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  • 149 Sm evolution behavior in a small modular molten salt reactor

    Wu Jianhui   Chen Jingen   Yu Chenggang   Zou Chunyan   Ma Yuwen   Li Xiaoxiao   Cai Xiangzhou  

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  • The effects of visual imagery on face identification: an ERP study

    Wu Jianhui   Duan Hongxia   Tian Xing   Wang Peipei   Zhang Kan  

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    A method of forming a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) pad conditioner includes placing abrasive grains on a major surface of a substrate, forming a binding composition at an exterior surface of the abrasive grains, and depositing a bonding layer over the surface of the substrate and a portion of the abrasive grains to secure the abrasive grains to the major surface of the substrate.
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    A CMP pad conditioner including a substrate having a transparency window represented by an average internal transmittance of not less than about 90% over a wavelength range extending from about 400 nm to about 500 nm along a path length extending through the substrate of not less than about 10 mm a bonding layer overlying a surface of the substrate, and abrasive grains contained within the bonding layer.
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  • Editorial: Stress and Cognition

    Wu Jianhui   Yan Jin  

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  • The synthesis and crystal structure of a novel cubane-like complex of the MoAgS series: {MoAg3S3Cl}(PPh3)3O

    Wu Jianhui   Zhu Nianyong   Du Shaowu   Wu Xintao   Lu Jiaxi  

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  • Saturation Mapping of a Major Effect QTL for Stripe Rust Resistance on Wheat Chromosome 2B in Cultivar Napo 63 Using SNP Genotyping Arrays

    Wu Jianhui   Wang Qilin   Liu Shengjie   Huang Shuo   Mu Jingmei   Zeng Qingdong   Huang Lili   Han Dejun   Kang Zhensheng  

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  • Design and synthesis of nanoscaled IQCA-TAVV as a delivery system capable of antiplatelet activation, targeting arterial thrombus and releasing IQCA

    Wu Jianhui   Zhu Haimei   Yang Guodong   He Jianhong   Wang Yuji   Zhao Shurui   Zhang Xiaoyi   Gui Lin   Zhao Ming   Peng Shiqi  

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  • N-(3-hydroxymethyl-β-carboline-1-yl-ethyl-2-yl)-L-Phe: development toward a nanoscaled antitumor drug capable of treating complicated thrombosis and inflammation

    Wu Jianhui   Zhao Ming   Wang Yuji   Wang Yaonan   Zhu Haimei   Zhao Shurui   Gui Lin   Zhang Xiaoyi   Peng Shiqi  

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  • Jurassic rocks, bivalves, and depositional environments of the source area of the Yangtze River, Qinghai Province, western China

    Yao HuaZhou   Zhang RenJie   Duan QiFa   Sheng XianCai   Niu ZhiJun   Wang JianXiong   Zeng BoFu   Wu JianHui  

    Jurassic rocks are abundantly developed in the source area of the Yangtze River, South Qinghai, with the greatest thickness of 6311 m, including five stratigraphic units: Qoimaco Formation, Buqu Formation, Xiali Formation, Suowa Formation, and Xueshan Formation. Based on sufficient fossils of bivalves, ammonites, and brachiopods, the major part of these formations is ascribed to the Middle Jurassic Bathonian to Callovian. No diagnostic fossils have been found from the Lower Qoimaco Formation or Upper Xueshan Formation, which could possibly contain in part Bajocian and Oxfordian taxa respectively.
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  • A scoring system for prediction of early recurrence after liver resection for Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage B hepatocellular carcinoma

    Qian Honggang   Wei Meng   Qiu Hui   Wu Jianhui   Liu Bonan   Lyu Ang   Liu Qiao   Li Chengpeng   Leng Jiahua   Zhang Ji   Hao Chunyi  

    Background The management of Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) stage B hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is controversial due to the early recurrence after curative hepatectonny, and many variables were related to the prognosis. The purpose of this study was to predict the tumor recurrence in early postoperative period of the patients with BCLC stage B HCC. Methods From January 2004 to January 2012, 104 patients with BCLC stage B HCC underwent hepatectomy. Clinicopathological factors and follow-up data were statistically analyzed to establish a predicting scoring system. Results The overall survival rates for one, three, and five years were 69.2%, 52.7%, and 42.3%, and the disease-free survival rates for one, three, and five years were 52.9%, 47.3%, and 37.5%, respectively. The multiple factors analysis showed that the micro-vessel invasion, lymph nodes metastasis, multiple lesions, and the high expression of HMGB1 were independent factors (P <0.05). A scoring system was established to predict the early recurrence within one year after the surgery for BCLC stage B HCC, according to the analysis results with a specificity of 85.1% and a sensitivity of 80.3%. Conclusion Variant clinicopathological factors were associated with early postoperative recurrence for BCLC stage B HCC and recurrence early after hepatectomy was more likely in patients with a higher score of the scoring system.
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  • The influence of different aphid prey species on the biology and life table parameters of Propylaea japonica.

    Tang LiangDe   Wu JianHui   Ali, A.   Ren ShunXiang  

    The influence of three aphid prey species - Aphis craccivora Koch, Megoura viciae Buckton and Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch) - on the biology of Propylaea japonica (Thunberg) was studied under laboratory conditions. The development, survivorship, longevity, reproduction and life table parameters of P. japonica differed significantly among different treatments. The shortest developmental period of P. japonica (from first-instar larvae to adult) was observed on A. craccivora, whereas the longest was observed on M. viciae. The highest survivorship was observed on A. craccivora, and the lowest survivorship was observed on M. viciae. The highest sex ratio, fecundity and the shortest pre-oviposition period were observed when A. craccivora was used as prey. The longevities of P. japonica females and males did not differ significantly when reared on different aphid species. The highest values of net reproductive rate, intrinsic rate of increase and finite rate of increase were observed on A. craccivora. The results suggest that A. craccivora is a suitable prey for P. japonica among the three aphid species tested and can serve as a diet for the mass rearing of P. japonica under laboratory conditions for possible use in integrated pest management.
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  • Secondary organic carbon quantification and source apportionment of PM(10) in Kaifeng, China

    Wu Lin   Feng Yinchang   Wu Jianhui   Zhu Tan   Bi Xiaohui   Han Bo   Yang Weihong   Yang Zhiqiang  

    During 2005, the filter samples of ambient PM(10) from five sites and the source samples of particulate matter were collected in Kaifeng, Henan Province of China. Nineteen elements, water-soluble ions, total carbon (TC) and organic carbon (OC) contained in samples were analyzed. Seven contributive source types were identified and their contributions to ambient PM(10) were estimated by chemical mass balance (CMB) receptor model. Weak associations between the concentrations of organic carbon and element carbon (EC) were observed during the sampling periods, indicating that there was secondary organic aerosol pollution in the urban atmosphere. An indirect method of "OC/EC minimum ratio" was applied to estimate the concentration of secondary organic carbon (SOC). The results showed that SOC contributed 26.2%, 32.4% and 18.0% of TC in spring, summer-fall and winter, respectively, and the annual average SOC concentration was 7.07 mu g/m(3), accounting for 5.73% of the total mass in ambient PM(10). The carbon species concentrations in ambient PM(10) were recalculated by subtracting SOC concentrations from measured concentrations of TC and OC to increase the compatibility of source and receptor measurements for CMB model.
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  • Effects of three mealybug species on the development, survivorship and reproduction of the predatory lady beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant.

    Qin ZhenQiang   Qiu BaoLi   Wu JianHui   Cuthbertson, A. G. S.   Ren ShunXiang  

    The lady beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) is an important predator of mealybugs. The development, survivorship, longevity and reproduction of C. montrouzieri feeding on three different mealybug species [ Dysmicoccus neobrevipes Beardsley, Ferrisia virgata Cockerell and Planococcus minor (Maskell)] were investigated in the laboratory at 261°C, 75--90% RH and 14:10 (L:D) h photoperiod. Results indicated that, when feeding on different mealybugs, no significant differences were observed between developmental periods and survivorship of C. montrouzieri (from egg to adult), but differences were recorded between the sex ratios, preovipositional periods, adult longevities and reproduction of the differently treated lady beetle populations. The highest sex ratio (0.56), the longest preovipositional period (6.6 days) and adult longevity (84.8 days for females and 93.9 days for males), and the maximum fecundity (659.0 eggs/female) of C. montrouzieri were recorded when feeding on F. virgata. Moreover, C. montrouzieri had a high net reproductive rate (313.66), intrinsic rate of increase (0.0816) and finite rate of increase (1.085) when feeding on F. virgata. Results indicated that the population growth of C. montrouzieri may increase faster when feeding on F. virgata than feeding on either of the other two mealybugs.
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  • Antibodies to human heat shock protein 60 are associated with presence and severity of coronary artery disease Jianhui Zhu, Arshed A. Quyyumi, David Rott, Hongsheng Wu, Julian P. J. Halcox, Stephen E. Epstein. Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC, NHLBI, NIH, Bethesda, MD

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  • Propagation effects on handoff activity in a cellular system

    Wu Jianhui   Yuan Dongfeng  

    The handoff performance is very important in a cellular radio system, especially in densely populated urban areas. This paper presents some statistical results of currently operating cellular system in Jinan city and through field measurements, we analyze propagation effects on intercell handoff and intracell handoff in the Jinan cellular system. We conclude that a new, practical handoff algorithm should be applied for handoff initiation and decision in cellular system under modern urban propagation environments.
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