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  • Suggesting opt-out of notifications to users of a social networking system

    A social networking system notifies its users of different events and actions taking place inside the social networking system. To present notifications that are most likely to be of interest to the user, the social networking system observes the interactions of the user with notifications presented to the user and suggests an option to opt-out of notifications associated with a source based on the observed interactions. The option to opt-out of notifications associated with the source may be presented if the users interactions with the notifications presented are below a threshold. Notifications associated with a social group are presented to the user based on factors describing the group and the relation between the user and other users of the social group, for example, seniority of the user, size of the group, and the rate at which user actions associated with the group are received.
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  • Method and apparatus for distortion correction in optical communication links

    In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical transmitter module that can be electrically coupled to an electrical serializer/deserializer and a controller. The optical transmitter module can include an electrical detector that can receive an in-band signal. The electrical detector can send to the controller a first power error signal and a second power error signal based on the in-band signal. The controller can send a correction control signal to the electrical serializer/deserializer based on the first power error signal and the second power error signal such that the electrical serializer/deserializer sends a pre-emphasized signal to the optical transmitter module based on the correction control signal. In such embodiments, the first power error signal, the second power signal and the correction control signal are out-of-band signals.
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  • Research on deposition rate of TiZrV/Pd film by DC magnetron sputtering method

    Jie Wang   Bo Zhang   Yan-Hui Xu   Yong Wang  

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  • Secure linear system computation in the presence of malicious adversaries

    Bo Zhang   FangGuo Zhang  

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  • Constant on time multi-phase switching converter and control method thereof

    A multi-phase switching converter comprising a plurality of switching circuits, a comparing circuit and a control circuit. The comparing circuit generates a comparison signal based on a reference signal and the output voltage of the multi-phase switching converter. The control circuit can turn on the following switching circuit based on the comparison signal only after the time from the current switching circuit being turned on reaches a first time threshold or the off-time of the current switching circuit reaches a second time threshold, wherein the first time threshold is longer than the second time threshold.
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  • LED centralized DC power supply system and operating methods thereof

    The invention provides a light emitting diode (LED) centralized DC (direct-current) power supply system and operating methods thereof. The proposed DC power supply system comprises a three-phase AC (alternating-current) input interface, a DC power supply output interface, N+1 three-phase PWM (pulse width modulation) rectifier modules, LED cluster loads and a power supply management module. The proposed operating methods are described as following: the power supply management module adjusts the duty ratio of the three-phase PWM rectifier modules, based on the control signals formed by synthesizing the information about voltage and current of the positive and negative output buses, the three-phase AC input ends, control signals and output of the three-phase PWM rectifier modules, hence AC voltage of power grid can be directly converted into adjustable DC voltage by the PWM rectifier.
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  • Method for applying location-based control policy of mobile device

    A method for applying a control policy of a mobile device is provided. The method includes determining whether a current location of the mobile device satisfies predetermined location parameters of the control policy, and, if it is determined that the current location of the mobile device satisfies the predetermined location parameters of the control policy, applying the control policy.
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  • Method of using α-amylase from Aspergillus clavatus for saccharification

    A fungal α-amylase is provided from Aspergillus clavatus (AcAmy1). AcAmy1 has an optimal pH of 4.5 and is operable at 30-75° C., allowing the enzyme to be used in combination with a glucoamylase in a saccharification reaction. This obviates the necessity of running a saccharification reaction as a batch process, where the pH and temperature must be readjusted for optimal use of the α-amylase or glucoamylase. AcAmy1 also catalyzes the saccharification of starch substrates to an oligosaccharide composition significantly enriched in DP2 and (DP1+DP2) compared to the products of saccharification catalyzed by an α-amylase from Aspergillus kawachii. This facilitates the utilization of the oligosaccharide composition by a fermenting organism in a simultaneous saccharification and fermentation process, for example.
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  • Multi-phase switching converter with overlap mode and control method thereof

    A multi-phase switching converter and control method thereof. The multi-phase switching converter includes a plurality of switching circuits and a controller. The output terminals of the plurality of switching circuits are coupled together to provide an output voltage to a load. The controller is configured to generate a plurality of control signals to turn on the plurality of switching circuits successively. When a load current increase is detected, the controller operates in an overlap mode and at least two switching circuits subsequent to the current switching circuit are turned on simultaneously. After the overlap mode, the controller resumes to the interleave mode and turns on the plurality of switching circuits successively from the switching circuit subsequent to the at least two switching circuits.
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  • Personalized bookmarks for social networking system actions based on user activity

    A social networking system provides a personalized set of bookmarks to a user based on the user's interactions with the bookmarks and/or the items associated with the bookmarks. The personalized set of bookmarks is grouped by category, and the categories are ordered in accordance with rankings for the categories. The rankings for the categories are determined based on the highest ranked item from each category of item, and the ranking of the items is determined based on the user's interactions with the bookmarks and/or associated items.
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  • Methods and apparatus for protecting software from unauthorized copying

    A processing device provides a method for protecting a program from unauthorized copying. The processing device may include an encrypted version of the program. According to one example method, the processing device creates a secure enclave, and in response to a request to execute the encrypted program, the processing device automatically generates a decrypted version of the program in the secure enclave by decrypting the encrypted program in the secure enclave. After automatically generating the decrypted version of the program in the secure enclave, the processing device may automatically execute the decrypted version of the program in the secure enclave. Other embodiments are described and claimed.
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  • Apparatus and method for automatic white balance with supplementary sensors

    An apparatus and method for An image capture device for Automatic White Balance (AWB) are provided. The device includes a camera for capturing an image, a primary sensor for sensing environmental conditions of the image capture device and for generating data regarding the environmental conditions, a plurality of supplementary sensors for sensing the environmental conditions of the image capture device and for generating supplementary data regarding the environmental conditions, an AWB unit for performing an AWB operation on the captured image according to the generated data and the generated supplementary data, and a controller for controlling the camera, the primary sensor, the plurality of supplementary sensors and the AWB unit.
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  • Fluid models for many-server Markovian queues in a changing environment

    Bo Zhang   Bert Zwart  

    Motivated by service systems with time-varying customer arrivals, we consider a fluid model as a macroscopic approximation for many-server Markovian queues alternating between underloaded and overloaded intervals. Our main result is a refinement of the piecewise stationary approximation (PSA) for the stationary distribution of the fluid model. The form of the refined approximation suggests simple metrics for assessing the accuracy of PSA for underloaded and overloaded intervals respectively. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • ChemInform Abstract: Copper-Catalyzed Benzylic Oxidation of C(sp3)—H Bonds.

    Bo Zhang   Shou-Fei Zhu and Qi-Lin Zhou  

    The respective ketone is formed as a by-product in small amounts in most cases.
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  • Error in Author Name in Article by Shao et al (Arthritis Rheum, March 2013)

    Xinli Shao   Ru Yang   Mei Yan   Yajuan Li   Yong Du   Indu Raman   Bo Zhang   Edward K. Wakeland   Peter Igarashi   Chandra Mohan and Quan-Zhen Li  

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  • Data storage device with power-off recovery system and method thereof

    A data storage system and method are disclosed. The data storage system includes a first and a second memory and a memory control unit. The first memory is non-volatile, and the second memory is designed to store dynamic information of the first memory. The memory control unit includes a snapshot module, a recording module and a power-off recovery module, and is operative to handle the data loss of the second memory when an unexpected power-off occurs. When the power of the system is recovered, an initial address stored in the first memory by the snapshot module and link information and updating information recorded in the first memory by the recording module are obtained by the power-off recovery module to recovery the second memory.
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