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  • Barber chair with auxiliary seat

    The barber chair with auxiliary seat is configured for use with a client hydraulic salon chair. A hair stylist sits on the barber chair with auxiliary seat. The elevation of the barber chair with auxiliary seat is adjustable. The position of the barber chair with auxiliary seat relative to the client hydraulic salon chair is adjustable. The barber chair with auxiliary seat comprises a client hydraulic salon chair, a stylist hydraulic salon chair, a pedestal, a track system, and a control circuit. The client hydraulic salon chair and the stylist hydraulic salon chair mount on the pedestal. The track system attaches the stylist hydraulic salon chair to the pedestal. The control circuit controls the elevation of the stylist hydraulic salon chair. The control circuit controls the position of the stylist hydraulic salon chair relative to the client hydraulic salon chair.
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  • Self grooming barber station

    A barber station apparatus is disclosed for enhancing the ability of a user to perform self-grooming functions. The apparatus may include a base assembly, an elongated member, a mirror assembly, and a docking assembly. The assemblies may be coupled together in a manner that enables the apparatus to be collapsed for storage and adjusted for different heights and positions of a user. The base assembly may be integrated with an air pump (e.g., vacuum) and may include support elements to support the other assemblies. The elongated member may retract into the base assembly and may be coupled with the docking assembly and the mirror assembly. The docking assembly may include a storage unit for hair grooming devices and the mirror assembly may include multiple interconnected mirrors that can expand around a user to enable the user to have a 360° view of a portion of their body (e.g., head, torso).
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  • Barber clipper stand

    An apparatus for holding and separating the electrical power cords of multiple barber clippers and other barber accessories. The apparatus includes a central pole, at least one hanger attachment holder attached to the central pole and at least one cord separator attached to the central pole. The hanger attachment holder has at least two hangers attached to the underside or perimeter of the hanger shelf for holding barber clippers and other barber accessories. The cord separator is located under the hanger attachment holder, and has at least two recessed areas along the perimeter of the shelf, with each recessed area aligned with the position of a corresponding hanger on the hanger shelf and acting to gather the electrical power cord of a barber clipper or other barber accessory held by the hanger.
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  • James R. Barber: Contact Mechanics

    Popov Valentin L.   Willert Emanuel  

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  • Barber neck strip

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  • Benjamin Barber and the Practice of Political Theory

    Battistoni, Richard   Brown, Mark B.   Dedrick, John   Disch, Lisa   Kirkpatrick, Jennet   Mansbridge, Jane  

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  • Dr. Barber replies


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  • 2015 Rappaport Finalist Interview: Suzanne Barber

    Hathaway, Michael J.   Barber, Suzanne  

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  • Versatile accessory holder for a barber chair

    The invention relates to a versatile accessory holder for a barber chair and method to attach the versatile accessory holder to the back of one of a plurality of barber chair types. Certain embodiments of the invention have a plurality of slots that may be used to receive an appendage in the form of a tongue or one or more sets of pins to attach the versatile accessory holder to the back of a chair. Certain embodiments of the versatile accessory holder have a tray with compartments to receive accessories, such as clipper blades. In some embodiments, the compartments have an opening at the bottom, and some embodiments have compartment stops to enable hair to fall from a blade resting in the compartment onto the floor. In some embodiments, the outer wall of the tray has a strip adapted to fasten a magnet to the outer wall of the tray.
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  • Pinky barber brush

    In some preferred embodiments, the present invention provides an improved system and apparatus for cleaning the clipper blades at an intermediate step of hair cutting, to avoid hindrance of the hair sticking the blades. This ensures better handling and operation of the hair cutting tools. The apparatus can be removably worn any of the fingers of the Barber, as per the comfort and ease of operations felt by him. The invention suggests a cleaning barber brush apparatus that is conveniently adjusted to be worn in different fingers of different sizes, using elastic and rubber holding means.
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  • Barber\"s disease of the foot

    Wiemann, M.   Kolbe, B.   Fuhrmann, R.A.  

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  • C. Barber Mueller: appreciation

    Meakins   Jonathan  

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  • Blood and virus detection on barber clippers

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  • Booster seat for a barber chair

    A booster seat apparatus mounted to a chair is provided. The booster seat apparatus may include a lift assembly with a seat pad. The chair may be a salon or barber chair and may include a chair base frame, a chair back substantially perpendicular to the chair base frame, and a foot rest extending downward from the chair base frame. The lift assembly includes an expanded position and a compressed position. The expanded position includes an increased distance between the seat pad and the chair base frame, and the compressed position includes a decreased distance between the seat pad and the chair base frame. Therefore, a child may be boosted upward on the chair without the need of an extra booster seat.
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  • The Barber Pole Might Have Been an Early Sign for Patient-Centered Care

    Kaste, Linda M.   Halpern, Leslie R.  

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  • Martin Barber, Blinded by Humanity: Inside the UN’s Humanitarian Operations

    Max Stephenson Jr  

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