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  • Atmospheric Dynamics Footprint on the January 2016 Ice Sheet Melting in West Antarctica

    Hu, Xiaoming   Sejas, Sergio A.   Cai, Ming   Li, Zhenning   Yang, Song  

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  • A moving target extraction algorithm based on the fusion of infrared and visible images

    Qiu, Shi   Luo, Junsong   Yang, Song   Zhang, Meiyang   Zhang, Wei  

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    Provided are a processing method and apparatus for a trap instruction Trap. The method comprises: acquiring a Trap sent by a device; acquiring a parsing rule corresponding to the Trap, and parsing the Trap according to the parsing rule, wherein the parsing rule is a parsing rule generated according to the correlation between the value of a bind variable and alarm information, and the value of the bind variable is the value, defined by a user, of a bind variable in the Trap; and where the Trap is successfully parsed, generating the alarm information corresponding to the bind variable carried in the Trap and giving an alarm. By means of the technical solution, the problem that a virtualized hardware management system does not accurately and flexibly parse alarm information according to a Trap rule defined by a device MIB file is solved, and the accuracy and flexibility of parsing the alarm information according to a user-defined Trap rule are improved.
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  • Chemocatalytic Production of Lactates from Biomass-Derived Sugars

    Zhang, Heng   Hu, Yulin   Qi, Liying   He, Jian   Li, Hu   Yang, Song  

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  • Reliable Virtual Machine Placement and Routing in Clouds

    Yang, Song   Wieder, Philipp   Yahyapour, Ramin   Trajanovski, Stojan   Fu, Xiaoming  

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  • Antecedents of Materialism in China-An Intergenerational Analysis

    Yang, Song   Stening, Bruce W.  

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  • Noiseless Linear Amplification with General Local Unitary Operations

    Yang, Song   Ruan, Ning-Juan   Su, Yun   Lin, Xu-Ling   Wu, Zhi-Qiang  

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  • Availability-based path selection and network vulnerability assessment

    Yang, Song   Trajanovski, Stojan   Kuipers, Fernando A.  

    Abstract In data-communication networks, network reliability is of great concern to both network operators and customers. On the one hand, the customers care about receiving reliable services and, on the other hand, for the network operators it is vital to determine the most vulnerable parts of their network. In this article, we first study the problem of establishing a connection over at most k (partially) link-disjoint paths and for which the total availability is no less than δ ( 0 < δ ≤ 1 ). We analyze the complexity of this problem in generic networks, shared-risk link group networks and multilayer networks. We subsequently propose a polynomial-time heuristic algorithm and an exact integer nonlinear program for availability-based path selection. The proposed algorithms are evaluated in terms of acceptance ratio and running time. Subsequently, in the three aforementioned types of networks, we study the problem of finding a (set of) network cut(s) for which the failure probability of its links is largest. © 2015 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. NETWORKS, Vol. 66(4), 306–319 2015
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    Provided are a recognition method and device for a heartbeat packet timer. The recognition method is executed by a device provided with a timer, comprising: determining, among data packets transmitted by the device, various associated data packets corresponding to various timing termination moments of the timer, wherein there is an association relationship between the associated data packets and the timer, and the data packets transmitted by the device are data packets sent by the device, or are data packets received by the device, or are data packets sent and received by the device; and according to the various associated data packets and the various timing termination moments of the timer, judging whether the timer is a heartbeat packet timer provided for the device to transmit a heartbeat packet. By combining data packets transmitted by a device with various associated data packets corresponding to various timing termination moments of the timer, the recognition method and device for a heartbeat packet timer can judge whether a timer is the heartbeat packet timer with a higher accuracy rate.
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    The invention provides a method for the treatment of cancer, which method comprises the general formula (I) wherein R1, R2, R3, R4 and W are as described herein.
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    The invention provides novel compounds having the general formula (I) wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and W are as described herein, compositions including the compounds and methods of using the compounds.
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    Disclosed are a method and a system (20) for obtaining a physiological signal period. The method comprises the following steps: comparing a received physiological signal value with a temporary storage value and reserving one of the two values; judging the physiological signal value of which the hold time reaches a set time to be an extreme value, restarting the circulation and judging the next extreme value (S10); and obtaining a physiological signal period (S11) by calculating the time value between one extreme value and the next extreme value. The physiological signal period can be obtained by the method through the extreme value recognition algorithm, the method has the advantages of being simple, fast, and having high efficiency and reliability, etc.; and the requirements of amplification, filtration and analog-digital conversion of the physiological signal are low, the data processing is relatively easy, and therefore, the hardware spending can be greatly reduced.
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  • Detection and attribution of upper-tropospheric warming over the tropical western Pacific

    Li, Yana   Yang, Song   Deng, Yi   Hu, Xiaoming   Cai, Ming   Zhou, Wen  

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    A software construction method for supporting component composition construction. Firstly, an independent construction script is established under a source code catalogue of each component and a construction switch is provided; then a script for checking a dependency environment is established under the source code catalogue of each component; then dependency descriptions of other components are added to the construction script of the component; then a construction property description file is established under the source code catalogue of a product; then the construction script invokes the script for checking the dependency environment under the source code catalogue of each component in a list; then the construction script invokes the construction script under the source code catalogue of each component to check whether other dependency components meet same; and finally, source code compiling is executed to generate a release product packet. The method solves the problem that a method for constructing a component composition of a traditional product is inflexible and goes wrong easily, and can be used for the construction management of a large software product.
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  • Atomic-scale identification of crystalline GaON nanophase for enhanced GaN MIS-FET channel

    Cai, Xiangbin   Hua, Mengyuan   Zhang, Zhaofu   Yang, Song   Zheng, Zheyang   Cai, Yuan   Chen, Kevin J.   Wang, Ning  

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  • Recent advances in extracellular vesicles enriched with non-coding RNAs related to cancers

    Yang, Song   Li, Xi  

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