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  • Delay estimation via sliding mode for nonlinear time-delay systems

    Zheng, Gang   Polyakov, Andrey   Levant, Arie  

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  • Interval observer for a class of uncertain nonlinear singular systems

    Zheng, Gang   Efimov, Denis   Bejarano, Francisco Javier   Perruquetti, Wilfrid   Wang, Haoping  

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  • Correlation between Coda Wave and Stresses in Uni-Axial Compression Concrete

    Zhang, Jinquan   Han, Bing   Xie, Hui-Bing   Zhu, Li   Zheng, Gang   Wang, Wenwu  

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  • Finite-time estimation for linear time-delay systems via homogeneous method

    Zheng, Gang   Wang, Haoping  

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    Disclosed are a protection switching method, device and system for a passive optical network. The method comprises: monitoring cache queues of various transmission containers; and when an uplink bandwidth of at least one transmission container of the various transmission containers is less than a bandwidth pre-configured for the transmission container and is less than a cache queue of the transmission container, sending a notification message to an optical network unit, wherein the notification message is used for instructing the ONU to at least switch some services from a primary link to a standby link. By the solution of performing protection switching based on a congestion condition of uplink traffic provided in the embodiments of the present invention, when congestion of uplink traffic occurs in the primary link, an OLT instructs the ONU to switch all of the T-CONTs or some of the T-CONs to the standby link, so as to improve the utilization rate of the uplink bandwidth, thereby solving the problem of congestion of uplink traffic.
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  • Clinical validation of coexisting driver mutations in colorectal cancers

    Zheng, Gang   Tseng, Li-Hui   Haley, Lisa   Ibrahim, Junaid   Bynem, Jennifer   Xian, Rena   Gocke, Christopher D.   Eshleman, James R.   Lin, Ming-Tseh  

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    Disclosed are a PON system, an OLT and an ONU, relating to the field of optical communications. The PON system comprises: an OLT and at least two ONUs, wherein the OLT and the at least two ONUs perform data interaction therebetween via one downlink channel and two uplink channels; the OLT sends downlink data to each ONU via the downlink channel, the downlink channel comprising uplink bandwidth authorization, and the uplink bandwidth authorization being used for controlling the ONUs to send uplink data; the ONU receives downlink data via the downlink channel; according to the uplink bandwidth authorization included in the downlink data, the uplink data is sent via a first uplink channel or a second uplink channel; and the OLT receives uplink data sent by each ONU via the first uplink channel and the second uplink channel, the first uplink channel closing a registration function, and the second uplink channel opening the registration function.
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    Disclosed in the present application are a bandwidth allocation method, an optical line terminal, an optical network unit, and a system. The method comprises: receiving a bandwidth request sent by respective optical network units (ONU), said respective ONUs comprising a first ONU1; according to the bandwidth requested by the ONU and the bandwidth of the ONU configuration, generating a bandwidth map (BWMap) message, the BWMap message comprising: a first allocation identifier Alloc-ID1, a first time corresponding to the Alloc-ID1; a second allocation identifier Alloc-ID2, a second time corresponding to the Alloc-ID2; assigning the Alloc-ID1 and the Alloc-ID2 to the ONU1 for use; and sending the BWMap message to respective ONUs, the method solves the problem that the transmission delays cannot satisfy the requirements when a PON system is applied to a mobile backhaul, so as to improve data transmission rate and efficiency, thereby improving user satisfaction.
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  • A nonlinear Luenberger-like observer for nonlinear singular systems

    Zheng, Gang   Boutat, Driss   Wang, Haoping  

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    Disclosed in the present application are a data communication system, an OLT, and a BBU, relating to the field of optical communications. The OLT sends an optical network unit (ONU) registration request message to the baseband unit (BBU). After a response message of the BBU is received, registration of the ONU is started, and allocation of bandwidth resources is suspended, thereby preventing the impact of ONU registration on delay-sensitive services, so that the BBU suspends, during ONU registration, allocation of resources to a UE, thus improving the user satisfaction.
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    Disclosed are an optical network unit (ONU) management method, apparatus and system. The method comprises: sending and acquiring a management mode supported by an ONU, wherein the management mode supported by the ONU comprises one or more of the following: an optical network unit management and control Interface (OMCI) mode, an operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) management mode, a network configuration protocol (NETCONF) mode, a technical report (TR069) mode and a simple network management protocol (SNMP) mode; receiving the management mode sent by the ONU; and selecting, according to the management mode supported by the ONU, a management mode used by the ONU, and sending same to the ONU. The present invention realizes the compatibility of a plurality of management mechanisms of existing ONUs, simplifies ONU management, and improves the efficiency of ONU management.
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    A motor train unit traction system and an energy control method. The traction system comprises: a high-speed circuit breaker (1Q02), connected to a power supply grid; a main/auxiliary inverter, connected to the high-speed circuit breaker (1Q02) via an intermediate DC loop, and used for inverting a DC provided by the power supply grid into an AC and then outputting the AC; a high-voltage detection box, connected to the power supply grid, and used for detecting the voltage of the power supply grid; and a drive control unit (DCU), judging, on the basis of a detection result of the high-voltage detection box, whether the voltage of the power supply grid is normal, and disconnecting the high-speed circuit breaker (1Q02) when the voltage of the power supply grid is over-high, so as to perform over-voltage protection on the main/auxiliary inverter.
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  • Design of a Semi-Real Simulation Platform for the Cold Rolling Mill

    Zheng, Gang   Ma, Bin   Yang, Zhe   Liu, Ding  

    We designed a semi-real simulation platform for the cold rolling mill that was composed of Simulation Computer, Simulation System of Field Signal, AGC Control System, Console of Rolling Mill and the Main Control Computer, and built the mathematical models in the Simulation Computer, for the hydraulic servo system, rolling force and thickness of strip material. In the platform, the Simulation System of Field Signal output the simulation data as standard sensor signal; the AGC Control System is the same as that used in real rolling mill system. We simulated the milling process of real rolling mill system at this platform using the field-recorded online data. The differences between simulation results and those in real system were small. Simulation results show that this simulation platform can be used in the research and optimization of rolling mill control system.
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  • Study on the traditional pattern retrieval method of minorities in Gansu province

    Zheng, Gang   Wang, Beizhan   Sun, Yuchun   Xu, Jin  

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  • ChemInform Abstract: Electrophilic N-Trifluoromethylation of N-H Ketimines.

    Zheng, Gang   Ma, Xiaoli   Li, Jiaheng   Zhu, Dongsheng   Wang, Mang  

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    Provided in an embodiment of the present invention are an optical networkunit (ONU) registration method, device and system for solving the problem of a complicated registration process in the prior art, the solution comprising: receiving an uplink optical signal carrying ONU authentication information; respectively transmitting the optical signals to corresponding MAC modules according to the uplink optical wavelength; the MAC module extracts the ONU authentication information and sends the information to a processor; the processor receives the ONU authentication information, and determines whether the ONU authentication information is consistent with the ONU authentication information configured by the OLT, and if yes, then the ONU registration is successful. The ONU registration method employed by the embodiment of the present invention enables the processor to conduct centralized registration management on a GPON ONU and XG-PON ONU, thus simplifying the ONU registration process and improving efficiency.
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