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  • Book Review: Materials Characterization Techniques by S. Zhang, L. Li and A. Kumar

    Grum   Janez  

    Materials Characterization Techniques, by S. Zhang, L. Li and A. Kumar. Boca Raton, CRC Press, 2009. 328pp. ISBN-13: 978-1-4200-4294-8, ISBN-10: 1-4200-4294-7
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  • Reply to S. Zhang, L. Fornaro et al, and H.J. Lee et al

    Qin, S.   Li, J.  

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  • Economic Burden of Needle-Stick Injury Among Healthcare Workers in China

    Zhang, L   Ai, Y   Liu, J   Yue, N   Xuan, J   Bal, V   Gala, S   Erdal, EP   Gao, X  

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  • PTSD risk is associated with BDNF Val66Met and BDNF overexpression

    Zhang, L   Benedek, D M   Fullerton, C S   Forsten, R D   Naifeh, J A   Li, X X   Hu, X Z   Li, H   Jia, M   Xing, G Q   Benevides, K N   Ursano, R J  

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  • Localized resistive switching in a ZnS–Ag/ZnS double-layer memory

    Zhang, L   Xu, H Y   Wang, Z Q   Zhao, X N   Ma, J G   Liu, Y C  

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  • Mortality of Neonatal Respiratory Failure from Chinese Northwest NICU Network

    Zhang, L   Qiu, Y   Yi, B   Ni, L   Zhang, L   Taxi, Pulati   Li, H   Zhang, Q   Wang, W   Liu, Z   Li, L   Zhao, L   Wang, H   Sun, B  

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  • 0311 Automated Apnea and Hypopnea Event Detection Using Deep Learning

    Zhang, L   Fabbri, D   Upender, R   Kent, D  

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  • Burden Of Copd In China: A Systematic Literature Review

    Zhang, L   Zhu, B   Ming, J   Wang, Y  

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  • A spatial-temporal-spectral blending model using satellite images

    Zhang, L   Fu, D   Sun, X   Chen, H   She, X  

    Due to the budget and technical limitations, remote sensing sensor designs trade spatial resolution, swath width and spectral resolution. Consequently, no sensor can provide high spatial resolution, high temporal resolution and high spectral resolution simultaneously. However, the ability of Earth observation at fine resolution is urgently needed for global change science. One possible solution is to "blend" the reflectance from a variety of satellite data sources, including those providing high spatial resolution and less frequent coverage (e.g., Landsat Thematic Mapper, TM), daily global data (e.g., Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer, MODIS), and high spectral resolution and infrequent revisit cycle (e.g., Hyperion). However, the previous algorithms for blending multi-source remotely sensed data have some shortcomings, especially with regard to hyperspectral information. This study has developed a SPAtial-Temporal-Spectral blending model (SPATS) that can simulate surface reflectance with high spatial-temporal-spectral resolution. SPATS is based on an existing spatial-temporal image blending model and a spatial-spectral image blending model. The performance of SPATS was tested with both simulated and observed satellite data, using Landsat TM, Hyperion and MODIS data, as well as heterogeneous landscapes as examples. The results show that the high spatial-temporal-spectral resolution reflectance data can be applied to investigations of global landscapes that are changing at different temporal scales.
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  • ARIA pharmacy 2018 “Allergic rhinitis care pathways for community pharmacy”

    Bosnic-Anticevich, S   Costa, E   Menditto, E   Lourenço, O   Novellino, E   Bialek, S   Briedis, V   Buonaiuto, R   Chrystyn, H   Cvetkovski, B   Capua, S Di   Kritikos, V   Mair, A   Orlando, V   Paulino, E   Salimäki, J   Söderlund, R   Tan, R   Williams, D M   Wroczynski, P   Agache, I   Ansotegui, I J   Anto, J M   Bedbrook, A   Bachert, C   Bewick, M   Bindslev-Jensen, C   Brozek, J   Canonica, G W   Cardona, V   Carr, W   Casale, T   Chavannes, N H   Correia de Sousa, J   Cruz, A A   Czarlewski, W   De Carlo, G   Demoly, P   Devillier, P   Dykewicz, M S   Gaga, M   El-Gamal, Y   Fonseca, J   Fokkens, W J   Guzmán, M A   Haahtela, T   Hellings, P W   Illario, M   Ivancevich, J C   Just, J   Kaidashev, I   Khaitov, M   Khaltaev, N   Keil, T   Klimek, L   Kowalski, M L   Kuna, P   Kvedariene, V   Larenas-Linnemann, D   Laune, D   Le, L T T   Carlsen, K C Lodrup   Mahboub, B   Maier, D   Malva, J   Manning, P   Morais-Almeida, M   Mösges, R   Mullol, J   Münter, L   Murray, R   Naclerio, R   Namazova-Baranova, L   Nekam, K   Nyembue, T D   Okubo, K   O'Hehir, R E   Ohta, K   Okamoto, Y   Onorato, G L   Palkonen, S   Panzner, P   Papadopoulos, N G   Park, H S   Pawankar, R   Pfaar, O   Phillips, J   Plavec, D   Popov, T A   Potter, P   Prokopakis, E P   Roller-Wirnsberger, R E   Rottem, M   Ryan, D   Samolinski, B   Sanchez-Borges, M   Schunemann, H J   Sheikh, A   Sisul, J C   Somekh, D   Stellato, C   To, T   Todo-Bom, A   Tomazic, P V   Toppila-Salmi, S   Valero, A   Valiulis, A   Valovirta, E   Ventura, M T   Wagenmann, M   Wallace, D   Waserman, S   Wickman, M   Yiallouros, P K   Yorgancioglu, A   Yusuf, O M   Zar, H J   Zernotti, M E   Zhang, L   Zidarn, M   Zuberbier, T   Bousquet, J  

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  • miR-182 selectively targets HOXA10 in goat endometrial epithelium cells in vitro

    Zhang, L   Liu, X-R   Liu, J-Z   Song, Y-X   Zhou, Z-Q   Cao, B-Y  

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  • Properties of SnZn lead free solders bearing rare earth Y

    Zhang, L   Han, J-G   Guo, Y-H   He, C-W  

    Rare earth (RE) Y has been incorporated into eutectic SnZn solders to study the wettability, mechanical properties, oxidation resistance, microstructures and thermal fatigue behaviours. The results indicate that adding trace amount of RE Y can remarkably improve the wettability of SnZn solders. When the content of RE Y is 0.06 wt-%, the tensile and shear forces of SnZn-xY solder joints give 24.1% and 27.2% increase after soldering. In addition, it is found that SnZn0.06Y has better oxidation resistance than that of SnZn solder, and the microstructures of SnZn solders can be refined by the addition of RE Y; the size of Zn rich phase can be reduced obviously. Moreover, SnZn0.06Y shows superior thermal fatigue property over SnZn solders. It can be concluded that the optimum content of RE Y is 0.06 wt-% for SnZn solders.
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  • Control effects of Morlet wavelet term on Weierstrass–Mandelbrot function model

    Zhang, L   Liu, S T   Yu, C  

    In this paper, we have investigated the control problem of the Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function model with Morlet wavelet term. Based on the corollary for its convergence, we have formulated several theorems about the monotonous effects of Morlet wavelet term on scope of the series. In addition, effects of Morlet wavelet term on two important statistical characteristics: multifractality and Hurst exponent have been calculated. We have used simulation examples to illustrate the control effects.
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  • 56PTC-1 mediate the TBC1D3 oncogene induced migration of MCF-7 breast cancer cells

    Shen, Y   Zhang, L   Zhao, H   Shen, C-L  

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  • A novel immunocompetent murine model for replicating oncolytic adenoviral therapy

    Zhang, L   Hedjran, F   Larson, C   Perez, G L   Reid, T  

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  • 496PClinical application of plasma mitochondrial DNA content in lung cancer patients

    Zhang, L  

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