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    A new energy vehicle, and an active noise reduction method and system thereof. The method comprises: acquiring operating parameters of a new energy vehicle, and obtaining, according to the operating parameters, the frequency of an in-vehicle ambient noise signal associated with the operating parameters (S101), wherein the operating parameters comprise at least a motor rotating speed of the new energy vehicle, and the motor rotational speed corresponds to the frequency of the in-vehicle ambient noise signal; searching, according to the frequency of the in-vehicle ambient noise signal, a preconfigured generated-sound database to obtain a generated-sound signal corresponding to the in-vehicle ambient noise signal (S102); and controlling a sound playback module in the new energy vehicle to output the generated-sound signal, wherein the generated-sound signal is combined with the in-vehicle ambient noise signal to reduce noise in an in-vehicle environment (S103). The active noise reduction method is easily implemented and operated and is easily used by a user.
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  • Deceptive SAR Jamming Based on 1-bit Sampling and Time-Varying Thresholds

    Zhao, Bo   Huang, Lei   Li, Jian   Liu, Maliang   Wang, Jinwei  

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  • Prodomain-Growth Factor Swapping in the Structure of pro-TGF-β1

    Zhao, Bo   Xu, Shutong   Dong, Xianchi   Lu, Chafen   Springer, Timothy A.  

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    The present invention relates to the technical field of the Internet. Disclosed are a VTPM-based method and system for virtual machine security and protection. The method comprises: a physical host receives a primary seed access request sent by a virtual machine, wherein the primary seed access request at least carries a UUID (201); the physical host sends the UUID to a KMC (202), such that the KMC can generate a primary seed according to the UUID; the physical host receives the primary seed fed back by the KMC (204), and then sends the primary seed to the virtual machine (205) and allow the virtual machine to create, on the basis of the primary seed, a root key of the VTPM, wherein the root key is used by the VTPM to create a key for the virtual machine for security and protection of the virtual machine. The method does not rely on any physical host, and uses a third-party device to assign a primary seed to a virtual machine, subsequently enabling the creation of an identical root key by using the primary seed when the virtual machine migrates from one physical host to another physical host. The method thereby reduces operational complexity, saves resources, and does not damage a key hierarchy of the virtual machine.
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  • An excited state underlies gene regulation of a transcriptional riboswitch

    Zhao, Bo   Guffy, Sharon L   Williams, Benfeard   Zhang, Qi  

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  • Study on the Effects of Human Intention on Spatial Data Quality

    Zhao, Bo  

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  • Evaluation of the efficacy of steroid therapy on acute liver failure

    Zhao, Bo   Zhang, Hui?Yan   Xie, Gui?Juan   Liu, Hui?Min   Chen, Qing   Li, Rui?Feng   You, Jian?Ping   Yang, Sha   Mao, Qing   Zhang, Xu?Qing  

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  • A new numerical method for piston dynamics and lubrication analysis

    Zhao, Bo   Dai, Xu-Dong   Zhang, Zhi-Nan   Xie, You-Bai  

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  • Protostellar disc formation enabled by removal of small dust grains

    Zhao, Bo   Caselli, Paola   Li, Zhi-Yun   Krasnopolsky, Ruben   Shang, Hsien   Nakamura, Fumitaka  

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  • A Gain Boosting Array Technique for Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer

    Zhao, Bo   Kuo, Nai-Chung   Niknejad, Ali M.  

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  • Protecting EU citizens’ personal data in china: a reality or a fantasy?

    Zhao, Bo   Mifsud Bonnici, G.P. (Jeanne)  

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  • An Inductive-Coupling Blocker Rejection Technique for Miniature RFID Tag

    Zhao, Bo   Kuo, Nai-Chung   Niknejad, Ali M.  

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    A novel model-based imaging method is proposed to enable high-resolution real time phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (PC-MRI) with sparse sampling. The real-time phase-contrast flow magnetic resonance imaging method comprises: acquiring real-time PC-MRI data, which includes training data and imaging data; performing a low-rank based image reconstruction, which includes estimation of temporal subspace and spatial subspace based on the acquired training data and imaging data; calculating velocity maps based on the reconstructed real-time flow images; and performing quantitative flow analysis based on the calculated velocity maps. The proposed method enables high-resolution real-time PC-MRI at 2D and for the first time at 3D without electro-cardiogram (ECG) gating and respiration control.
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  • The role of TRPC6 in oxidative stress-induced podocyte ischemic?injury

    Zhao, Bo   Yang, He   Zhang, Rui   Sun, Hui   Liao, Chang   Xu, Jia   Meng, Kexin   Jiao, Jundong  

    Highlights • Renal ischemia-reperfusion injury induces podocyte effacement and the upregulation of TRPC6 mRNA and protein expression. • Oxygen glucose deprivation (OGD) treatment enhances the expression of TRPC6 and TRPC6-dependent Ca2+ influx. • OGD-induced ROS generation mediates TRPC6 expression and Ca2+ influx. • TRPC6 mediates OGD-induced actin assembly and reorganization. Abstract Increasing evidence suggests that ischemia and hypoxia serve important functions in the development of renal diseases. However, the underlying mechanism of ischemic injury has not been fully understood. In this study, we found that renal ischemia-reperfusion injury induced podocyte effacement and the upregulation of TRPC6 mRNA and protein expression. In in vitro experiments, oxygen glucose deprivation (OGD) treatment enhanced the expression of TRPC6 and TRPC6-dependent Ca2+ influx. TRPC6 knockdown by siRNA interference attenuated the OGD-induced [Ca2+]i and actin assembly. OGD treatment also increased ROS production. Furthermore, inhibition of ROS activity by N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) eliminated the OGD-induced increase in TRPC6 expression and Ca2+ influx. H2O2 treatment, which results in oxidative stress, also increased TRPC6 expression and Ca2+ influx. We conclude that TRPC6 upregulation is involved in Ca2+ signaling and actin reorganization in podocytes after OGD. These findings provide new insight into the mechanisms underlying the cellular response of podocytes to ischemic injury.
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  • Numerical analysis of molten pool behavior during underwater wet FCAW process

    Zhao, Bo   Chen, Ji   Jia, Chuanbao   Wu, Chuansong  

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  • Accelerated MR parameter mapping with low-rank and sparsity constraints

    Zhao, Bo   Lu, Wenmiao   Hitchens, T. Kevin   Lam, Fan   Ho, Chien   Liang, Zhi-Pei  

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