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  • Achieving an H-induced transparent state in 200nm thick Mg-Ti film by amorphization

    Fang, Fang   Zhao, Qiyang   Wu, Wangyang   Qiu, Jiameng   Song, Yun   Cui, Xiaoli   Sun, Dalin   Ouyang, Liuzhang   Zhu, Min  

    Crystalline Mg-Ti films with a thickness of more than 50 nm are only switched to a highly absorbing state and cannot be further changed to the transparent state after hydrogen loading at room temperature. To solve this problem, 200 nm thick amorphous MgTix (x = 0.11-0.29) films were prepared and their switchable mirror properties upon hydrogen loading and unloading were investigated. The results show that amorphous MgTix films can be reversibly switched between mirror and transparent states without an absorbing state due to the significant acceleration of hydrogen diffusion by amorphization. Moreover, the switching time of amorphous MgTix films are dramatically shortened with increasing Ti content. Using quartz crystal microbalance method plus transmission spectrum, it is experimentally proved that Ti addition shows little influence on hydrogen diffusion but a strong catalytic effect on MgH2 formation and decomposition. Therefore, the quick formation of a blocking MgH2 layer due to the combined effect of slower hydrogen diffusion in crystalline films and rapid MgH2 formation under Ti catalysis is considered as the reason why the crystalline Mg-Ti films cannot be changed to transparent state after hydrogen loading. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.
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    Sb-Te-Ti phase change film material applicable to a phase change memory and a preparation method thereof. Sb-Te-Ti phase change storage material is obtained by doping Ti on the basis of Sb-Te phase change material, the doped Ti is bonded with both Sb and Te, the chemical formula thereof is SbxTeyTi100-x-y, and 0 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); WU, Liangcai (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) ZHU, Min (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) SONG, Zhitang (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) RAO, Feng (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) PENG, Cheng (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) ZHOU, Xilin (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) REN, Kun (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) FENG, Songlin (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) CN2012/087572 09/26/2013 12/26/2012 Click for automatic bibliography generation SHANGHAI INSTITUTE OF MICROSYSTEM AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES (No.865, Changning Road Changning District, Shanghai 0, 200050, CN) H01L45/00 Download PDF WO/2013/139162A1 PDF help CN102268738A 2011-12-07 CN102593355A 2012-07-18 CN102569652A 2012-07-11 20050029502 2005-02-10 CN101383398A 2009-03-11 CN1862683A 2006-11-15 C. DRASAR ET AL.: "Transport coefficients of titanium-doped Sb2Te3 single crystals.", JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY., vol. 178, no. 4, April 2005 (2005-04-01), pages 1301 - 1307, XP004866200, DOI: doi:10.1016/j.jssc.2005.02.005 S. J. WEI ET AL.: "Phase change behavior in titanium-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 films.", APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, vol. 98, 10 June 2011 (2011-06-10), pages 231910.1 - 231910.3, XP012140941, DOI: doi:10.1063/1.3597617 J.Z.M.C PATENT AND TRADEMARK LAW OFFICE (YU Mingwei, Room 5022 No.335,Guo Ding Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai 3, 200433, CN) 权利要求书 1. 一种用于相变存储器的 Sb-Te-Ti相变存储材料, 为在 Sb-Te相变存储材料中掺入 Ti而 成, 其化学通式为 Sb x Te y Ti 1(X )_ x _ y , 其中 0
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  • Association between microRNA polymorphisms and the risk of inflammatory bowel disease

    Zhu, Min   Li, Diangeng   Jin, Meiling   Li, Mingyang  

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  • Development of a lateral-flow assay (LFA) for rapid detection of Soybean mosaic virus

    Zhu, Min   Zhang, Wen-na   Tian, Jin-yan   Zhao, Wen-yang   Chen, Zheng-qiang   Sun, Li-hua   Xue, Fan   Liu, Yong   Tan, Xin-qiu   Wang, Li-min   Liu, Feng-quan   Tao, Xiao-rong  

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  • A Multiple-Voting-Based Decoding Algorithm for Nonbinary LDPC-Coded Modulation Systems

    Zhu, Min   Guo, Quan   Xu, Hengzhou   Bai, Baoming   Ma, Xiao  

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  • Instance expansion algorithm for micro-service with prediction

    Zhu, Min   Qu, Hua   Zhao, Jihong  

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  • Are candlestick trading strategies effective in certain stocks with distinct features?

    Zhu, Min   Atri, Said   Yegen, Eyub  

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  • Electronic and magnetic properties of La2NiMnO6 and La2CoMnO6 with cationic ordering

    Zhu, Min   Lin, Yong   Lo, Edward W. C.   Wang, Qiong   Zhao, Zhengjie   Xie, Wenhui  

    Employing first-principles electronic structure calculations, the electronic and magnetic properties of La 2NiMnO 6 and La 2CoMnO 6 with Ni/Mn and Co/Mn ordering in (001), (110), and (111) directions are investigated. The ground states of La 2NiMnO 6 and La 2CoMnO 6 are ferromagnetic semiconducting with alternative Ni/Mn and Co/Mn ordering along the (111) direction. Furthermore, it is found that La 2NiMnO 6 and La 2CoMnO 6 are half-metal with Ni/Mn or Co/Mn ordering along (001) and (110) after considering the effect of electronic correlation. Our results would be helpful in exploring more spintronics materials.
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  • Correlation between the lignin content and mechanical properties of waxy corn pericarp

    Zhu, Min   Li, Kun   Li, Fenghai   Shi, Zhensheng  

    The pericarp mechanical properties of waxy corn inbred lines are important factors of pericarp, which was one of the most important factors affecting the fresh corn eating quality. This study investigated the correlation between the lignin content and pericarp thickness of 10 waxy corn inbred lines and their mechanical properties of rupture force, breaking length and tensile energy absorption. Based on correlation coefficients, a strong negative correlation was found between the lignin content of all waxy corn inbred lines studied and their mechanical properties. The correlation levels between the lignin content and rupture force, breaking length and tensile energy absorption were r = -0.88, -0.91, and -0.75 for cooked samples and r = -0.63, -0.62, and -0.75 for fresh samples, respectively.The mechanical properties of pericarp had positive correlation with eating quality. However, there were no significant correlation between the pericarp thickness and eating quality score. The pericarp thickness may not be the main factor affecting fresh corn eating quality. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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  • Stochastic nonautonomous Gompertz model with Lévy jumps

    Zhu, Min   Li, Junping   Yang, Xiaoxia  

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  • Multi-objective optimization design for multi-source multicasting MIMO AF relay systems

    Zhu, Min   Zhang, Dengyin   Wang, Jin  

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    A frequency locking method comprises: a control unit generating auxiliary control voltage corresponding to target oscillation frequency and inputting the auxiliary control voltage to a voltage-controlled oscillator; and a loop filter inputting the control voltage to the voltage-controlled oscillator. The auxiliary control voltage enables an equivalent capacitance value of a frequency selective network circuit to change C1, and the control voltage enables an equivalent capacitance value of the frequency selective network circuit network circuit to change C2. The sum of the C1 and the C2 is C3, the C3 is a capacitance value of the equivalent capacitance value change of the frequency selective network circuit when the frequency of a signal generated by the frequency selective network is changed into the target oscillation frequency from the current frequency, and the absolute value of the C3 is larger than the absolute value of the C2. A voltage-controlled oscillator comprises a frequency selective network circuit and an active device circuit. The frequency generating unit comprises the voltage-controlled oscillator. When the auxiliary control voltage is reasonable in design, the output frequency is changed to a certain degree, the difference value of the control voltage change is small, and therefore the frequency can be locked more rapidly.
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  • A Fast and Convenient Heck Reaction in Water under Microwave Irradiation

    Zhu, Min   Song, Yunlong   Cao, Yan  

    A fast and convenient base-free Heck reaction of acrylic acid and allyl alcohol with hypervalent iodonium salts was achieved under microwave irradiation in water, providing a simple method for synthesis of trans-cinnamic acids and trans-cinnamyl alcohols in good yields in short time.
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  • A Devonian tetrapod-like fish reveals substantial parallelism in stem tetrapod evolution

    Zhu, Min   Ahlberg, Per E.   Zhao, Wen-Jin   Jia, Lian-Tao  

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    A TMR half-bridge magnetic field gradient sensor chip for a currency detector magnetic head, the sensing direction of the sensor chip being parallel to the surface thereof, and the surface thereof being perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field generated by a back-bias magnet of the sensor chip; the TMR half-bridge magnetic field gradient sensor chip is installed above the back-bias magnet; the sensor chip comprises a magnetic bias structure, a half-bridge circuit, and input-output wiring terminals all integrated on the TMR half-bridge magnetic field gradient sensor chip; the input-output wiring terminals comprise a power source input terminal, a half-bridge output terminal and a grounding terminal respectively disposed on the half-bridge circuit comprising two bridge arms; the magnetic bias structure provides biasing for a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) in the half-bridge circuit, such that the half-bridge circuit operates in a linear area. The currency detector magnetic head has good manufacturability, sensitivity and anti-interference capability, and low costs.
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  • Feature Selection and Optimization of Random Forest Modeling

    Zhu, Min   Xia, Jing   Yan, Mo Lei   Zhang, Sheng Yu   Cai, Guo Long   Yan, Jing   Ning, Gang Min  

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