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    A cross-domain transmission method, device, and system for stream data. The method comprises: obtaining stream data requested for transmission; transmitting the stream data from a first primary transmission node of a first area to a second primary transmission node of a second area by means of a communication cable; and transmitting the stream data from the second primary transmission node to at least one child transmission node in the second area. By means of embodiments of the present invention, the transmission process is greatly simplified, the efficiency of cross-domain transmission is improved, and the problem of long transmission delay caused by long links and many nodes in a conventional backbone network is resolved; moreover, the anti-jamming capability is greatly improved, the disadvantage of transmission failure due to the problem of a node in a complex transmission process in the backbone network can be overcome, and the transmission quality of stream data transmission across domains in inter-operator transmission and peak-time scenarios is ensured.
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    A method includes receiving one or more images of three or more die of a wafer, determining a median intensity value of a set of pixel intensity values acquired from a same location on each of the three or more die, determining a difference intensity value for the set of pixel intensity values by comparing the median intensity value of the set of pixel intensity values to each pixel intensity value, grouping the pixel intensity values into an intensity bin based on the median intensity value of the set of pixel intensity values, generating an initial noise boundary based on a selected difference intensity value in the intensity bin, generating a final noise boundary by adjusting the initial noise boundary, generating a detection boundary by applying a threshold to the final noise boundary, and classifying one or more pixel intensity values outside the detection boundary as a defect.
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    Provided are an automatic focusing method and apparatus based on a region of interest, belonging to the technical field of imaging. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a target image that has been divided into blocks; acquiring the definition of each block, respectively; acquiring normalized central coordinates and a normalized size of a region of interest on the target image; respectively calculating a half height to width coefficient in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction according to the normalized size; calculating a weight value of each block using a two-dimensional discrete Gaussian function according to the normalized central coordinates and the half height to width coefficient; calculating a normalized overall definition of the target image according to the weight value and definition of each block; and focusing according to the normalized overall definition. The present invention can automatically calculate a template of the region of interest, thereby avoiding the occupying of storage space required when storing ROI template data.
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    The application provides an embodiment of a method for controlling a camera. The embodiment can receive an image transmitted from a camera and perform detection on the image, wherein if a target object is not detected, a search instruction for controlling the camera to rotate in a vertical direction is transmitted to the camera until the target object is detected in an image, and then posture parameters of the target object in the image are acquired, wherein if the posture parameters do not match a preset posture parameter criteria, a fine adjustment instruction for controlling the camera to rotate and move is transmitted to the camera, until the posture parameters of the target object match the preset posture parameter criteria. Thus, the embodiment can perform detection on an image acquired by a camera, i.e., detect whether the image contains a target object and whether a posture of the target object meets an image processing requirement, and if the detection is not successful, adjust the angle of the camera such that the image acquired by the camera meets the requirement. The application also provides a device for controlling a camera and a financial equipment terminal.
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    A method for producing a high dynamic range image from a low dynamic range image. The method comprises: performing, on the basis of a preset mapping relationship, a gray-level adjustment on a low dynamic range image to be processed (S100) to obtain an image after the gray-level adjustment, the gray-level adjustment comprising an anti-gamma correction and a gray-level value increase; confirming a plurality of saturation areas in the image after the gray-level adjustment (S200); performing gray-level enhancement of the saturation areas in the image after the gray-level adjustment (S300) to obtain a target high dynamic range image; and outputting the target high dynamic range image (S400). The technical scheme for producing the high dynamic range image uses the anti-gamma correction to modify the gray-level value of the image, allowing direct display of the modified image. Contrast stretching is used to increase brightness of the image and to remove a block phenomenon in the image caused by anti-gamma mapping. The saturation areas with a gray-level value higher than a preset saturation threshold are processed by smoothing enhancement, so that the saturation areas of the image are enhanced, image display quality is improved, and image information loss is reduced.
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    Provided is a furnace mouth heat insulation structure for a low-pressure diffusion furnace. The structure comprises a quartz tube (4) and a sealing ring (5), the sealing ring being sheathed on an outer wall of an end portion of an orifice of the quartz tube, and further comprises a tubular heat insulation layer (6), wherein the tubular heat insulation layer is arranged in the end portion of the orifice of the quartz tube, and a central axis of the tubular heat insulation layer coincides with a central axis of the quartz tube, an outer end opening of the tubular heat insulation layer extends out of the orifice of the quartz tube, and an inner end opening of the tubular heat insulation layer extends to exceed a position, corresponding the sealing ring, on an inner wall of the end portion of the orifice of the quartz tube. According to the furnace mouth heat insulation structure for a low-pressure diffusion furnace, when a charge and discharge furnace door is opened and a large amount of heat energy spills from the quartz tube, the tubular heat insulation layer achieves good functions of insulation and guiding, and the high-temperature heat energy is diffused from the tubular heat insulation layer, thus preventing the high-temperature heat energy from directly affecting the sealing ring, and prolonging the service life of the sealing ring.
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  • A return-cost-based binary firefly algorithm for feature selection

    Zhang, Yong   Song, Xian-fang   Gong, Dun-wei  

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  • Hole-induced d0 ferromagnetism enhanced by Na-doping in GaN

    Zhang, Yong   Li, Feng  

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  • Shape Memory and Huge Superelasticity in Ni–Mn–Ga Glass-Coated Fibers

    Shao, Lei   Zhao, Yangyong   Jiménez, Alejandro   Vázquez, Manuel   Zhang, Yong  

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  • A 220 GHz Broadband Sub-Harmonic Mixer Based on Global Design Method

    Cui, Jianhang   Zhang, Yong   Xia, Dejiao   Xu, Yuehang   Xiao, Fei   Yan, Bo   Xu, Ruimin  

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  • The motor features of action verbs: fMRI evidence using picture naming

    Zhang, Yong   Wang, Kangcheng   Yue, Chang   Mo, Nina   Wu, Deping   Wen, Xu   Qiu, Jiang  

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  • The role of Frankia inoculation in casuarina plantations in China

    Zhong, Chonglu   Zhang, Yong   Wei, Yongcheng   Meng, Jingxiang   Chen, Yu   Bush, David   Bogusz, Didier   Franche, Claudine  

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  • A flexible metamaterial absorber with four bands and two resonators

    Zhang, Yong   Duan, Junping   Zhang, Binzhen   Zhang, Wendong   Wang, Wanjun  

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  • Effect of Tai Chi for post-stroke mental disorders and sleep disorders

    Yang, Fan   Lyu, Diyang   Yan, Ruyu   Wang, Yahui   Li, Zongheng   Zou, Yihuai   Zhang, Yong  

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  • Acute myocardial infarction in a young woman with ulcerative colitis

    Zhang, Yong   Hao, Xuezeng   Zheng, Xiangying   Zhao, Huaibing   Zhang, Wei   Zhang, Lijing  

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  • Contents of heavy metals in urban parks and university campuses

    Zhang, Yong   Chen, Qian  

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