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  • Apparatus and method for detecting body parts from user image

    An apparatus for detecting a body part from a user image may include an image acquirer to acquire a depth image, an extractor to extract the user image from a foreground of the acquired depth image, and a body part detector to detect the body part from the user image, using a classifier trained based on at least one of a single-user image sample and a multi-user image sample. The single-user image may be an image representing non-overlapping users, and the multi-user image may be an image representing overlapping users.
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  • Growth and electro-elastic properties of K(H1−xDx)2PO4 single crystals

    Baoan Liu   Xin Yin   Xun Sun   Mingxia Xu   Shaohua Ji   Xinguang Xu and Jianfeng Zhang  

    A series of K(H1−xDx)2PO4 crystals were grown from deuterated aqueous solution by using a point-seed rapid-growth method. The elastic, piezoelectric and dielectric constants of these crystals were determined using the resonance technique and impedance analysis, respectively. The elastic compliance constant s11 measured in this experiment is larger than that in previous experiments, and the reliability of the results presented herein has been verified. These results show that, with increasing content of deuterium, s11, s44, s66, d36, e36 and k36 are gradually increased, whereas s12, s13, s33, d14, e14 and k14 have no demonstrable variation. The reasons for the composition dependence of these constants were analyzed based on the variation of the crystal structures resolved by single-crystal X-ray diffraction.
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  • Tubby is required for trafficking G protein-coupled receptors to neuronal cilia

    Xun Sun   James Haley   Oleg V Bulgakov   Xue Cai   James McGinnis   Tiansen Li  

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  • Cities in traditional Chinese fiction and their modern interpretation

    Xun Sun   Fang Liu  

    The complex space of cities exerted a profound and far-reaching influence on traditional Chinese fiction writing. Starting from the description of city spaces, particularly urban landmarks, as the backdrop for stories and ranging through the urban political culture of political struggles, power symbols, the selection of talent, and festivals and carnivals to the daily life of city dwellers with their dreams of prosperity, legendary love stories and inner yearning for justice, the cities of traditional Chinese fiction offer us a picture that goes far beyond the merely geographic to show political and cultural indicators and the content s of daily life. Such descriptions created vivid and distinct city images that in turn became the common life experience and cultural imagination of urban dwellers and offered a common cultural identity and standpoint for those living in the same city.
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  • Effects of cellulose nanofibrils on the structure and properties on PVA nanocomposites

    Dagang Liu   Xun Sun   Huafeng Tian   Sonakshi Maiti   Zhongshi Ma  

    A green method-joint mechanical grinding and high pressure homogenization-was used to defibrillate paper pulp into nanofibrils. The prepared cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) were then blended with PVA in an aqueous system to prepare transparent composite film. The size and morphology of the nanofibrils and their composites were observed, and the structure and properties were characterized. The results showed that CNFs are beneficial to improve the crystallinity, mechanical strength, Young's modulus, T (g) and thermal stability of the PVA matrix because of their high aspect ratio, crystallinity and good compatibility. Therefore, nano cellulosic fibrils were proven to be an effective reinforcing filler for the hydrophilic polymer matrix. Moreover, the green fabrication approaches will be helpful to build up biodegradable nanocomposites with wide applications in functional environmentally friendly materials.
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  • Apparatus and method for parsing human body image

    An apparatus and method for parsing a human body image may be implemented by acquiring a depth image including a human body, and detecting a plurality of points in the acquired depth image by conducting a minimum energy skeleton scan on the depth image.
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  • Identity-based verifiably committed signature scheme without random oracles

    Xun Sun   Jian-hua Li   Gong-liang Chen  

    An identity-based verifiably committed signature scheme (IB-VCS) was proposed, which is proved secure in the standard model (i.e., without random oracles). It enjoys the setup-free property and stand-alone property, both of which make an exchange protocol more practical. The scheme is unconditionally secure against the cheating signer, its security against the cheating verifier is reduced to the computational Diffie-Hellman (CDH) problem in the underlying group, it is secure against the cheating trusted third party if the underlying Paterson Schuldt's identity based signature (IBS) scheme is secure, which is proven true based on the CDH assumption in the standard model.
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  • Non-interactive identity-based threshold signature scheme without random oracles

    Xun Sun   Jian-hua Li   Shu-tang Yang   Gong-liang Chen  

    A (t, n) threshold signature scheme distributes the secret key and hence the signing ability to n players in a way that any set of t+1 or more honest players can collaborate to sign, while any set of t players cannot. In this paper we propose an identity-based threshold signature (IBTHS) scheme from bilinear pairings. The signing phase of our scheme is non-interactive, meaning that the signing players do not need to talk to each other. We prove our scheme secure (i.e., unforgeable and robust) in the standard model (i.e., without random oracles). No earlier proposed IBTHS scheme achieved even one of the features of being non-interactive (in the signing phase) and secure in the standard model.
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  • Nickel-catalyzed organozinc-induced unexpected 1,3-migration of tert

    Xun Sun   Wei Zheng   Bang-Guo Wei  

    The nickel-catalyzed reaction for an unexpected 1,3-migration of tert-butyl from sulfur to carbon, upon treatment of functionalized N-tert-butanesulfinyl iminoacetate in the presence of organozinc reagent, was developed. The generality has been explored by considering the flexibility in the structure of each reactive component, organozinc halide and N-tert-butanesulfinyl iminoacetate.
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  • A Critical Role of CD30 Ligand/CD30 in Controlling Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Mice

    Xun Sun   Shinichi Somada   Kensuke Shibata   Hiromi Muta   Hisakata Yamada   Hirofumi Yoshihara   Kuniomi Honda   Kazuhiko Nakamura   Ryhoichi Takayanagi   Kenzaburo Tani   Eckhard R. Podack   Yasunobu Yoshikai  

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  • Long-term exogenous application of melatonin delays drought-induced leaf senescence in apple

    Ping Wang   Xun Sun   Chao Li   Zhiwei Wei   Dong Liang and Fengwang Ma  

    To examine the potential roles of melatonin in drought tolerance, we tested the effects of its long-term exogenous application on ‘Hanfu’ apple (Malus domestica Borkh.). When 100 μm melatonin was added to soils under drought conditions, the resultant oxidative stress was eased and leaf senescence was delayed. This molecule significantly reduced chlorophyll degradation and suppressed the up-regulation of senescence-associated gene 12 (SAG12) and pheophorbide a oxygenase (PAO). Such treatment also alleviated the inhibition of photosynthesis brought on by drought stress. We also investigated quenching and the efficiency of Photosystem II (PSII) photochemistry under dark and light conditions and found that melatonin helped to maintain better function of PSII under drought. The addition of melatonin also controlled the burst of hydrogen peroxide, possibly through direct scavenging and by enhancing the activities of antioxidative enzymes and the capacity of the ascorbate–glutathione cycle. Thus, understanding this effect of melatonin on drought tolerance introduces new possibilities to use this compound for agricultural purposes.
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  • The Impact of Automated Truck Lanes on Intercity Expressways: A Study Using Hybrid Simulator

    Xun SUN   Tomio MIWA   Takayuki MORIKAWA  

    Automated truck lanes (ATL) is a future technology for alleviating high proportion of truck usage. This paper proposes a hybrid microscopic-mesoscopic traffic simulator that can be used to precisely estimate the changes in traffic flows that would result from introduction of ATL on large-scale road networks. An integration framework is designed to ensure consistency of route choice and synchronization between mesoscopic and microscopic simulators. Microscopic car-following and lane-changing models are extended to reflect detailed interactions between cars and trucks. Three cases are simulated to evaluate the impact of ATL on traffic flows, proportion of trucks, travel time, and performance in total travel time saving. Finally, an analysis of safety and the effect of road incidents on travel time are also conducted using the hybrid simulator. Simulation results indicate that ATL can change traffic volumes not only on the expressway itself (New Tomei-Meishin Expressway) but also on the other expressways in the network, leading to shorter travel times and improved safety. For a more precise evaluation, the ATL system should be analyzed as part of a large-scale road network.
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  • Study on the liquid inclusion induced light scatter in KDP crystal

    Xun Sun   Xin-Guang Xu   Da-Liang Sun   Zheng-Ping Wang   Sheng-Lai Wang   You-Jun Fu   Hong Zeng   Yi-Ping Li   Xi-Ling Yu   Zhang-Shou Gao  

    We describe the formation of a liquid inclusion induced light scatter in a potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystal. The measurements were made by ultra-microscopy, TEM and AFM. The dimension of the scatter and the composition have been measured and a mechanism formation of the liquid inclusion induced scatter is proposed and discussed
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  • Effect of pyrophosphate on the light scatter in KDP crystal

    Xun Sun   Xinguang Xu   Youjun Fu   Shenglai Wang   Hong Zeng   Yiping Li   Zhangshou Gao  

    Pyrophosphate doped potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal was grown from aqueous solution by the temperature lowering method. Light scatter in KDP crystal was detected with the ultramicroscopic method. The light scatter in KDP crystal was aggravated when pyrophosphate was doped into the growth solution, which was distributed ununiformly in prism and pyramidal sectors of KDP crystal. Different effects of pyrophosphate on prism and pyramidal sectors of KDP crystal can explain this case. The transmission in this crystal was measured, showing that pyrophosphate affects the transmission evidently
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  • Effect of EDTA on the light scatter in KDP crystal

    Xun Sun   Xinguang Xu   Zhangshou Gao   Youjun Fu   Shenglai Wang   Hong Zeng   Yiping Li  

    KDP crystals with different concentrations of EDTA in solution were grown. Light scatter was detected with ultramicroscopic method. It has been proven that light scatter in KDP crystal aggravates with the increasing concentration of EDTA in the growth solution. The increase with light scatter occurs since EDTA inhibits the growth of KDP crystal at high concentration, which results in the formation of mother liquid inclusions, which in turn causes light scatter. The density, size and shape of light scatter are varied within different sectors of the KDP crystal. The mechanism of the effect is discussed
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  • A Concise and Convenient Synthesis of Stilbenes via Benzils and Arylmethyldiphenylphosphine Oxides

    Xun SUN   Jun ZHU   Chen ZHONG   Ken-Ji IZUMI   Chen ZHANG  

    Abstract A new and convenient synthetic method has been developed for the construction of stilbenes bearing electron-withdrawing group(s) by using benzils and arylmethyldiphenylphosphine oxides via sequences involving Wittig-Horner reaction and a rearrangement in the presence of t-BuOK in toluene under mild conditions. This approach could be readily applied to a facile synthesis of biologically important natural products, resveratrol and its derivatives, such as trimethoxystilbenes 1 (Z) and 2 (E).
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