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  • Application of Deep Compression Technique in Spiking Neural Network Chip

    Liu, Yanchen   Chen, T.P.   Yu, Qi   Liu, Yang   Qian, Kun   Hu, S.G.   An, Kun   Xu, Sheng   Zhan, Xitong   Wang, J.J.   Guo, Rui   Wu, Yuancong  

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  • Design of a Neural Network-Based VCO with High Linearity and Wide Tuning Range

    Guo, Rui   Qian, Kun   Wei, Jinping   Chen, Tupei   Liu, Yanchen   Kong, Deyu   Wang, J.J.   Wu, Yuancong   Hu, S.G.   Yu, Qi   Liu, Yang  

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  • Comparison of tensile properties between nanotwinned and nanograined CuAl alloys

    Wang, J.J.   Tao, N.R.  

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  • RF characteristic of MESFET on H-terminated DC arc jet CVD diamond film

    Liu, J.L.   Li, C.M.   Zhu, R.H.   Guo, J.C.   Chen, L.X.   Wei, J.J.   Hei, L.F.   Wang, J.J.   Feng, Z.H.   Guo, H.   Lv, F.X.  

    Diamond has been considered to be a potential material for high-frequency and high-power electronic devices due to the excellent electrical properties. In this paper, we reported the radio frequency (RF) characteristic of metal-semiconductor field effect transistor (MESFET) on polycrystalline diamond films prepared by direct current (DC) arc jet chemical vapor deposition (CVD). First, 4 in polycrystalline diamond films were deposited by DC arc jet CVD in gas recycling mode with the deposition rate of 14 mum/h. Then the polished diamond films were treated by microwave hydrogen plasma and the 0.2 mum-gate-length MESFET was fabricated by using Au mask photolithography and electron beam (EB) lithography. The surface conductivity of the H-terminated diamond film and DC and RF performances of the MESFET were characterized. The results demonstrate that, the carrier mobility of 24.6 cm 2/Vs and the carrier density of 1.096times10 13 cm -2 are obtained on the surface of H-terminated diamond film. The FET shows the maximum transition frequency (f T) of 5 GHz and the maximum oscillation frequency (f max) of 6 GHz at V GS=-0.5 V and V DS=-8 V, which indicates that H-terminated DC arc jet CVD polycrystalline diamond is suitable for the development of high frequency devices. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Adsorption and dissociation of H2O molecule on the doped monolayer MoS2 with B/Si

    Zhao, B.   Shang, C.   Zhou, B.   Zhang, R.Q.   Wang, J.J.   Chen, Z.Q.   Jiang, M.  

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  • Elastic solutions with arbitrary elastic inhomogeneity and anisotropy

    Wang, J.J.   Bhattacharyya, S.   Li, Q.   Heo, T.W.   Ma, X.Q.   Chen, Long-Qing  

    An efficient numerical algorithm is proposed to accurately compute the elastic fields in two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) microstructures with arbitrary elastic inhomogeneity and anisotropy. It combines the equivalent inclusion method of Eshelby, the microelasticity theory of Khachaturyan, and the spectral iterative perturbation method of Hu and Chen. Its efficiency is compared with those of existing approaches in the literature. The method can be conveniently implemented in phase-field modeling of stress-dependent microstructure evolution and/or of mass/electrical transport.
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  • Effect of cryogenic treatment on the plastic property of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy

    Gu, K.X.   Wang, J.J.   Yuan, Z.   Zhang, H.   Li, Z.Q.   Zhao, B.  

    The effect of cryogenic treatment on the plastic property of Ti-6Al-4V plate was studied in the present work. After cryogenic treatment, the low temperature temper at 180 square was conducted in one of the groups and the results were compared with that of the untreated and cryotreated ones. The SLX series program controlled cryogenic equipment was used for the cryogenic treatment. The tensile tests were conducted by universal tensile testing machine and parameters of elongation and area reduction were used to evaluate plastic property. The scanning electron microscope was used to study the morphology of microstructure and fracture surface. The results show that after cryogenic treatment alone the elongation increased 10.6% and the area reduction increased 13.5% while the strength reduced to a small extent. Cryogenic treatment followed with low temperature temper increased the elongation and area reduction just by the extent of 4.7% and 9.5%. It means that the additional low temperature temper after cryogenic is not beneficial to the tensile properties of Ti-6Al-4V alloy. The examination of microstructure by scanning electron microscopy revealed that cryogenic treatment reduced the content of beta phase particles which is the main reason for the improvement in plasticity.
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  • Enhanced electrical properties of lead-free Bi4?xSbxTi3O12 ceramics with high Tc

    Wang, J.J.   Feng, L.J.   Chao, X.L.   Zhao, K.   Yan, A.J.  

    Bi 4-xSb xTi 3O 12 (BST) ceramics were prepared and studied in this work in terms of Sb 3+-modified microstructure and phase development as well as electrical response. By increasing Sb content, the phase structure of the ceramics changed from orthorhombic (Bi 4Ti 3O 12-like) to pyrochlore (Bi 2Ti 2O 7-like) phase. Raman spectroscopy showed that the intensities of the lattice vibration modes at frequencies decrease, whereas all bands and bandwidths in all frequency numbers also demonstrate changes. According to the results processed from SEM, Sb 3+ into the Bi 4Ti 3O 12 (BIT) matrix had the effect of increasing the material grain size. epsilon r, epsilon m, P r, d 33 and T c of Bi 3.90Sb 0.10Ti 3O 12 ceramics are found to be 307, 3492, 8.09 muC cm -2, 18 pC/N and 660 degC, respectively. And Bi 4-xSb xTi 3O 12 ceramics have good temperature stability, which is very suitable for the practical high-temperature applications. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Constant magnetothermal response in two-layered perovskite (La1?xGdx)1.4Ca1.6Mn2O7

    Wang, J.J.   Han, Z.D.   Tao, Q.   Qian, B.   Zhang, P.   Jiang, X.F.  

    A series of (La 1-xGd x) 1.4Ca 1.6Mn 2O 7 (x=0-0.1) compounds were prepared by solid state reaction. With the increase of Gd content, Curie temperature decreases from 259K to 192K. These compounds show constant magnetic entropy changes (DeltaSM) of 3.0-3.1J/kgK in the field of 1T. In their composite materials, a plateau in DeltaSM with enhanced refrigerant capacity can be obtained, indicating that they are advantageous for an Ericsson refrigeration cycle. In addition, they have other advantages such as negligible magnetic hysteresis, small eddy loss, and high chemical stability. These properties make (La 1-xGd x) 1.4Ca 1.6Mn 2O 7 good candidate for the practical magnetic refrigeration. [All rights reserved Elsevier].
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  • Novel signal wave pattern for efficient synthetic jet generation

    Zhang, P.F.   Wang, J.J.  

    A novel signal wave pattern is proposed to generate a more efficient synthetic jet, and the unsteady and mean flow characteristics of the synthetic jet generated by different suction duty cycle factors k are examined by numerical simulation. The mean flowfields of the synthetic jet with different k have similar features to that exhibited in previous experiments, but they would have a stronger and larger scale vortex pair with a larger suction duty cycle factor k, when the two key parameters, the stroke length ratio L 0/D and the Reynolds number Re U0 (based on the characteristic blowing velocity U 0 and the orifice scale D), are set to be constant The suction duty cycle factor k affects the vortex strength formed during the blowing cycle only, and nearly does not influence the convection velocity and trajectory of the vortex. During the suction cycle, the entrapment effect of the actuator decreases with the increase of suction duty cycle factor k, so that the vortex pair can propagate farther and coalesce to synthesize a larger scale jet.
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  • Wafer-based nanostructure manufacturing for integrated nanooptic devices

    Wang, J.J.   Lei Chen   Tai, S.   Xuegong Deng   Sciortino, P.F.   Jiandong Deng   Feng Liu  

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  • An energy-efficient deep convolutional neural networks coprocessor for multi-object detection

    Wu, Yuancong   Wang, J.J.   Qian, Kun   Liu, Yanchen   Guo, Rui   Hu, S.G.   Yu, Q.   Chen, T.P.   Liu, Y.   Rong, Limei  

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  • Tensile ductility and deformation mechanisms of a nanotwinned 316L austenitic stainless steel

    Zhang, Y.Z.   Wang, J.J.   Tao, N.R.  

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  • Innovative high-performance nanowire-grid polarizers and integrated isolators

    Wang, J.J.   Jiandong Deng   Xuegong Deng   Feng Liu   Sciortino, P.   Lei Chen   Nikolov, A.   Graham, A.  

    We developed a new type of wire-grid polarizer, the so-called nanowire-grid polarizer, which has achieved commercial quality optical performance and reliability. The nanowire-grid polarizer has cores composed of silicon dioxide nanowalls with metal coating on one side. These cores are surrounded by multilayer thin films for antireflection. The core nanowire grid utilizes nano-sized high-aspect ratio dielectric walls as a support for forming a high aspect ratio metal nanowire grid, which significantly reduces energy loss due to metal absorption for the transmitted beam while achieving high extinction ratio for the blocked beam. For all design simulations, we utilized a rigorous coupled-wave analysis and modal method. The nanowire-grid structure was fabricated by a wafer-based nanoreplication lithography and pattern-transfer techniques, which are capable of producing a large-area high aspect ratio nanostructure with high throughput and low cost. The optical performance of the nanowire-grid polarizer was characterized thoroughly. Furthermore, the nanowire-grid polarizer has been integrated monolithically with a Faraday magnetooptic garnet, which results in an integrated semi-isolator. Full free-space isolators based on the integrated semi-isolators have been also developed, which achieved excellent performance, good enough for commercial applications
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  • Total ionizing dose effects on flash-based field programmable gate array

    Wang, J.J.   Samiee, S.   Chen, H.-S.   Huang, C.-K.   Cheung, M.   Borillo, J.   Sun, S.-N.   Cronquist, B.   McCollum, J.  

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  • Relation Study of Roughness and Glossiness to Fractal for Granite Surface Profiles

    Wang, J.J.   Xu, Xi Peng  

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