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  • Evaluationof an accounting model for dynamic virtual organizations

    Waldburger, Martin   M., Gö   hner   H., Reiser   G., Dreo Rodosek   B., Stiller  

    Accounting of Grid resource and service usage determines the central support activity for Grid systems to be adopted as a means for service-oriented computing in Dynamic Virtual Organizations (DVO). An all-embracing study of existing Grid accounting systems has revealed that these approaches focus primarily on technical precision, while they lack a foundation of appropriate economic accounting principles and the support for multi-provider scenarios or virtualization concepts. Consequently, a new, flexible, resource-based accounting model for DVOs was developed, combining technical and economic accounting by means of Activity-based Costing. Driven by a functional evaluation, this paper pursues a full-fledged evaluation of the new, generically applicable Grid accounting model. This is done for the specific environment of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Garching, Germany. Thus, a detailed evaluation methodology and evaluation environment is outlined, leading to actual model-based cost calculations for a defined set of considered Grid services. The results gained are analyzed and respective conclusions on model applicability, optimizations, and further extensions are drawn.
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  • Toward the mobile grid: Service provisioning in a mobile dynamic virtual organization

    Waldburger, Martin   Stiller, Burkhard  

    When considering mobile or nomadic users of commercial grid services, today's grids have to be reflected with regard to potential functional extensions needed, as well as emerging consequences on business modeling. In-line with a formalized investigation of such mobile grids, the concept of a mobile dynamic virtual organization (MDVO) is introduced, and relevant potentials are illustrated by means of a business scenario in e-health and tourism.
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  • An Integrated Accounting and Charging Architecture for Mobile Grids

    Morariu, Cristian   Waldburger, Martin   Stiller, Burkhard  

    The adoption of the Internet Protocol (IP) by a number of non-IP network operators; such as telecom or cable TV operators; opens the path toward new business models. IP will allow operators to provide a unified wired as well as wireless access to a wide range of services to their users. Additionally; using the same communication protocols and standard interfaces; enables different providers to coordinate any type of resources in Virtual Organizations (VO) and supports the composition of services aggregated across multiple domains. On one hand; such an open environment requires new business models to be adopted by the involved parties. On the other hand; Grid middleware infrastructure supporting integrated accounting; charging; pricing; and billing across multiple domains has to be in place to facilitate service provisioning in multiple VOs. Based on the relevant set of requirements derived; a new and extended A4C Architecture (Authentication; Authorization; Accounting; Auditing; Charging) has been developed; implemented; and evaluated for mobile Grids providing pervasive access to knowledge.
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  • An Accounting Model for Dynamic Virtual Organizations

    Gohner, Matthias   Waldburger, Martin   Gubler, Fabian   Rodosek, Gabi Dreo   Stiller, Burkhard  

    The provisioning of remote and composed services in support of various application areas has dramatically increased over recent times. Thus; the concept of Grids has evolved; in the sense of a common platform for electronic service provisioning in multi-domain environments. While; traditionally; Grids have seen a quite static existence; many new service compositions have to take place on-demand and for certain periods of time only. To tackle those issues the concept of Virtual Organizations (VO) delivers a highly suitable representation of such dynamic Grids. However; one important open problem at this stage is the lack of applicable; distributed; and efficient accounting schemes for commercial resource and service consumptions. Even for simple management purposes; e.g.; sampling or archiving; this functionality is essential. Therefore; a comprehensive model for Grid accounting has been developed and suitable accountable units have been defined; in which an underlying activity- and resource-based accounting model covers economic cost theory. Furthermore; this work is based on a service model proposed for service provisioning in dynamic VOs; overcoming the typically static nature of traditional Grids.
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