C 0 robust adaptive controllers usually cannot ensure asymptotic tracking or even regulation. In this work, under the assumption the disturbances are C 2 with bounded time derivatives, we present a C 0 robust adaptive control construction that guarantees the tracking error is asymptotically driven to zero
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  • Domain Decomposition for a Mixed Finite Element Method in Three Dimensions

    Cai, Z.   Parashkevov, R. R.   Russell, T. F.   Wilson, J. D.   Ye, X.  

    We consider the solution of the discrete linear system resulting from a mixed finite element discretization applied to a second-order elliptic boundary value problem in three dimensions. Based on a decomposition of the velocity space, these equations can be reduced to a discrete elliptic problem by eliminating the pressure through the use of substructures of the domain. The practicality of the reduction relies on a local basis, presented here, for the divergence-free subspace of the velocity space. We consider additive and multiplicative domain decomposition methods for solving the reduced elliptic problem, and their uniform convergence is established
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  • Aberrant expression of regulatory cytokine IL-35 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

    Cai, Z.   Wong, C. K.   Kam, N. W.   Dong, J.   Jiao, D.   Chu, M.   Lam, C. W. K.   Tam, L. S.  

    Objective This study characterizes an IL-35-mediated regulatory role in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Methods Plasma of SLE patients and healthy controls (HCs) was analyzed for the concentrations of IL-35 and soluble gp130 by using ELISA. mRNA expression of IL-35 subunit (p35 and EBI3) and its receptor (gp130 and IL-12Rβ2) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) was assessed by RT-qPCR. Flow cytometry was performed to evaluate the number of CD4+CD25highCD127−Treg cells and the expression of IL-35 receptor on the CD4+ helper (Th) cells and CD19+ B cells. Plasma collected from SLE patients and HCs was assayed for cytokine and chemokine expression by Luminex multiplex assay. Results Plasma IL-35 and soluble gp130 levels positively correlated with each other and were significantly higher in patients with severe SLE compared with HCs. Significantly higher levels of inflammatory cytokines/chemokines CCL2, CXCL8, IL-6, interferon (IFN)-γ, IL-10 and IL-17A were observed in plasma of SLE patients than HCs. mRNA levels of IL-35 and its receptor were significantly positively correlated in PBMCs from SLE patients and their levels were higher in SLE than HCs. The increase significantly correlated with changes in SLE Disease Activity Index (SLEDAI) (all p < 0.05). In addition, the number of Treg cells in severe and moderate SLE patients were both significantly lower than HCs, where the ratio of CD4+CD25−effector T cell %/CD4+CD25highCD127−Treg % was found to be significantly higher in severe SLE patients. Furthermore, the expression of gp130 on CD4+ Th cells and percentage of Tregs were positively correlated with each other, and both were negatively correlated with SLEDAI. Conclusion Our findings indicate that high level of plasma IL-35 in active SLE patients expressed with low level of IL-35 receptor (gp130) on CD4+ Th cells. These data raise the possibility that the level of IL-35 expression in SLE patients is not sufficient to induce the production of CD4+CD25highCD127−Tregs, and subsequently suppress the release of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines upon inflammation.
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  • First-Order System Least Squares For Linear Elasticity: Numerical Results

    Cai, Z.   Lee, C. O.   Manteuffel, T. A.   McCormick, S. F.  

    Two first-order system least squares (FOSLS) methods based on L 2 norms are applied to various boundary value problems of planar linear elasticity. Both use finite element discretization and multigrid solution methods. They are two-stage algorithms that solve first for the displacement flux variable (the gradient of displacement, which easily yields the deformation and stress variables), then for the displacement variable itself. As a complement to a companion theoretical paper, this paper focuses on numerical results, including finite element accuracy and multigrid convergence estimates that confirm uniform optimal performance-even as the material tends to the incompressible limit
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  • Porcelain adherence to dental cast CP titanium: effects of surface modifications

    Cai, Z.   Bunce, N.   Nunn, M.E.   Okabe, T.  

    Objectives: A reaction layer forms on cast titanium surfaces due to the reaction of the molten titanium with the investment material. Such a layer prevents strong adhesion between titanium and porcelain. This study characterized the effects of surface modifications on cast titanium surfaces and titanium–ceramic adhesion.
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  • Characteristics of Kawasaki Disease in Older Children

    Cai, Z.   Zuo, R.   Liu, Y.  

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